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Here are the 85 lakes we have listed within USA > Midwest > Michigan - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Cisco Chain of Lakes
(Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
1,683 Cisco Chain of Lakes Pictures Cisco Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Little African Lake, Cisco Lake, Thousand Island Lake, Big African Lake, Record Lake, Lindsley Lake, Fishhawk Lake, Morley Lake, Poor Lake, Indian Lake, East Bay Lake, Big Lake, West Bay Lake, Mamie Lake, Clearwater Lake
One of the lesser-known gems in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is the Cisco Chain of Lakes. This chain of interconnected lakes straddles the border between Michigan and Wisconsin, with the majority of them within Gogebic County in Michigan, two shared with Vilas County, Wisconsin and one completely in Vilas ...
Lac Vieux Desert
(Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
1,683 Also known as: Lac Vieux Lake
Lac Vieux Desert is the French name for this 4,260-acre lake of Michigan and Wisconsin. The name was given by French fur trappers who were among the first Euro-Americans to settle the area. It is an ambiguous name and has been translated variably to mean "Lake of the Old Clearing," "Lake of the Old ...
Lake Michigamme
(Michigan, USA)
1,552 Lake Michigamme Pictures Lake Michigamme Message Forums Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Lake Michigamme's name derives from the Ojibway word for 'big water', the same Native American word that gives the state its name. With over 4,300 acres of water, it certainly is big. Although the lake is located next to one of the main highways (US 41/M28) in ...
Chicagon Lake
(Michigan, USA)
1,430 Chicagon Lake Pictures Chicagon Lake Message Forums Also known as: Chicaugon Lake
Chicagon Lake lies in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula only a few miles from the Wisconsin state line. The 1000-acre natural lake isn't well-known except for the generations of lakelubbers who have returned here year after year. That's probably the reason why much of the lakeshore still remains wooded ...
Lake Gogebic
(Michigan, USA)
1,295 Lake Gogebic, located at the western tip of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (UP) is a hidden gem, far undervalued in the outdoor sports world. Lake Gogebic (pronounced Go-GIBB-ick) is a Native American word reported to mean "where trout rising make small rings upon the surface." Straddling the border of ...
Opal Lake
(Michigan, USA)
1,243 Opal Lake Pictures Opal Lake Message Forums Sitting on the dock watching the colors of the sunset setting the blue lake on fire, it's easy to see why this lake is named Opal Lake. White sand beaches ring the shore providing a perfect setting. The exceptionally clean, clear water shines like a jewel in northeast Michigan. The lake is nestled in ...
West Twin Lake
(Michigan, USA)
1,219 West Twin Lake Pictures West Twin Lake Message Forums West Twin Lake is situated in Montmorency County in the northeastern region of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. This 1,313-acre lake is paired geographically with East Twin Lake, which does indeed reside to the east of West Twin Lake, as does the town of Lewiston, Michigan. West Twin Lake is about 35 ...
Otsego Lake
(Michigan, USA)
1,191 Otsego Lake Pictures Otsego Lake Message Forums A plane's deep droning in the distance becomes louder and louder as visitors at Otsego Lake look up towards the sky. Those new to the scene quickly realize the aircraft is a seaplane, which soon proves itself by dropping delicately into the lake. The pilot skims the lake's surface, eventually coming ...
Lake Saint Helen
(Michigan, USA)
1,155 Also known as: Lake St. Helen
Lake Saint Helen is located in Roscommon County of northern Michigan near Interstate 75 and right next to the town of St. Helen - Charlton Heston's childhood town. The spring-fed lake looks like three lakes joined together and has a surface area of about 2,400 acres. It is one of the main inflow sources ...
Higgins Lake
(Michigan, USA)
1,154 Higgins Lake Pictures With depths that average 52 feet and range as deep as 141 feet, the azure waters of Higgins Lake assure a remarkable transparency. Such crystalline waters, formed during the retreat of glacial ice, have made the lake a prime environment for snorkelers looking to maximize their underwater experience; ...
Houghton Lake
(Michigan, USA)
1,138 Houghton Lake Pictures Houghton Lake is a shallow, marshy lake with a sandy, gravely bottom. Warm in the summer, freezing over during the winter months, and staying cool during the spring, the lake averages around 7-1/2 feet deep. The maximum depth is 22 feet measured in the lake's East Bay, but depths greater than 17 feet ...
Devils Lake
(Michigan, USA)
1,050 Devils Lake Pictures Devils Lake Message Forums Devils Lake is a 1,330-acre recreational lake in southeastern Michigan near the Ohio border. Devils Lake lies in a region that was once inhabited by a Native American tribe known as the Potawatomi. According to legend, the lake was named by a Potawatomi leader who believed that the waters were inhabited ...
