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Here are the 37 lakes we have listed within USA > New England > New Hampshire - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
First Connecticut Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
1,638 New Hampshire's Connecticut Lakes, located in the state's Great North Woods region, are comprised of four lakes: First Connecticut Lake, Second Connecticut Lake, Third Connecticut Lake, and Fourth Connecticut Lake. First Connecticut Lake is the largest and Fourth Connecticut Lake is the smallest of ...
Stinson Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
1,303 Stinson Lake Message Forums Stinson Lake, which once housed the laughter of summer camp children, now shines as a quiet residential retreat in central New Hampshire. A refreshingly clear freshwater lake set entirely within the lower southwestern section of the White Mountain National Forest, this 350-acre lake has its share of ...
Umbagog Lake
(Maine, USA / New Hampshire, USA)
1,245 Umbagog Lake Pictures Also known as: Rangeley Lakes
Umbagog Lake straddles about 11 miles of the Maine-New Hampshire border. This 7,850-acre lake lies partly in the Rangeley Lakes region of western Maine and partly in the Great North Woods region of northern New Hampshire. Umbagog, pronounced um-BAY-gog, is said to derive from the Abenaki (Native ...
Forest Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
1,115 Forest Lake Pictures Forest Lake Message Forums A clear summer day finds many visitors and locals enjoying the weather at Forest Lake, where a 200-foot white beach is covered with sunning families and sandy towels. From the nearby dock, children take flying leaps into this shimmering 196-acre lake. Surrounded by mountains covered in snow for skiing ...
Eastman Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
1,109 Eastman Lake Pictures Eastman Lake Message Forums Also known as: Eastman Pond
Tucked away in the heart of the Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee region just two hours from Boston and minutes from the Vermont border, Eastman Lake is a fantastic year-round destination. With over 320 acres of water for boating and fishing surrounded by trails for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing, Eastman ...
Lake Sunapee
(New Hampshire, USA)
1,093 Lake Sunapee Pictures Also known as: Sunapee Lake
Lake Sunapee has been a popular vacation destination since the heyday of passenger railroads and steamships. The lake's clear waters and beautiful scenery hold many attractions, and for those who love outdoor activities, there are endless opportunities for enjoyment. Lake Sunapee's 4,000-acre ...
Lake Monomonac
(Massachusetts, USA / New Hampshire, USA)
1,045 Lake Monomonac Message Forums The wind fills the sails, pushing the sailboats across Lake Monomonac. A bewitching combination of pristine white sail cloth and billowing bright colors glide like flocks of birds over the 711-acre lake. Lake Monomonac covers part of the Monadnok region in New Hampshire and the Central region of Massachusetts, ...
Crystal Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
891 Crystal Lake Message Forums Crystal Lake, in the town of Enfield in Grafton County, New Hampshire, showcases New England's scenic beauty with its clean clear water and picturesque shoreline. Located in a quiet rural area with breathtaking mountain views, it is no wonder that many lake front homes are built here. For those ...
Franklin Pierce Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
778 Franklin Pierce Lake Pictures Franklin Pierce Lake Message Forums Also known as: Jackman Reservoir
Franklin Pierce Lake in New Hampshire's Monadnock Region is a relatively unknown gem. Also known as Jackman Reservoir, the 520-acre lake sits on the outskirts of historic Hillsborough and is close enough to draw visitors from the surrounding states -- if they find out about it! Formed by damming ...
Sargent Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
761 Sargent Lake Message Forums Nestled in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, Sargent Lake is located east of the town of Belmont. At just over 43 acres, this lake is sure to capture your heart with its quiet, rustic beauty. The area of Belmont is located in Belknap County and has a wide range of habitats from rolling terrain with ...
Mascoma Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
750 Mascoma Lake Pictures Mascoma Lake Message Forums In 1793 a group of Shakers arrived at the valley between Mount Assurance and Mascoma Lake and declared it the "Chosen Vale." They settled on the shores of the lake and built the ninth of the original Shaker communities. Today, the Shakers have gone, but the beautiful valley with its clean, clear water ...
Halfmoon Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
640 Halfmoon Lake Message Forums Sprawling across the border between the towns of Barnstead and Alton, Halfmoon Lake is a beautiful, quiet lake in New Hampshire's Lakes Region. Halfmoon Lake was originally known as Crescent Lake and has been drawing visitors to enjoy clean, fish-filled waters for almost a century. It is a tranquil ...
Merrymeeting Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
639 Merrymeeting Lake Message Forums Beautiful Merrymeeting Lake in the town of New Durham, New Hampshire was formed by an impoundment on the Merrymeeting River in 1923. At normal water level, the lake covers 1,233 acres and has a maximum depth of 120 feet. Although most of the land around the lake has been developed, a town beach and ...
