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Here are the 28 lakes we have listed within New Zealand - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Lake Tekapo
(South Island, New Zealand)
2,300 Lake Tekapo Pictures Lake Tekapo Message Forums Lake Tekapo is located in the center of South Island, New Zealand. Known for its intense turquoise hue, the lake stays that color because of "rock flour" or finely ground rocks which are suspended in the water and are remnants from the glacial period. The Maori people were the first to live in the ...
Lake Clearwater
(South Island, New Zealand)
2,192 Lake Clearwater Pictures Lake Clearwater Message Forums Also known as: Lake Tripp
When the winds are not blowing hard from off the mountains, Lake Clearwater holds images like a broad mirror. In it you can see reflections of the snow-capped Southern Alps that stretch for miles beyond under billowing clouds. No wonder this New Zealand treasure is called Lake Clearwater. The lake, ...
Lake Heron
(South Island, New Zealand)
2,129 Lake Heron Pictures Lake Heron Message Forums Located in the Christchurch/Canterbury Region of the South Island of New Zealand, Lake Heron is the largest of the Ashburton lakes at 1556 acres. With a shoreline of 12 miles and an average depth of 118 feet, Lake Heron is one of the premier lakes of the region, which also includes other Ashburton lakes ...
Lake Rotoiti
(South Island, New Zealand)
1,896 Lake Rotoiti Pictures Lake Rotoiti Message Forums Lake Rotoiti, in the Tasman Region of New Zealand is a favorite spot for vacations and holidays. Located within the Nelson Lakes National Park, the deep glacial lake is a favored destination for those wishing to engage in all sorts of water-based activities in beautiful and natural surroundings. The ...
Nelson Lakes
(South Island, New Zealand)
1,896 Nelson Lakes Pictures Nelson Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Lake Rotoiti, Lake Rotoroa, Lake Angelus, Lake Constance, Blue Lake
The Nelson Lakes in New Zealand's Tasman District are some of the most famous yet most remote in the country. Nelson Lakes National Park, located at the northern tip of the Southern Alps, consists of 252,048 acres of protected public lands, snowcapped mountains, gushing streams, waterfalls and hidden ...
Lake Pukaki
(South Island, New Zealand)
1,745 Lake Pukaki Pictures Lake Pukaki Message Forums Lake Pukaki in the Canterbury region of the South Island is a scenic delight. One of three glacial lakes that lie nearly parallel, the lake gets water from the Tasman River, which is fed by the Tasman and Hooker Glaciers. All three lakes were eventually naturally dammed by glacial moraine, forming ...
Lake Ohau
(South Island, New Zealand)
1,706 Lake Ohau Pictures Lake Ohau Message Forums Lake Ohau, in the Mackenzie Basin of the Waitaki District, South Island is an often overlooked lake and mountain paradise. The smallest of three parallel glacial lakes serving as water storage for the Waitaki hydroelectric system, Lake Ohau is connected by artificial canal to Lake Pukaki and Lake Tekapu. ...
Lake Coleridge
(South Island, New Zealand)
1,194 Lake Coleridge Pictures Lake Coleridge Message Forums Nestled snugly between two mountain ranges and surrounded by lush green farming valleys, Lake Coleridge's clear blue waters are a breathtaking wonder in New Zealand's South Island. Set in the high country of the Christchurch-Canterbury region, Lake Coleridge's freshwater basin was molded by the glaciers, ...
Lake Taupo
(North Island, New Zealand)
1,171 Lake Taupo Pictures Lake Taupo Message Forums If you are making your first visit to New Zealand, Lake Taupo in the Taupo Region of the North Island is an excellent first choice. New Zealand's largest freshwater lake, Lake Taupo is located in the very heart of New Zealand's volcanic and geothermal district. Here, one can explore the surrounding ...
Lake Okareka
(North Island, New Zealand)
1,165 Lake Okareka Message Forums One of four small crater lakes lying between Lake Tarawera and Lake Rotorua in the Rotorua District of the Bay of Plenty, Lake Okareka has always been known for its natural beauty. Lying only eight miles southeast of the city of Rotorua, the lakeshore has become an upscale bedroom community of Rotorua ...
Lake Hawea
(South Island, New Zealand)
1,142 Lake Hawea Pictures Lake Hawea Message Forums Surrounded by towering mountains in Central Otago of New Zealand's South Island, Lake Hawea is a lake that was formed by glaciers thousands of years ago. It is in the heart of what is often called a golden country. Central Otago was marked by a powerful gold rush of the 1860s that left a rich history ...
Lake Rotomahana
(North Island, New Zealand)
1,112 Lake Rotomahana Pictures Lake Rotomahana Message Forums The Eighth Wonder of the World was the description conferred upon Lake Rotomahana's geothermal "Pink and White Terraces." The terraces were New Zealand's most famous attraction for intrepid tourists in the mid-19th century, until the massive volcanic eruption of Mount Tarawera on June 10, 1886 destroyed ...
