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Here are the 106 lakes we have listed within USA > Midwest > Minnesota - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Gunflint Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,533 Gunflint Lake Pictures Gunflint Lake Message Forums Gunflint Lake holds a special spot in the hearts of outdoors fans in Minnesota's Northeastern Region. Almost 30 miles northwest of Grand Marais 'as the crow flies', Gunflint Lake calls out 'Northwoods Adventure' loud and clear. This large lake forms part of the boundary between the United States and ...
Lake Shetek
(Minnesota, USA)
1,482 Lake Shetek Pictures Lake Shetek Message Forums Located near the southwestern corner of the state, Lake Shetek is one of the best known of Minnesota Southern Region Lakes. Shetek means pelican in the Ojibway language; indeed, lakes named for some variation of the word are found across the migratory flyway of these majestic birds. One of a group of ...
Lake Itasca
(Minnesota, USA)
1,475 Lake Itasca Pictures Lake Itasca Message Forums Also known as: Elk Lake, Omashkoozo-zaaga'igan
The headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River originate at 1,162-acre Lake Itasca. Wild and impressive, this beautiful lake is surrounded entirely by Itasca State Park. What isn't well known, however, is that Lake Itasca isn't a natural body of water. The original beginnings of the major river were ...
Otter Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,453 Otter Lake Message Forums Otter Lake is located among the beautiful waterways and breathtaking scenery of Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA). This isolated lake lies within St. Louis County and Minnesota's Northeast Tourism Region and is the perfect stop for a quiet glide through the Boundary Waters. On your map you'll ...
Sea Gull Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,452 Sea Gull Lake Pictures Sea Gull Lake Message Forums Sea Gull Lake is at the end of Gunflint Trail, one of Northeast Minnesota's best known and most loved Scenic Byways. The trail provides 57 miles of near-wilderness scenery and outdoor sporting venues, with Sea Gull Lake very near the actual end of the route. Gunflint Trail goes around the north end ...
Saganaga Lake
(Ontario, Canada / Minnesota, USA)
1,432 Saganaga Lake Pictures Saganaga Lake Message Forums The 13,832 acres of Saganaga Lake straddle the border of Northeastern Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. Part of the well known Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), Saganaga Lake is also an outdoor playground. Camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing and many other recreational activities await all ...
Big Sand Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,428 Big Sand Lake Pictures Big Sand Lake Message Forums One of the many beautiful lakes in Northwest Minnesota is Big Sand Lake with over 1600 acres, providing many opportunities to enjoy water sports of all types. Located 40 miles south of Bemidji, Big Sand Lake often doesn't make the first-time visitor's radar as it has only two lodge resorts along its ...
Snowbank Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,427 Snowbank Lake Pictures Snowbank Lake Message Forums Remote Snowbank Lake in northeast Minnesota borders the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and serves as a gateway to this popular outdoor adventure-land. Enveloped within Superior National Forest, there is little private property along the lakeshore. The few private homes are clustered in areas ...
Birch Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,420 Birch Lake Message Forums Located in St. Louis County Minnesota and the Superior National Forest, Birch Lake is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the concrete civilizations and a step back to the country as it was for the early settlers. However, with many great vacation rentals around the lake, you can still appreciate ...
White Iron Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,386 White Iron Lake Message Forums White Iron Lake is part of a chain of lakes in St. Louis County, Minnesota that also includes Garden Lake, Farm Lake, and South Farm Lake. Part of the Kawishiwi Watershed, White Iron Lake is owned and controlled by Minnesota Power for electrical production. White Iron Lake is a premier vacation ...
Spirit Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,385 Spirit Lake Message Forums The small town of Menahga, Minnesota wraps itself around sparkling, 115-acre Spirit Lake. This popular recreation lake stays busy year round, especially during the summertime with fishing, swimming, boating, canoeing, and kayaking. Spirit Lake is located on the border of Minnesota's Northwest and Central ...
Lake Irene
(Minnesota, USA)
1,382 Lake Irene Pictures Lake Irene Message Forums Lake Irene is a great place to plant vacation roots in Minnesota's Central region. This 640-acre lake is in an area with dozens of lakes large and small left over from the last glacial period. Lake Irene has an abundance of private cottages and year-round homes fronting sandy beaches, without the commercialization ...
Burntside Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,373 Burntside Lake Pictures Burntside Lake Message Forums Burntside Lake is an impressive nine-mile long lake in St. Louis County, Minnesota. With a surface area of 7,314 acres and no motor restrictions, Burntside Lake is an extremely popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, many of whom are positively addicted to water skiing, boating and wake boarding. ...
