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Here are the 21 lakes we have listed within USA > Mid-Atlantic > New Jersey - compared by Largest Lakes - Acres.

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Lake Name Area in acres Lake Description
Lake Hopatcong
(New Jersey, USA)
2,560 Lake Hopatcong Pictures Lake Hopatcong is the largest lake in New Jersey, at about nine miles long with 45 miles of shoreline and covering 2,560 acres. Only 45 miles from New York City, the lake runs between the borders of Sussex and Morris Counties tucked in the mountains in the northern part of New Jersey. Lake Hopatcong ...
Round Valley Reservoir
(New Jersey, USA)
2,350 Round Valley Reservoir Pictures Round Valley Reservoir spans 2,350 acres in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The reservoir fills the valley formed by the ring-shaped Cushetunk Mountain, which was once an active volcano. Named for the circular shape of the valley in which it sits, the reservoir is known for the exceptional clarity of ...
Greenwood Lake
(New Jersey, USA / New York, USA)
1,920 Greenwood Lake Pictures Formerly known as "Long Pond", Greenwood Lake is a natural reservoir that straddles the New York/New Jersey border. The lake is the largest freshwater body in Orange County, New York. It is owned by the Division of Parks and Forestry, and is used for recreational purposes. Overlooked by the Bearfoot ...
Spruce Run Reservoir
(New Jersey, USA)
1,290 Spruce Run Reservoir Pictures Spruce Run Reservoir is one of the oldest reservoirs in the state of New Jersey. Constructed in the 1960s to meet an increasing need for water supplies and recreation areas for New Jersey residents, this Hunterdon County reservoir is the third largest in the state. Upon its completion in 1963, the reservoir's ...
Lake Tappan
(New Jersey, USA / New York, USA)
1,255 Lake Tappan Pictures Also known as: Tappan Lake, Lake Tappan Reservoir, Tappan Reservoir
Lake Tappan is one of a series of reservoirs that was created to deliver drinking water to the huge population of the New York City metro area. The lake contains about 1250 acres of water, and nearly 12 million gallons are released daily to the downstream Oradell Reservoir. It straddles the border ...
Union Lake
(New Jersey, USA)
898 Union Lake is an 898-acre reservoir located in the town of Millville in southern New Jersey. The lake dates back to the 1790s, when the damming of the Maurice River created a small reservoir used to power a local mill. The lake was bought by the Millville Manufacturing Company in 1868 and a new dam ...
Lake Mohawk
(New Jersey, USA)
800 Lake Mohawk Pictures Lake Mohawk Message Forums Nestled in the town of Sparta, Lake Mohawk will take visitors and residents back in time with Tudor style architecture dotted around the lake. Although a private lake community in the northwest region of New Jersey, there are restaurants and shopping open to the general public and with the view of ...
Manasquan Reservoir
(New Jersey, USA)
720 Manasquan Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Manasquan County Reservoir
Manasquan Reservoir is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Artifacts found near the reservoir indicate that its land was once occupied by the Lenape Indians, and Manasquan is from the Lenape for "stream of the Island of Squaws." The Manasquan Reservoir was completed in 1990 with the construction ...
Merrill Creek Reservoir
(New Jersey, USA)
650 Merrill Creek Reservoir Pictures Merrill Creek Reservoir, located in Warren County, New Jersey, is a 650-acre man-made lake completed in 1988. The reservoir project took 13 years of planning and building and an investment of $217 million by a consortium of seven utility companies to reach completion. It was the first engineering project ...
Culver Lake
(New Jersey, USA)
555 Culver Lake Pictures Culver Lake Message Forums Also known as: Culvers Lake
Culver Lake is an exclusive, privately owned body of water located in Sussex County New Jersey. The immaculate 555-acre lake has an average depth of 50 feet, along with seven soft miles of shoreline. Owned and operated by the Normanoch Association, use of the lake is restricted to members and guests ...
Upper Greenwood Lake
(New Jersey, USA)
385 Upper Greenwood Lake Pictures Upper Greenwood Lake Message Forums Once a private summer resort lake, Upper Greenwood Lake is now home to full-time residents who enjoy lake living in north central New Jersey. Located in Hewitt, Sussex County, Upper Greenwood Lake offers many recreational activities. Upper Greenwood Lake should not be confused with the larger nearby ...
