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Moose Lake, Minnesota, USA

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Map: Moose Lake, Minnesota, USA

The passage of time often brings change and development to certain areas, but northern Minnesota's Moose Lake rests quietly in its remote setting. With Chippewa National Forest directly to the north and larger lakes to the south, this body of water welcomes anyone wishing to escape the pressures of city life. Visitors easily settle into the country life every season, from casting out their fishing lines during the fall to canoeing through the clear waters in the spring, but both can easily tap back into the social atmosphere with the city of Grand Rapids just to the south.

Moose Lake is set in Itasca County, located in Minnesota's northeastern tourism region. Lake visitors find the 1,273-acre body of water a serene place for any outdoor activity, including fishing its average 30-foot depths. Finding something to do at this lake is no hardship- open your eyes and mind to several engaging opportunities.

Anglers come back year after year for Moose Lake's reputation for snagging 30- to 40-pound muskies, as the plentiful number of forages keep the fish fat and happy. Northern pike, yellow perch, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and black crappie swim depths reaching up to 61 feet. A hefty 10-pound, 30-inch walleye was recently caught in the lake, and jumbo perch skim along just below the surface.

Those who wish to scour the shoreline during a restful canoe trip have 6.7 miles to search. Keep your binoculars handy when moving throughout the water, as deer and bears have been known to peek out in curiosity from the shelter of the trees along the shoreline. Wild and aquatic birds, such as mallards, bobolinks, black birds, and wood ducks, have been known to nest nearby to munch on the area's prized wild rice.

The area in and around Moose Lake is well-known for its growth of wild rice, which is grown and harvested along lakes and riverbeds. Once a staple for the Sioux and Chippewa Indians, the wild rice that grows around Minnesota's lakes and rivers produces the majority of the wild rice in the United States and Canada. Locals celebrate the dark, nutty grain with a large festival in July as locals and visitors partake in parades, wild rice recipes and local musicians each year.

Well-placed lakeside resorts and cabins speckle the shoreline at Moose Lake, making for a simple and homey vacation away from the towering skyscrapers in the city. Those hoping for a longer stay in the area have more than a few real estate options. Winters bring snow for those who enjoy feet of fresh powder while summer keeps the lake's beaches full of children chatting in the water and adults cooking on the grill a few feet away.

For an even more remote getaway, pack a weekend trip to Chippewa National Forest, which lies a few short miles to the north and northwest of Moose Lake. The forest holds 1.6 million acres of hardwood, red oak and white pine forests combined with wild ginger and wild rice scattered throughout. Hikers have 160 miles of trails to wind their way through and campsites dot the forest in fascinating places. Keep your eyes open for exotic wildlife, including the elusive Canada lynx and the elegant sandhill crane.

Even further to the north of Moose Lake, but no more than 90 miles away, lies the Canadian border for those hoping for a visit to foreign soil. The social bees have only a short skip to Grand Rapids, Minnesota, where nightlife flourishes any time of the year. Dress to the nines and catch an orchestra showing or sit sedately on a showboat for some evening entertainment.

Find your way to Moose Lake for high quality quiet time with the family, or pick your way through the local cities for festivals and fun through the year. Water skiing, wakeboarding, canoeing and kayaking fill up the time on the lake during the day. Choose your stay at lakeside vacation rentals or purchase your own prime real estate property. Either way, Moose Lake is unique location for any lakelubber.

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