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Here are the 6 lakes we have listed within New Zealand - compared by Newest (Youngest) Reservoirs.

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Lake Name Completion year Lake Description
Lake Maraetai
(North Island, New Zealand)
1971 Lake Maraetai Message Forums Also known as: Maraetai Reservoir
Lake Maraetai in the Taupo Region of New Zealand's North Island is a little-known vacationer's dream. The 1013 acre reservoir just 33 miles north of Lake Taupo is a new lake; completion of the dam and power stations that form Lake Maraetai occurred in 1971. Created by the third dam on the Waikato River ...
Lake Karapiro
(North Island, New Zealand)
1947 Lake Karapiro Pictures Lake Karapiro Message Forums A 1,920-acre reservoir, Lake Karapiro is home to the New Zealand National Rowing teams. Located on the North Island of New Zealand in the Waikato Region, the lake is best known as a world-class rowing venue as well as host to other water sports events such as yachting, powerboating, and water skiing. ...
Lake Brunner
(South Island, New Zealand)
1932 Lake Brunner Pictures Lake Brunner Message Forums Moana Kotuku is what the Maori call Lake Brunner, naming it after the beautiful and rare white herons (kotuku) sometimes seen on the lake's shores. The lake's English name was given in memory of a 19th century British explorer, Thomas Brunner, who was awarded by the British Royal Geographical Society ...
Lake Arapuni
(North Island, New Zealand)
1929 Lake Arapuni Message Forums In Maori one of the meanings of "ara puni" is "blocked path" making Arapuni Lake an appropriate name for the man made reservoir on the North Island of New Zealand. The long narrow lake stretches 22 miles along the Waikato River providing both electricity and fantastic recreation opportunities. Arapuni ...
Opunake Lake
(North Island, New Zealand)
1921 Opunake Lake Message Forums Opunake Lake is situated off the coast of New Zealand near the town of Taranaki. Once a natural basin next to the Wajaur River, Opunake Lake was formed to generate electricity and now provides recreational activities for those who enjoy fishing, boating, coastal walks, swimming and more. In the ...
Lake Coleridge
(South Island, New Zealand)
1914 Lake Coleridge Pictures Lake Coleridge Message Forums Nestled snugly between two mountain ranges and surrounded by lush green farming valleys, Lake Coleridge's clear blue waters are a breathtaking wonder in New Zealand's South Island. Set in the high country of the Christchurch-Canterbury region, Lake Coleridge's freshwater basin was molded by the glaciers, ...


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