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Here are the 3 lakes we have listed within Nicaragua - compared by Largest Lakes - Acres.

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Lake Name Area in acres Lake Description
Lake Nicaragua
(Boaco, Nicaragua / Chontales, Nicaragua / Granada, Nicaragua / Rio San Juan, Nicaragua / Rivas, Nicaragua)
2,013,909 Lake Nicaragua Pictures Lake Nicaragua Message Forums Also known as: Lake Cocibolca, Lake Granada, Lago Cocibolca, Lago Granada
Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America, is so large that it has many sea or ocean characteristics. Lago Cocibolca, the native name for the freshwater lake that means "sweet sea," boasts large waves, heavy storms that cause navigation problems, nothing but more water at its horizon, and ...
Lake Managua
(Leon, Nicaragua / Managua, Nicaragua)
271,544 Lake Managua Pictures Lake Managua Message Forums Also known as: Lago de Managua, Lake Xolotlan
Deep blue lagoons, rumbling volcanos, a bustling city and the pull of the ocean not far from the shores of Nicaragua's Lake Managua are what make this lake one adventure after another. Also known as Lake Xolotlan or Lago de Managua, it is the second largest lake in Nicaragua, its surface area reaching ...
Laguna de Apoyo
(Granada, Nicaragua / Masaya, Nicaragua)
5,190 Laguna de Apoyo Pictures Laguna de Apoyo Message Forums She has fallen asleep in the hammock by Laguna de Apoyo, her book resting open on her chest. A soft breeze coming off the turquoise water ruffles her hair while howler monkeys chatter in the overhead. She meant to stay awake and enjoy the giant palm trees, black sand beach and crystal clear freshwater ...


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