Newfound Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
588 Newfound Lake Pictures Comfortably situated in New Hampshire's famous Lakes Region, Newfound Lake is the third-largest lake located entirely within the state's boundaries. It stretches 6 miles long and 2.5 miles wide, covering an impressive 4,451 acres. Newfound Lake is known in the area as a beautiful, clean lake perfect ...
Great East Lake
(Maine, USA / New Hampshire, USA)
571 Great East Lake Pictures Great East Lake is a paradise for anyone who enjoys a relaxing time. With over 1700 acres of water and 12 miles of shoreline, Great East Lake is known for its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife. Regarded for its cleanliness, Great East Lake supports a large ecosystem of waterfowl, otters, turtles, ...
Lovell Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
571 Lovell Lake Message Forums Surrounded by a plenitude of forest pine, fir, elm, beech, and oak trees, this clear water lake is located in beautiful New Hampshire. Occupying the Lakes Region in the state's southeastern corner, Lovell Lake is one of many bodies of water in the region offering retreat during New England's glorious ...
Squam Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
562 Squam Lake Pictures Also known as: Big Squam Lake, Little Squam Lake
Big Squam Lake,the second-largest lake located entirely in New Hampshire, covers almost 6,800 acres in the state's Lakes Region. Dotted with historic houses, stunning foliage, and incredible views, Big Squam Lake attracts visitors from miles around. The lake gained notoriety in 1981 as the filming location ...
Suncook Lakes
(New Hampshire, USA)
551 Suncook Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Lower Suncook Lake, Upper Suncook Lake
The Suncook Lakes are two of the lakes that dot the countryside of the appropriately named Lakes Region of New Hampshire. The region is home to big, busy lakes for water skiing and boating and quiet lakes for peaceful meditation. The Suncook Lakes fall somewhere in between, encompassing the best of ...
Swanzey Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
541 Swanzey Lake Pictures Swanzey Lake Message Forums One of the unsung gems of New Hampshire's Monadnock region, little Swanzey Lake is well-loved by those lucky enough to live along its shoreline. The lake was created from a natural, spring-fed pool by damming the outlet of Swanzey Pond in the late 1700s. A succession of small mills utilized its water ...
Lake Waukewan
(New Hampshire, USA)
540 Lake Waukewan Message Forums Lake Waukewan is set within the heart of New Hampshire's Lakes Region, where its sparkling 928 acres lure visitors seeking to escape to a small town atmosphere. The lake bustles with activity throughout the year, as visitors and locals compete in fishing derbies during the summer months and ice sailing ...
Lake Winona
(New Hampshire, USA)
538 Lake Winona Message Forums If there's one lake in central New Hampshire whose origin is mired in historical heartache, it's Lake Winona. This private 148-acre freshwater lake, once inhabited by Native Americans, now houses a small number of residents and visitors who come to enjoy the state's Lakes Tourism Region. Like many of ...
Lake Wentworth
(New Hampshire, USA)
534 Lake Wentworth Pictures Lake Wentworth Message Forums One of the prettiest lakes in New Hampshire's Lakes Region is Lake Wentworth. All too often overlooked as tourists flock to nearby Lake Winnipesaukee, 3100-acre Lake Wentworth is no minor pond; it is one of the reasons the Town of Wolfeboro has long held the title, "The Oldest Summer Resort in America." ...
Wakondah Pond
(New Hampshire, USA)
528 Wakondah Pond Message Forums Wakondah Pond is located in the scenic valley of Moultonborough, New Hampshire. The lake has 94 acres of crystal blue waters secluded by nature and wildlife. Whether you seek peace and quiet or year-round outdoor adventure, Wakondah Pond delivers. With a maximum depth of 40 feet and a mean depth ...
Bow Lake
(New Hampshire, USA)
515 Bow Lake Pictures Bow Lake Message Forums Also known as: Bow Lake
New Hampshire's Bow Lake is located about 30 miles south of better-known Lake Winnipesaukee in the state's Lakes Region. Bow Lake has its own special set of charms that endears it to residents and visitors alike. A part of colonial New Hampshire history, the lake gradually came into being when a series ...
Lake Kanasatka
(New Hampshire, USA)
513 Lake Kanasatka Pictures Lake Kanasatka Message Forums Also known as: Long Pond
Lake Kanasatka is a clear, 371-acre freshwater lake set among New Hampshire's towering trees and surrounded by sloping hillsides. The lake was once named Red Hill Pond for the hill beyond its northern shoreline. Lake Kanasatka is used mostly for recreational purposes throughout the year. A day on the ...
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