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Mixal Lake, British Columbia, Canada

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Map: Mixal Lake, British Columbia, Canada

The crystal-clear water of Mixal Lake provides a tranquil and beautiful vacation setting. This natural freshwater lake is fairly undeveloped with a few homes scattered among the mixed wood shoreline. On bright sunny days, Mixal Lake resembles a mirror, perfectly reflecting the clouds and trees above. The tranquil lake is located on the Sunshine Coast's Sechelt Peninsula in British Columbia, Canada, about three miles northeast of Irvine's Landing. Visitors will find access to Mixal Lake off of Garden Bay Road.

Electric motors only are permitted on Mixal Lake. The lake is generally quiet, making it a great place for fishing. Fly fishing is a perennial favorite in this peaceful and serene location, and anglers enjoy casting in their line for cutthroat trout from their boats or from the banks of Mixal Lake. With Pender Harbour located nearby, fishing enthusiasts may also take some time for saltwater fishing -- record-sized salmon have been known to come from these waters, which are also home to cod, flounder, and snapper.

Two nearby provincial parks provide ample outdoor recreations to naturalists and wildlife lovers. Visitors to Mixal Lake should definitely pay a visit to Garden Bay Marine Provincial Park, the closest to the lake. Boasting 420 acres, the Garden Bay Park has so much to offer including fishing, picnicking, and swimming. There are also marinas, stores, restaurants and vacation rentals located near the park.

A slightly longer drive, Spipiyus Provincial Park, with 7,361 acres, is an outdoor wonderland also worth visiting. Locally known as Caren Range, Spipiyus Park is on Sechelt Peninsula and provides protection for old-growth Douglas fir stands. The park is home to black bears, Roosevelt elks, marbled murrelets, and other small animals and birds, often providing picturesque photo ops and plenty of bird watching. Bicycling, hiking and ATVs are permitted on logging roads; hunting is allowed in season.

Mixal Lake is part of the Sunshine Coast, which has an annual total of sunlight between 1,400 and 2,400 hours, or about four to six hours a day. The Sunshine Coast is also well known for its many beaches, coastal viewpoints, biking trails, hiking trails, ski trials, and canoe and kayak routes. At the mouth of Pender Harbor, Joe Bay sits in the historic community of Irvine's Landing. Mixal Lake visitors may want to take some time to sightsee the famous area that was named after Charles Irving, who set up a trading post at Irvine's Landing in 1865. Today, visitors will find campsites and a restaurant where they can relax and take in the Canadian beauty around them.

With so many lakes, bays and coves located around Mixal Lake, there is something for everyone. Lake visitors can fill up their day with golfing, kayaking, water skiing and swimming. In the winter months they can visit the Mixal Lake area for some exhilarating and challenging cross-country skiing.

The breathtaking views of Mixal Lake will enchant its visitors and make them wish they could stay a little longer. Anglers can listen to passing birds sing as they contently wait for a bite on their line. Families enjoy a refreshing swim or a peaceful walk through the woods, and nature lovers can soak in the beauty of the peaceful atmosphere. Mixal Lake is visited for its beauty and will be enjoyed for years to come.

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