Lake Hayes
(South Island, New Zealand)
1,079 Lake Hayes Pictures Lake Hayes Message Forums Picturesque when the poplars and willows adorning the lake are aglow with brilliant golds, Lake Hayes is a satisfying subject for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike. The lake is located in Central Otago of New Zealand's South Island, an area characterized by its high altitudes among the Southern ...
Lake Rotoma
(North Island, New Zealand)
1,037 Lake Rotoma Pictures Lake Rotoma Message Forums Lake Rotoma is a remarkable lake. The lake is the easternmost in a chain of three lakes northeast of Lake Rotorua. Here in the Rotorua Region of the Bay of Plenty on New Zealand's North Island, Lake Rotoma outshines its mates, Lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotoehu with its startling clarity. Indeed, Lake Rotoma ...
Lake Wakatipu
(South Island, New Zealand)
1,017 Lake Wakatipu Pictures Lake Wakatipu Message Forums Lake Wakatipu on the South Island of New Zealand is fuel for myths, a backdrop for Hollywood movies and a destination for adventure seekers. The depths of Lake Wakatipu reach below sea level where native people believe a giant's heart beats. Its waters were the setting for the movie "The Water Horse: ...
Lake Tarawera
(North Island, New Zealand)
978 Lake Tarawera Pictures Lake Tarawera Message Forums Lake Tarawera in the Rotorua District of the Bay of Plenty Region is a highly prized vacation lake. This deep and clear volcanic lake lies in the Okataina volcanic center. Eleven miles east of the City of Rotorua, the lake occupies the Haroharo caldera with Mount Tarawera just over three miles from ...
Lake Rotoehu
(North Island, New Zealand)
968 Lake Rotoehu Pictures Lake Rotoehu Message Forums For the truly traditional New Zealand holiday, one must spend a week or two at Lake Rotoehu! Located in the Rotorua District of the Bay of Plenty Region, North Island, it is the middle lake in a chain of three lying northeast of Rotorua. Like its neighboring lakes Rotoiti and Rotoma, Rotoehu formed ...
Lake Rotorua
(North Island, New Zealand)
919 Lake Rotorua Pictures Lake Rotorua Message Forums What greeting will you hear when you come to Lake Rotorua on New Zealand's North Island? Kia ora!! Kia ora means 'Be healthy' or 'well' in the Maori language, and much of the early European settlement at Lake Rotorua was based on health. The geothermal springs with their high mineral content was the ...
Lake Wanaka
(South Island, New Zealand)
915 Lake Wanaka Pictures Lake Wanaka Message Forums Formed by glaciers thousands of years ago and located on South Island, New Zealand, Lake Wanaka is New Zealand's fourth largest lake and contains crystal clear water. The name is from the Maori, the first settlers of the area, which means "place of Anaka" who was an early Maori Chief. The lake is fed ...
Lake Te Anau
(South Island, New Zealand)
663 Lake Te Anau Pictures Lake Te Anau Message Forums Lake Te Anau, located in the southwestern corner of South Island in New Zealand, is situated with rolling hillside country on the eastern side and magnificent mountains with wilderness forests on the western side. Also stretching out from the western shores are three fiords (long, narrow inlets that ...
Lake Maraetai
(North Island, New Zealand)
618 Lake Maraetai Message Forums Also known as: Maraetai Reservoir
Lake Maraetai in the Taupo Region of New Zealand's North Island is a little-known vacationer's dream. The 1013 acre reservoir just 33 miles north of Lake Taupo is a new lake; completion of the dam and power stations that form Lake Maraetai occurred in 1971. Created by the third dam on the Waikato River ...
Lake Tutira
(North Island, New Zealand)
492 Lake Tutira Message Forums Lake Tutira, located on New Zealand's North Island, is peaceful and scenic destination for nature lovers, especially bird watchers. The lake was declared a bird sanctuary in 1929 because of the many species of birds and waterfowl that nest in the area. Anglers will also enjoy their time at Lake ...
Lake Arapuni
(North Island, New Zealand)
364 Lake Arapuni Message Forums In Maori one of the meanings of "ara puni" is "blocked path" making Arapuni Lake an appropriate name for the man made reservoir on the North Island of New Zealand. The long narrow lake stretches 22 miles along the Waikato River providing both electricity and fantastic recreation opportunities. Arapuni ...
Lake Brunner
(South Island, New Zealand)
289 Lake Brunner Pictures Lake Brunner Message Forums Moana Kotuku is what the Maori call Lake Brunner, naming it after the beautiful and rare white herons (kotuku) sometimes seen on the lake's shores. The lake's English name was given in memory of a 19th century British explorer, Thomas Brunner, who was awarded by the British Royal Geographical Society ...
Lake Kaniere
(South Island, New Zealand)
280 Lake Kaniere Pictures Lake Kaniere Message Forums At 5,436 acres, Lake Kaniere is the second largest lake among the West Coast lakes of the South Island of New Zealand. With 12 miles of shoreline and water as deep as 640 feet, Lake Kaniere drains into the Tasman Sea via the Hokitika River and Kaniere River where there is a small hydroelectric station. ...


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