Lake Musconetcong
(New Jersey, USA)
329 Lake Musconetcong Message Forums In the early 1800's, the Morris Canal and Banking Company was tasked with building a canal to help move freight across the New Jersey. In order to supply the Morris Canal with a reliable source of water, Lake Hopatcong, a natural glacial lake, was expanded and Lake Musconetcong was created. A side effect ...
Lake Owassa
(New Jersey, USA)
275 Lake Owassa Pictures Lake Owassa Message Forums A privately-owned association lake, Lake Owassa is located in Sussex County in the Culvers Gap Area of the Skyland Region. The lake is only 275-acres with its deepest point being 24 feet. First known as "Long Pond" in an original verified deed dated 1693, the lake name was changed to Lake Owassa in ...
Highland Lakes
(New Jersey, USA)
265 Highland Lakes Pictures Highland Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Lake Wawayanda, Lake Glenwood, Lake Pochung, Lake Wallkill, Pleasant Valley Lake, Tall Timbers Lake, Lake Panorama, Louemma Lake, Scenic Lakes, Highland Lake, East Highland Lake, Upper Highland Lake, Upper West Highland Lake, Lake Wanda
The Highland Lakes in New Jersey's Skylands region have always been special. The Highland Lakes area includes the Vernon Valley, known as some of New Jersey's most productive farmlands since Colonial times. Most lakes are the result of streams flowing from Pochuck and Wawayanda Mountains and dammed ...
Lake Carnegie
(New Jersey, USA)
237 Lake Carnegie Pictures Lake Carnegie Message Forums Also known as: Carnegie Lake
Although steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie is remembered for his library donations, one of his lesser-known gifts to society is Lake Carnegie, also known as Carnegie Lake. Constructed in the Delaware River area on Princeton University's southern end, Lake Carnegie was built to provide ...
Deal Lake
(New Jersey, USA)
158 Deal Lake Pictures Deal Lake Message Forums The largest freshwater coastal lake in New Jersey, Deal Lake is composed of a unique series of shallow ponds and channels clustered together -- as opposed to a typical, single-bodied structure. Located in the middle of Monmouth County, its long, thin fingers touch seven municipalities: the Allenhurst, ...
Lake Aeroflex
(New Jersey, USA)
103 Lake Aeroflex Pictures Lake Aeroflex Message Forums Also known as: New Wawayanda Lake
Tucked away within New Jersey's Skylands region, Lake Aeroflex is the crown jewel of the Kittatinny Valley State Park. Sometimes called New Wawayanda Lake, Aeroflex is considered the deepest natural lake in the State of New Jersey. That distinction brings with it some benefits as a fishery, as the New ...
Lake Erskine
(New Jersey, USA)
90 Lake Erskine Message Forums Also known as: Erskine Lakes
Erskine Lake is the prized possession of a proud private community. Sitting in the Ramapo Mountains of New Jersey in the Gateway Region, Lake Erskine is surrounded by adventure, beauty, culture and history. The lake spans about 90 acres, surrounded by wooded hills and thick forest. Gorgeous homes ...
Pine Barrens Lakes
(New Jersey, USA)
62 Pine Barrens Lakes Pictures Pine Barrens Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Pinelands, Lake Atsion, Lake Absegami, Mirror Lake, Big Pine Lake, Little Pine Lake, Country Lake, Presidential Lake
Some of the most-visited lakes in New Jersey are the impoundments within the Pinelands National Reserve. Sprawled across the New Jersey Shore, Delaware River and Greater Atlantic City regions, these lakes, nearly all small and nearly all shallow, were created by early settlers in the area who dammed ...
Oxford Furnace Lake
(New Jersey, USA)
53 Oxford Furnace Lake Message Forums Also known as: Furnace Brook Watershed #2 Dam
What was once built for practical purposes of flood and erosion control is now a quiet lake area known as Oxford Furnace Lake in Warren County, New Jersey. Named for the first hot blast furnace in America, Oxford Furnace was also the longest continuous iron producer from 1741-1884 in the United States. ...
Spring Lake
(New Jersey, USA)
16 Spring Lake Message Forums The mute swans glide across the surface of Spring Lake, their heads tipped demurely toward the clean, spring water. Their graceful presence is an elegant, visual manifestation of the charming Victorian town surrounding the lake. Spring Lake and the town of the same name are on the New Jersey shore ...
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