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Lake Name Completion year Lake Description
Prior Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1983 Prior Lake Pictures Prior Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lower Prior Lake, Upper Prior Lake
Thousands of years ago, when glaciers crept through the part of North America that is now Minnesota, they left behind a series of natural features that would eventually become the beautiful natural body of water now called Prior Lake. The glaciers lost speed as they passed through the area and began ...
Horseshoe Chain of Lakes
(Minnesota, USA)
1980 Horseshoe Chain of Lakes Pictures Horseshoe Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Horseshoe Chain, Sauk River Chain of Lakes
The Horseshoe Chain of Lakes in Central Minnesota has been a well-loved vacation destination for many years. The chain of over a dozen lakes along the Sauk River has long been known as a great fishing, boating and resort location a bit west of St. Cloud. In recent years the chain has been renamed the ...
Lake Minnetonka
(Minnesota, USA)
1979 Lake Minnetonka Pictures Lake Minnetonka's 14,000 acres contain many bays and coves, resembling a collection of smaller lakes. "Minnetonka" comes from the Sioux language meaning "big waters." Many Native Americans, including the Dakota, Sioux, Ojibwa, Cheyenne, and Iowa tribes, lived in the Minnetonka area in previous centuries. ...
Upper Red Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1951 Upper Red Lake Message Forums Nestled in the Northwest Region of Minnesota, Upper Red Lake has an incredible comeback story and is becoming a popular vacation place for the second time. Set on the edge of the Big Bog, Upper Red Lake is located near the town of Waskish. Upper Red Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Minnesota when ...
Lac qui Parle
(Minnesota, USA)
1950 Lac qui Parle Message Forums Thousands of feathered creatures gather here, nesting, breeding and chattering about things only birds would know about. For the myriad sounds the birds make, the Dakota people called the water body the "lake that speaks" and the French, when they came to the area, translated it to their language: ...
Lake Traverse
(Minnesota, USA / South Dakota, USA)
1941 Lake Traverse Message Forums Lake Traverse straddles the border of Minnesota's Central tourism region and South Dakota's northeastern Great Lakes and Prairie region. Covering more than 11,000 acres, this geologically unique lake is the southernmost body of water in the Hudson Bay watershed of North America. In pre-history, the ...
Deer Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1938 Deer Lake Pictures Deer Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake of Changing Colors
Often called the "Lake of Changing Colors," Deer Lake is a jewel in Minnesota's northwoods country. Located northwest of Grand Rapids in south-central Itasca County, this Deer Lake is not to be confused with a smaller Deer Lake located in northern Itasca County. Part of Minnesota's Northeast tourism ...
Big Birch Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1937 Big Birch Lake Message Forums Big Birch Lake lies at the heart of Minnesota. With sparkling water spread across Todd and Stearns County lines, Big Birch Lake is at the geographic center of the "land of 10,000 lakes." Stearns County, located in Minnesota's Central tourism region, is also the "home" of Garrison Keillor's fictional ...
Lake Onalaska
(Minnesota, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
1937 Lake Onalaska Pictures Lake Onalaska is a popular year-round recreation destination on the upper Mississippi River, located between La Crosse, Wisconsin and La Crescent, Minnesota. When Thomas G. Rowe stood on a Wisconsin bluff overlooking the Mississippi River into Minnesota in 1851, a line from Thomas Campbell's 1799 poem ...
Norway Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1927 Norway Lake Pictures Norway Lake Message Forums Norway Lake is nestled in Kandiyohi County on the southern border of Minnesota's Central tourism region. It is part of the Wilmar Lakes Area which includes 360 lakes with thousands of acres of water for fishing and boating. Norway Lake has three main basins. West Norway covers 1,389 acres with a maximum ...
Gull Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1913 Gull Lake Pictures Gull Lake Message Forums Also known as: Brainerd Lakes
Gull Lake, located in the Central Region of Minnesota's "Land of 10,000 Lakes", boasts 9,418 surface acres and 38 miles of pristine shoreline. The deep, crystal clear waters of Gull Lake are part of the Brainerd Chain of Lakes. The lake was created in 1913 by construction of the Gull Lake Dam on the ...
Rainy Lake
(Ontario, Canada / Minnesota, USA)
1909 Rainy Lake Pictures Rainy Lake's sprawling 221,000 acres straddle the border of the United States and Canada. Known as a water sports lover's paradise, Rainy Lake is located in the Northeastern Region of Minnesota near International Falls and Ranier. Canada's portion of Rainy Lake consists of 75% of this massive body ...
