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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Lakes of Custer State Park
(South Dakota, USA)
5,177 Lakes of Custer State Park Pictures Lakes of Custer State Park Message Forums Also known as: Stockade Lake, Bismarck Lake, Legion Lake, Sylvan Lake, Center Lake
Recreational travelers in South Dakota's Black Hills, Badlands and Lakes Region will find the vacationland of their dreams among the five lakes dotted around Custer State Park. All of the lakes - Bismarck Lake, Legion Lake, Stockade Lake, Center Lake and Sylvan Lake - are small, with Stockade Lake the ...
Lake Minatare
(Nebraska, USA)
4,126 Lake Minatare Pictures In the western strip of Nebraska known as "the Panhandle" lies the 2,158 acre Lake Minatare. This reservoir is located in Nebraska's North Platte Valley and is part of the North Platte Valley Wildlife Refuge. It was formed by the 114-foot tall Minatare Dam, which was built on the Supply Canal River ...
Lake McConaughy
(Nebraska, USA)
3,265 Lake McConaughy Pictures Also known as: Big Mac
Lake McConaughy, commonly called Big Mac, is Nebraska's largest reservoir with 30,500 acres and 76 shoreline miles. Lake McConaughy is conveniently located near Interstate 80 in southwestern Nebraska's Prairie Lakes region near the city of Ogallala, the county seat of Keith County. Although Big Mac ...
Angostura Reservoir
(South Dakota, USA)
3,187 Angostura Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Angostura Recreation Area, Lake Angostura, Angostura Lake
At the fringes of the unique Black Hills, or Paha Sapa in the Lakota language, is the Angostura Reservoir. Part of the Black Hills and Badlands western region of South Dakota, Angostura Reservoir is surrounded by stunning landscape and the rich history of the Old West. In this region, ripe with legend, ...
Sutherland Reservoir
(Nebraska, USA)
3,061 Sutherland Reservoir Pictures Sutherland Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Sutherland Lake
Sutherland Reservoir is 3,017-acre lake located just south of the town of Sutherland, Nebraska. Located in the Prairie Lakes tourism region, the lake is part of the Nebraska Public Power District's (NPPD) hydropower system, and supplies water to the Gerald Gentleman Power Plant. The Sutherland State ...
Merritt Reservoir
(Nebraska, USA)
2,946 Merritt Reservoir Pictures Deep in the heart of the Midwest, in the Sandhills region of Nebraska, lies the 2,906-acre Merritt Reservoir. This secluded lake is a paradise for those who love hunting, fishing, bird watching, and all manner of outdoor activities. Merritt Reservoir was formed by the 108-foot high Merritt Dam, an earth ...
Bowman Haley Lake
(North Dakota, USA)
2,755 Also known as: Bowman-Haley Lake
Bowman Haley Lake, located in Southwestern North Dakota, was once a Sioux hunting ground. Bowman Haley Lake is now a 1,740-acre lake surrounded by rolling grasslands. Year-round recreational opportunities include camping, fishing, hunting, boating, and picnicking. Bowman Haley Lake, which is owned ...
Horsethief Reservoir
(Kansas, USA)
2,420 Horsethief Reservoir Pictures Horsethief Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Horse Thief Canyon Reservoir
The newest water playground in Southwest Kansas is Horsethief Reservoir. Named for Horsethief Canyon near the dam, the new reservoir provides both flood control and recreational opportunities to Kansas visitors. The reservoir was a long time in arriving, having first been discussed in the 1930s. The ...
Calamus Reservoir
(Nebraska, USA)
2,244 Calamus Reservoir Pictures Located in central Nebraska, the Calamus Reservoir is a wonderful place to relax, appreciate the beauty of nature, and enjoy some fun on the water. The reservoir was built by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation by constructing a dam across the Calamus River. The dam, which was completed in 1986, was originally ...
Sherman Reservoir
(Nebraska, USA)
2,154 Sherman Reservoir Pictures Sherman Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Sherman Lake
Sherman Reservoir adds great recreation value to the Sandhills region of Nebraska in addition to precious irrigation water for thousands of farm acres. Built in 1961 by the Bureau of Reclamation, the dam across Oak Creek was intended to provide flood control and irrigation storage. Since that time, ...
Lake Metigoshe
(Manitoba, Canada / North Dakota, USA)
2,142 Lake Metigoshe Pictures Lake Metigoshe Message Forums One of the best spots for water recreation in North Dakota's North Central region is Lake Metigoshe. Often called the 'Jewel of the Turtle Mountains', the 1500-acre lake extends into Manitoba, Canada with the top portion home to many Canadian lakelubbers. Lake Metigoshe is a natural lake, created by ...
Lake Darling
(North Dakota, USA)
1,957 Lake Darling Pictures Lake Darling is the focal point of the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge located in northwest North Dakota. The Refuge is beautifully situated along a narrow band of river bottom woodlands, gentle rolling hills, and fertile floodplains. Lake Darling was built by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ...
