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Morse Reservoir, Indiana, USA

Also known as: Morse Lake

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Map: Morse Reservoir, Indiana, USA

Located in central Indiana, Morse Reservoir awaits visitors and those looking to relocate to the good life. The lake is just a short drive from Indianapolis and provides all types of water sport activities like boating, water skiing, fishing, swimming and relaxing at the beach. With two parks on its shores, visitors can enjoy a picnic, sunbathing on the beach, volleyball or frisbee golf. Don't forget to pack your golf clubs, as Morse Reservoir is a golf lover's dream, surrounded by golf courses, ranges and country clubs.

Cicero Creek provides the majority of the inflow to Morse Reservoir, along with three other creeks. Also known as Morse Lake, the reservoir was constructed in 1956 as part of an overall plan to provide sufficient water to Indianapolis as well as for flood control purposes. Two other reservoirs were constructed around the same time, for the same purposes. The other two bodies of water are Geist Reservoir and Eagle Creek Reservoir both located nearby. As the city of Indianapolis has grown, the three reservoirs have become critical resources for maintaining surface drinking water supplies. Over the years, the reservoir has become a major recreational area and relocation magnet, with expensive housing developments now encircling the lake.

One big attraction to Morse Reservoir is the fishing. In addition to an abundance of baitfish, the lake has a large amount of cover available which includes a mixture of wood, docks, grass, and rock humps. All this contributes to the excellent largemouth bass fishing often reported. Anglers seeking crappie will find that the wooded areas and submerged logs provide the essential cover needed. Other species include walleye and catfish. To get away from the activity on the lake, fishermen can find plenty of coves and idle zones. A marina located on the east side of the reservoir provides various services including a boat launch. You can also fish off the shores from private and public docks.

For off-lake activities, there are two parks on the shores of Morse Reservoir. Red Bridge Park is located on the northwest shore and offers a public swimming pool, a small playground, a walking trail and boating services including boat dock rentals. On the southeastern banks of the lake near the dam you will find Morse Park and Beach. The 23-acre park is owned by the city of Noblesville and provides all types of family fun. Play volleyball, fish off the docks and sunbathe or swim at the beach. You can also dock your boat at the park and check out the 18-hole disc golf course or turn the kids loose at the playground and have a picnic.

Accommodations can be found in the cities of Noblesville on southern end of Morse Reservoir as well as in Cicero on its northern shores. Vacation rentals are limited to rentals of existing homes lining the lake. Those looking to relocate to the area will find anything from cottages and condominiums to luxurious, million dollar homes encircling the lake. Morse Reservoir is just a short drive from Indianapolis, but a world away from the fast-paced city life. The 40-minute commute to Indianapolis is worth it to many looking to relax every evening on their own private dock to watch the sunset on the charming shores of Morse Reservoir.

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