Lake Bemidji
(Minnesota, USA)
1907 Lake Bemidji Pictures Lake Bemidji Message Forums Also known as: Bemidji Lake
A cornucopia of soothing sound, rejuvenating sights and the invigorating scents of nature at work, Lake Bemidji is one of Minnesota's natural gems. A destination in any season, the lake area offers snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in Minnesota's snowy winters. Spring comes with an announcement ...
Big Sandy Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1886 Big Sandy Lake Message Forums Big Sandy Lake is located in Minnesota's northeast Aitkin County, home to over one million acres of hardwood forest and 365 lakes. With the majority of the woodlands available to the public, Big Sandy Lake provides the perfect setting to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with family and friends. Part ...
Big Trout Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1886 Big Trout Lake Pictures Big Trout Lake Message Forums One of the prettiest places to watch the sun rise in Central Minnesota is Big Trout Lake. This popular lake on the Whitefish Chain of Lakes is wonderfully clear and deep, lined with trees and home to many lovely lake homes. Other lakes on the chain have more public access and are more crowded. Big Trout ...
Pokegama Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1885 Pokegama Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Pokegama
Pokegama Lake has been a premier vacation destination for over 100 years. Located on the southwestern side of Grand Rapids, Minnesota in Itasca County, the lake offers over 6,600 acres of water and 55 miles of shoreline for year round adventure. Prior to 1858, the lands above Pokegama Lake were ...
Cut Foot Sioux Lakes
(Minnesota, USA)
1884 Cut Foot Sioux Lakes Pictures Cut Foot Sioux Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Big Cut Foot Sioux Lake, Little Cut Foot Sioux Lake
Few people have heard of the Northeast Minnesota destination of Cut Foot Sioux Lakes. Connected to neighboring Lake Winnibigoshish, the Cut Foot Sioux Lakes share in all of the fun and attract less of a crowd than their larger neighbor. This makes the lakes an ideal place for a vacation filled with ...
Lake Winnibigoshish
(Minnesota, USA)
1884 Also known as: Lake Winnie
Lake Winnibigoshish is a legend among Minnesota lakes. The lake's impressive size, covering more than 58,500 acres, reaches into both the Northwest and Northeast tourism regions of Minnesota. Lake Winnie, as it is often called, is a famed vacation destination all over the Midwest. The existence ...
Leech Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1884 Leech Lake Pictures Leech Lake Message Forums With over 120,000 acres of water and 316 miles of shoreline, Leech Lake is the third largest lake located entirely in Minnesota, the "Land of 10,000 Lakes". Leech Lake is nestled in the Northwest Region of Minnesota in Cass County with most of its boundaries in the Chippewa National Forest and the ...
Whitefish Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1884 Whitefish Lake Pictures Whitefish Lake Message Forums Also known as: Upper Whitefish Lake and Lower Whitefish Lake, Whitefish Chain of Lakes
The natural beauty of Whitefish Lake will leave visitors spellbound and ready to leave the cares of the world behind. Nestled in the Central Region of Minnesota, Whitefish Lake is part of the Whitefish Chain of Lakes which includes Upper Whitefish Lake, Lower Whitefish Lake, Big Trout Lake, Clamshell ...
Chisago Lakes
(Minnesota, USA)
1880 Chisago Lakes Pictures Chisago Lakes Message Forums About 130 years ago, the Chisago Lakes Chain of Lakes was undivided, linked together as one big lake. The Swedish settlers called the 5,400-acre body of water Big Lake. Over time the name changed to Swede Lake then to Chisago Lake. The lake was used to transport goods and freight and also for recreation. ...
Wabana Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1872 Wabana Lake Message Forums Also known as: Wabana Chain of Lakes
Trilling their distinctive call, loons glide across the surface of Wabana Lake, dodging in and out of the mist rising from the exceptionally clear water. They share the early morning with anglers searching for the walleye that make their home in this Minnesota lake. Connected to the Wabana Chain of ...
Fountain Lake
(Minnesota, USA)
1855 Fountain Lake Message Forums Fountain Lake is a sparkling 521-acre southern Minnesota lake, featuring three prominently-placed water fountains. Its shores surround the city of Albert Lea and connect to its southern sister, Albert Lea Lake. Fountain Lake is a recreational haven, with activities ranging from casting out a fishing ...
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