Lake Mary
(Minnesota, USA)
1,368 Lake Mary Message Forums Covering 2,371 acres, Lake Mary is one of the larger lakes in the Alexandria Lakes Area in Douglas County, Minnesota. Although certain areas of the lake are heavily developed, over half the shoreline remains untouched, making the lake a peaceful and beautiful retreat for boaters. With its sandy bottom, ...
Lake Vermilion
(Minnesota, USA)
1,358 Lake Vermilion Pictures Lake Vermilion Message Forums Known as "Lake of the Sunset Glow" by its ancient Ojibwe inhabitants, northeastern Minnesota's sunny Lake Vermilion is a positively ideal getaway. This immaculate body of water is enormous, featuring a surface area of 40,557 acres and an average depth of 76 feet. Smack in the middle of the Minnesota ...
East Silent Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,353 East Silent Lake Message Forums East Silent Lake is located in Otter Tail County, Minnesota, with 328 watery acres and a maximum depth of 48 feet. The lake's 4.8-mile sandy shoreline is developed with homes, cabins, and resorts. Luxurious real estate properties and vacation rentals are readily available, many with stunning lakeside ...
Blackduck Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,345 Blackduck Lake Message Forums Bald eagles gracefully swoop over elegant sandbars and around the large, peaceful island situated directly in the middle of Blackduck Lake. Located just west of the city of Blackduck, Blackduck Lake is just one of dozens of stunning Minnesota lakes located in Beltrami County. Smooth shorelines characterize ...
Smith Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,345 Smith Lake Pictures Smith Lake Message Forums Nestled quietly between Lake Osakis and the City of Alexandria, Smith Lake in Minnesota's Central Region faces little tourist pressure. Not well known outside of the Alexandria Lakes area, Smith Lake nevertheless offers great fishing, plenty of water sports, and a great place for a vacation. Although ...
Beltrami Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,344 Beltrami Lake Message Forums Also known as: Turtle River Chain of Lakes
Lake Beltrami is a sparkling body of water situated snugly in Minnesota's Northwest Tourism Region. This crystal clear lake is a part of the Turtle River Chain of Lakes, along with eight others: Deer, Campbell, Movil, Big Turtle, Little Turtle, Fox, Three Island and Turtle River Lakes. The entities ...
Lake Plantagenet
(Minnesota, USA)
1,342 Lake Plantagenet Pictures Lake Plantagenet Message Forums Also known as: Plantagenet Lake
Lake Plantagenet holds a special place in the hearts of fishermen in Northwest Minnesota. Where else can you find fighting muskie with a four-foot size limit? Fish like this are enough to make avid anglers plan for months to visit Lake Plantagenet. No one appears to remember how this 2500-acre lake ...
Rush Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,342 Rush Lake Pictures Rush Lake Message Forums Rush Lake is a 5,338-acre natural lake located in central Otter Tail County in the Central Region of Minnesota. Rush Lake is part of the Otter Tail River Chain of Lakes which also includes Otter Tail, Big Pine, Little Pine, Deer, East Lost, and West Lost Lakes. Otter Tail Country is located two and ...
Lake Bemidji
(Minnesota, USA)
1,342 Lake Bemidji Pictures Lake Bemidji Message Forums Also known as: Bemidji Lake
A cornucopia of soothing sound, rejuvenating sights and the invigorating scents of nature at work, Lake Bemidji is one of Minnesota's natural gems. A destination in any season, the lake area offers snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in Minnesota's snowy winters. Spring comes with an announcement ...
Detroit Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,334 Detroit Lake Message Forums Minnesota's Detroit Lake offers visitors an impressive number of things to do, both in and out of the water. The lake offers 3,067 acres of year-round enjoyment, including fishing, wind surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, snowmobiling, golfing, and wildlife viewing. Resorts, real estate, and private ...
Battle Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,333 Battle Lake Message Forums Also known as: East Battle Lake, West Battle Lake
Connected by Battle Creek, West Battle Lake and East Battle Lake sprawl across over 7,500 acres of central Minnesota in Ottertail County. With more than enough water for boating, water skiing, canoeing and kayaking, the lakes are a popular recreation destination. Winter brings frozen waters and snow ...
Siseebakwet Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1,329 Siseebakwet Lake Message Forums Also known as: Sugar
Sitting atop a brightly-colored towel and looking across Siseebakwet Lake's crystalline, vividly blue waters might bring up images of the Caribbean or Mediterranean. This Minnesota lake, however, is much easier to reach and boasts both winter and summer activities. From partying atop a pontoon boat, ...
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