Harlan County Lake
(Nebraska, USA)
1,946 Harlan County Lake Pictures Harlan County Lake covers an impressive 13,250 acres in south-central Nebraska's Frontier Trails region. Just seven miles from the Nebraska / Kansas state line, Harlan County Lake stretches seven miles long with 75 miles of shoreline. The entire lake is open to public access and is a recreational delight. ...
Lake Sakakawea
(North Dakota, USA)
1,838 Lake Sakakawea Pictures The second-largest reservoir by surface acreage in the United States (and third-largest in volume), Lake Sakakawea stretches 178 miles from Garrison Dam northwest to Williston, North Dakota, and has a surface area of about 382,000 acres. Lake Sakakawea averages between two and three miles in width ...
Waubay Chain of Lakes
(South Dakota, USA)
1,787 Waubay Chain of Lakes Pictures Waubay Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: North Waubay Lake, South Waubay Lake, Hillebrands Lake, Spring Lake, Rush Lake, Bluedog Lake, Little Rush Lake, Minnewasta Lake
Waubay Chain of Lakes, in the Glacial Lakes & Prairies Region of northeast South Dakota, is a stunning example of nature's triumph over human settlement. What was as recently as 1930 a series of shallow glacial lakes has enlarged until it is nearly all one huge water body, called Waubay Lake. Land ...
Spectacle Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,772 Spectacle Lake Pictures Spectacle Lake Message Forums Those dreaming of the quiet beauty of a northern Wisconsin lake will want to check out Vilas County's Spectacle Lake. Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest encompasses over a million acres in the Lake Superior Northwoods region along the Wisconsin-Michigan border. This small gem of a lake is surrounded ...
Anvil Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,739 Anvil Lake Message Forums Known as the "Jewel of the Northwoods", Anvil Lake in Vilas County, Wisconsin offers four seasons of outdoor fun and adventure. Situated in the beautiful Nicolet National Forest with clear clean water and unspoiled shoreline, this lake will quickly become your favorite vacation destination. Anvil ...
Landing Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,693 Landing Lake Message Forums Landing Lake is a sparkling 220-acre lake on the Wisconsin side of the Wisconsin-Michigan border. Connected to 131-acre Mill Lake, the two lakes offer a combined 351 acres and over seven miles of shoreline for swimming, fishing, small boats, and kayaks. Landing Lake is located in the town of Land ...
Cisco Chain of Lakes
(Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
1,683 Cisco Chain of Lakes Pictures Cisco Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Little African Lake, Cisco Lake, Thousand Island Lake, Big African Lake, Record Lake, Lindsley Lake, Fishhawk Lake, Morley Lake, Poor Lake, Indian Lake, East Bay Lake, Big Lake, West Bay Lake, Mamie Lake, Clearwater Lake
One of the lesser-known gems in Michigan's Upper Peninsula is the Cisco Chain of Lakes. This chain of interconnected lakes straddles the border between Michigan and Wisconsin, with the majority of them within Gogebic County in Michigan, two shared with Vilas County, Wisconsin and one completely in Vilas ...
Lac Vieux Desert
(Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
1,683 Also known as: Lac Vieux Lake
Lac Vieux Desert is the French name for this 4,260-acre lake of Michigan and Wisconsin. The name was given by French fur trappers who were among the first Euro-Americans to settle the area. It is an ambiguous name and has been translated variably to mean "Lake of the Old Clearing," "Lake of the Old ...
Wildcat Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,658 Wildcat Lake Pictures Wildcat Lake Message Forums Bundled in boots and a warm coat, sipping a steaming thermos of coffee, a woman steps off her back porch and treads through a barely visible path towards the snowy Wildcat Lake. The fresh powder squeaks slightly with each imprinted step; branches remain still as she brushes by them, each tiny twig encased ...
Lake Lucerne
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,644 Lake Lucerne Pictures Lake Lucerne Message Forums Also known as: Lucerne Lake
Tucked away in the Lake Superior Northwoods Region of Wisconsin, Lake Lucerne has provided the perfect getaway spot for generations of lakelubbers. The thousand-acre natural lake has served many families with prime views of a pristine lake and forest from their own front porch. Well-supplied with seasonal ...
Lake Pardee
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,640 Lake Pardee Message Forums Lake Pardee is a private, residential, 206-acre lake in Iron County, near Mercer, Wisconsin. The lake area of Mercer is known for its vast, pristine beauty. Much of Wisconsin has been developed for traffic and tourists, but the rolling landscape around Lake Pardee remains mostly untouched. Access ...
Sparkling Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,631 Sparkling Lake Message Forums In an area with an extraordinary number of lakes, Sparkling Lake sometimes slips under the radar. The lakes in Wisconsin's Lake Superior Northwoods Region have been famous for over a hundred years as fishing and vacation destinations. And no county is known to have more lakes than Vilas County. So it ...
White Sand Lake
(Wisconsin, USA)
1,631 White Sand Lake Pictures White Sand Lake Message Forums The sound of laughter emanates from within a dense pine forest in the Northwoods region of Wisconsin at White Sand Lake. Bare feet from a group of children thud softly on pine needles as the group emerges from the trees, making a beeline for one of the lake's docks. Tossing towels and sunglasses onto ...
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