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Here are the 4 lakes we have listed within Netherlands - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
(North Holland, Netherlands)
-4 Vechtplassen Pictures Vechtplassen Message Forums Also known as: Vecht Lakes, Loosdrechtse Plassen, Maarsseveense Plassen, Vinkeveense Plassen
The Vechtplassen or Vecht Lakes of North Holland are one of the most famous water playgrounds in the Netherlands. Man-made water bodies created by the harvesting of peat in the 17th century, the shallow lake systems stretch along both sides of the Utrechtse Vecht River. Fed by a tributary of the Rhine ...
(North Holland, Netherlands / South Holland, Netherlands)
-7 Kagerplassen Pictures Kagerplassen Message Forums Also known as: Kaag Lakes
One of the most popular waterways in the Netherlands is the Kagerplassen or Kaag Lakes. This series of ten lakes is connected by canals which make the entire system accessible to pleasure boaters. The waterway consists of five larger lakes and five large islands, only one of which is inhabited. The ...
Frisian Lakes
(Friesland, Netherlands)
-10 Frisian Lakes Pictures Frisian Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Sneekermeer, Tjeukemeer, Heegermeer, Fluessen, Groote Brekken, Slotermeer
Sailors the world over have heard of the Frisian Lakes. The most famous of these is the Sneekermeer. This group of about 30 lakes are man-made, the result of peat harvesting in the lowlands of Friesland (now officially named Fryslan) in the northwestern corner of the Netherlands. Much of the land has ...
Lake Ouderkerk
(North Holland, Netherlands)
-13 Lake Ouderkerk Pictures Lake Ouderkerk Message Forums Also known as: Ouderkerkerplas, Ouderkerk Lake
Lake Ouderkerk graces the Amsterdam 'Green Belt' of Amstelland like a shimmering mirage. This lovely man-made lake was dug during sand extraction for highway building on one of the famed polders of North Holland and soon developed into the perfect family swimming spot near the city. The surrounding ...
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