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Normandy Reservoir Vacation Rentals

Normandy Reservoir, Tennessee, USA

Also known as: Normandy Lake, Lake Normandy

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Map: Normandy Reservoir, Tennessee, USA

Situated in south central Tennessee near Manchester, Normandy Lake draws anglers, campers and boaters from all over. With its proximity to nearby Tims Ford and Woods Reservoirs, it's a fantastic addition to a Tennessee Lakes getaway or a stand-alone destination for an outdoor adventure.

An impoundment of the Duck River, Normandy Reservoir was created by the completion of the Normandy Dam built by the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1976. Originally conceived of as a way to support the economic development of the Upper Duck River region, the lake provides a steady water supply, recreation opportunities, and flood control. The dam is the largest non-power generating dam on any Tennessee River tributary in the TVA system. Water levels on Normandy Reservoir fluctuate about 11 feet a year.

The 17 mile long reservoir is a good place to boat, water ski, or jet ski, but there are no public marinas. Overnight accommodations on Normandy Lake are limited to camping at the campground in the popular Barton Springs Recreation Area. There are showers, and the Recreation Area has a swimming beach and boat ramp. Manchester is only a few minutes away, however, and has a wide variety of accommodations and conveniences.

Normandy Lake is part of the Duck River watershed which is one of the most diverse river systems in the nation. It is home to over 500 species of fish, insects, and other aquatic life including two endangered species of mussels - the Cumberland monkeyface and the birdwing pearly. Anglers will find diverse and plentiful fish populations to challenge them. Normandy Reservoir has healthy populations of largemouth bass, smallmout bass, spotted bass, crappie, and bluegill. It's also known for its green and longear sunfish. Normandy Reservoir is narrow, and fishes like both a river and deep lake. The water below Normandy Dam supports a fish hatchery.

Not far fro Lake Normandy, Old Stone Fort Archeological State Park is a 2,000 year old Indian Ceremonial Site. Built by the Middle Woodland Cultures, the walls and mounds that were once believed to be a fort are now thought to be a 50 acre enclosure making a ceremonial site and gathering place. The park is on the National Register of Historic Places and is dedicated to preserving, protecting, and studying ancient cultures. Visitors can learn more at the park's museum or pass an afternoon on the nine hole golf course. Hiking trails let visitors explore the dramatic scenery of the cliffs, bluffs, and forks of the Duck River that make up the over 800-acre park.

Normandy Reservoir is also near several distilleries and Tennessee Walking Horse country. Its relatively undeveloped shoreline and diverse aquatic life make the lake the perfect choice for anglers and nature lovers. Its proximity to other reservoirs and cultural activities make it a great destination for the whole family.

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