Coldwater Lake
(Michigan, USA)
985 Coldwater Lake Pictures Coldwater Lake Message Forums Coldwater Lake, in quiet Southwest Michigan, is the epitome of the traditional Michigan lake vacation destination. Nestled just north of the Indiana state line in Branch County, Coldwater Lake forms the foundation of a 16-mile-long chain of glacier-created lakes trailing northward along the Coldwater ...
Clark Lake
(Michigan, USA)
969 Clark Lake Pictures Clark Lake Message Forums Also known as: Clarklake
One of Southeast Michigan's long-term favorite places to be in summer is Clark Lake. This natural lake, enhanced in size by a small dam, has been a popular destination for thousands of visitors and summer residents throughout the 20th century. For many years the beaches at Clark Lake were the playground ...
Wamplers Lake
(Michigan, USA)
967 Wamplers Lake Pictures Wamplers Lake Message Forums The favorite destination of many summer visitors, 750-acre Wamplers Lake has delighted countless generations seeking water-based fun. Nestled in the picturesque Irish Hills of southeast Michigan, Wamplers Lake occupies the corner intersections of Jackson, Lenawee and Washtenaw counties. Located beside ...
Sand Lake
(Michigan, USA)
966 Sand Lake Pictures Sand Lake Message Forums Set like a precious gem in the heart of southeast Michigan's Irish Hills, 440-acre Sand Lake has attracted people to its shores since before Michigan became a state. Starting about 1840, when Irish immigrants escaping the Potato Famine traveled the old stagecoach road from Detroit to Chicago, they were ...
Mill Lake
(Michigan, USA)
965 Mill Lake Pictures Mill Lake Message Forums Also known as: Waterloo Recreation Area
The Waterloo Recreation Area in Southeast Michigan has so many lakes, it's hard to pick a place to begin. Small Mill Lake is a natural starting point as it is overlooked by the Gerald E. Eddy Discovery Center, the main visitor center for the park. The lake itself is a former mill pond, spring-fed with ...
Pontiac Lake
(Michigan, USA)
963 Pontiac Lake Pictures Pontiac Lake Message Forums Long a recreational playground in southeast Michigan, Pontiac Lake never fails to enchant visitors. The lake was created in 1927 when the state built a dam across the Huron River to enlarge small Lime Lake. Pontiac Lake was planned from the beginning to provide water recreation to residents in the ...
Pleasant Lake
(Michigan, USA)
940 Pleasant Lake Message Forums Pleasant Lake is a small family-friendly lake tucked away in southeast Michigan. The 269-acre all sports lake in Jackson County has more than enough water to boat, water ski and swim, and anglers can expect exceptional fishing year round. Known for its fantastic golf courses, the area around Pleasant ...
Orchard Lake
(Michigan, USA)
930 Orchard Lake is a 788-acre natural lake in southeastern Michigan, just three miles from the city of Pontiac and 25 miles from Detroit. This residential and recreational lake is rich in history and beauty. Orchard Lake is a "kettle lake," formed by melting blocks of ice left behind in a deep depression ...
Cass Lake
(Michigan, USA)
929 Cass Lake Pictures Michigan is fortunate to have many fishing and water sport destination options. Cass Lake, just a 30-mile ride from Detroit, is a popular freshwater lake destination in southeastern Michigan. Located in affluent Oakland County, Cass Lake is bordered by Waterford Township, West Bloomfield Township, ...
Duck Lake - Calhoun County
(Michigan, USA)
929 Duck Lake - Calhoun County Message Forums Located in Calhoun County, Duck Lake is a 629-acre lake near the small community of Springport in south-central Michigan. Listed as one of Michigan's 50 Best Fishing Lakes by the Michigan United Conservation Club, Duck Lake has a reputation for producing large fish in great numbers. At a maximum depth ...
Wall Lake
(Michigan, USA)
925 Wall Lake Message Forums One of 300 lakes found among the rolling grasslands and open fields of Michigan's Southwest tourism region, Wall Lake is a private residential lake. Located in Barry County, the lake is within 40 miles of Kalamazoo to the southwest and Battle Creek to the southeast, 65 miles to Grand Rapids in the northwest ...
Whitmore Lake
(Michigan, USA)
896 Whitmore Lake Pictures Whitmore Lake Message Forums By far the most popular residential lake in the Ann Arbor area is Whitmore Lake. For nearly 100 years this natural lake in the Southeast region of Michigan has been home to seasonal and year-round lakelubbers who enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, waterskiing, tubing, sailing and all types of water sports. ...
Cedar Lake
(Michigan, USA)
892 Cedar Lake Message Forums Also known as: Big Cedar Lake, Little Cedar Lake
Surrounded by south west Michigan's Grape Country, Cedar Lake is a year round recreation destination. Spring and summer bring fishing, boating and swimming. During fall the leaves put on a show of ambers, golds and reds. Ice huts pop up on the lake in the winter, and ice fishing starts in earnest. ...


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