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Nevada Lakes by Region

Cowboy Country Nevada : Cowboy Country (4)

Las Vegas Territory Nevada : Las Vegas Territory (2)

Nevada Silver Trails Nevada : Nevada Silver Trails (2)

Pony Express Territory Nevada : Pony Express Territory (1)

Renoe-Tahoe Territory Nevada : Renoe-Tahoe Territory (4)

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Nevada Lakes: White River Valley Windmill & Mountains

Adams-McGill Reservoir

Nevada Lakes A-Z

Lakes in NV

Lake Name Lake Summary
Adams-McGill Reservoir Adams-McGill Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Wayne E. Kirch Wildlife Management Area, Tule Reservoir, Dacey Reservoir, Cold Springs Reservoir, Haymeadow Reservoir, Sunnyside Reservoir
An oasis for birds, waterfowl, fish and wildlife in the midst of Nevada's Great Basin desert surrounds little-known Adams-McGill Reservoir. This nearly ...
Lahontan Reservoir Also known as: Lake Lahontan
Lahontan Reservoir is located about 45 miles northeast of Carson City, Nevada, on the Carson River. The Lahontan Dam was completed in 1915 and impounds ...
Lake Mead Lake Mead Pictures Lake Mead is the USA's largest man-made reservoir in amount of water it can hold. Although Lake Powell is marginally larger in acreage at full-pond, Lake ...
Lake Mohave Lake Mohave Pictures Lake Mohave is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River that spans 28,260 acres. It is a part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and was created ...
Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe Pictures Tucked into the Sierra Nevada Mountains and straddling the California-Nevada state line, Lake Tahoe is one of the most famous lakes in the United States. ...
Pyramid Lake Pyramid Lake Pictures Pyramid Lake is a true natural wonder located in the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Reservation in western Nevada. Covering 117,400 acres, it is the third ...
Ruby Lake Ruby Lake Pictures Also known as: Ruby Marsh
Perhaps the last thing one would expect to find in the deserts of northeastern Nevada is a marsh. But Ruby Lake is just that: a 17,125 acre marsh and ...
Rye Patch Reservoir Rye Patch Reservoir Pictures Rye Patch Reservoir is located on the Humboldt River in Pershing County, Nevada. The reservoir was completed in 1936 and provides flood control and irrigation ...
South Fork Reservoir South Fork Reservoir is located on the south fork of the Humboldt River about 16 miles south of Elko in northern Nevada. Although the South Fork Dam was ...
Topaz Lake Topaz Lake Pictures Also known as: Topaz Reservoir
Topaz Lake is a man-made reservoir located on the border of Nevada and California, about 75 miles south of Reno, Nevada. The reservoir was built on the ...
Walker Lake Walker Lake Pictures Walker Lake is a natural lake located in rural Mineral County, Nevada about 75 miles southeast of Reno, Nevada. It is one of several freshwater terminus ...
Washoe Lake Washoe Lake Pictures Washoe Lake, along with the smaller Little Washoe Lakes, is located in western Nevada between Carson City and Reno. Nestled in peaceful Washoe Valley, ...
Wild Horse Reservoir Wild Horse Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Wildhorse Reservoir
Wild Horse Reservoir, also known as Wildhorse Reservoir, is located along the Owyhee River in the deserts of northeastern Nevada near the Idaho border. ...
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