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Here are the 44 lakes we have listed within USA > South > North Carolina - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Bass Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
3,560 Bass Lake Message Forums Sitting snug amongst rhododendron trees, white pines and the 3,500-acre Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, Bass Lake is the picture of both tranquility and nobility. Ducks find their way into the small body of water for a quiet swim, disturbed only by the laughter of children playing in the grass along the ...
Lake Glenville
(North Carolina, USA)
3,492 Lake Glenville Pictures Lake Glenville Message Forums Also known as: Thorpe Reservoir, Glenville Lake
Nestled among the forests and mountain peaks of southwestern North Carolina lies the highest lake east of the Mississippi, Lake Glenville (aka Thorpe Reservoir) at 3,492 feet. Lake Glenville, popular for its unspoiled beauty, sandy beaches, coves, waterfalls and luxurious lakefront properties covers ...
Cliffside Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
3,396 Cliffside Lake Message Forums Surrounded by the breathtaking Nantahala National Forest in the Highlands District of North Carolina, Cliffside Lake is sparkling eight-acre lake in the heart of the Cliffside Lake Recreation Area. The Recreation Area offers fishing, swimming, camping, and in conjunction with the National Forest, numerous ...
Nantahala Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
3,012 Nantahala Lake Pictures Nantahala Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Nantahala
Nantahala Lake is one of the most pristine lakes in North Carolina. Located within the Nantahala National Forest at an elevation of 3,012 feet, the 1,605-acre lake is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Nantahala Lake is a large part of the Little Tennessee River Basin, ...
Lake Toxaway
(North Carolina, USA)
3,010 Lake Toxaway Pictures Lake Toxaway Message Forums Tucked away amidst the ancient Appalachian Mountains is the largest private lake in North Carolina - Lake Toxaway. Lake Toxaway, spanning 640 acres, was built in 1902 by a powerful entrepreneur, E. H. Jennings. Jennings, who visited the wild, undeveloped region in 1890 fell in love with the area's ...
Cedar Cliff Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
2,198 Cedar Cliff Lake Message Forums Nestled within the dramatic Blue Ridge Mountains, Cedar Cliff Lake is one of North Carolina's most picturesque bodies of water. It is thin and elongated, with a surface area of 121 acres and a shoreline length of 4.5 miles. The lake is located in Jackson County, and features a hydroelectric dam on its ...
Lake Powhatan
(North Carolina, USA)
2,152 Lake Powhatan Pictures Lake Powhatan Message Forums Just outside of Asheville in North Carolina's Mountains region, little Lake Powhatan offers a refreshing change of pace to the city. The reservoir lies completely within the Pisgah National Forest and boasts a popular National Forest campground that is in major demand. The 13-acre lake was created when ...
Beaver Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
2,099 Beaver  Lake Pictures Beaver  Lake Message Forums One of the most-visible lakes in the North Carolina Mountain region is unassuming little Beaver Lake. The small man-made reservoir is only about 65 acres in size-and completely private. Framed by nearby mountains, the lake is entirely owned by the property owners in Lake View Park. That doesn't mean ...
Lake Santeetlah
(North Carolina, USA)
1,941 Lake Santeetlah Pictures Lake Santeetlah Message Forums Also known as: Santeetlah Reservoir or Santeetlah Lake
High up in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina's largely wild, westerly Graham County is Lake Santeetlah. Owned by Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners, the lake was impounded on the Cheoah River in 1928 for hydroelectric energy. The reservoir covers 2,881 acres and lies at an elevation of ...
Lake Chatuge
(Georgia, USA / North Carolina, USA)
1,926 Lake Chatuge Pictures Also known as: Chatuge Lake, Chatuge Reservoir
Beautiful Lake Chatuge (pronounced "sha-toog") spans 7200 acres and two states, stretching 13 miles from Hayesville, North Carolina, to Hiawassee, Georgia. From the Cherokee for "land where the waters meet," Lake Chatuge offers spectacular views of both the Tusquitee Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. ...
Fontana Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
1,710 Fontana Lake Pictures Fontana Lake Message Forums Also known as: Fontana Reservoir
Fontana Lake, nestled in western North Carolina's Smoky Mountains, was built by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to provide hydroelectric power to the surrounding area. It includes the tallest dam in the TVA system and the tallest dam in the eastern United Sates. Fontana Lake is often called one ...
Lake Hiwassee
(North Carolina, USA)
1,521 Lake Hiwassee Pictures Lake Hiwassee Message Forums Also known as: Hiwassee Reservoir or Hiwassee Lake
Lake Hiwassee is located in the mountainous region of North Carolina's southwestern Cherokee County. Sitting in the Nantahala National Forest, it is almost completely surrounded by wilderness and is fed by six major tributaries. "Hiwassee" means "savannah" or "meadow" and is derived from the Cherokee ...
Lake James
(North Carolina, USA)
1,200 Lake James Pictures Lake James Message Forums Nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lake James is a 6,510 acre lake in western North Carolina with 150 shoreline miles. Duke Power constructed three dams between 1916 and 1923 to create the lake: Catawba, Linville, and Paddy Creek. Lake James is the first in the Catawba River chain of lakes with ...
Lake Jocassee
(North Carolina, USA / South Carolina, USA)
1,110 Lake Jocassee Pictures Lake Jocassee Message Forums Nestled into the pristine Appalachian mountains of northwestern South Carolina and southwestern North Carolina, Lake Jocassee reaches its watery depths down 300 feet and out over 7,500 acres. Burying underwater an area once home to part of the Cherokee nation, the lake was originally built for hydro-electric ...
W. Kerr Scott Reservoir
(North Carolina, USA)
1,030 W. Kerr Scott Reservoir Pictures W. Kerr Scott Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: W. Kerr Scott Lake
W. Kerr Scott Reservoir is a 1,475-acre reservoir located near Wilkesboro, North Carolina in the Mountains tourism region. Built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1962 for flood control, the lake also offers a fresh water supply, recreation, and home to a wide variety of wildlife and several endangered ...
Lake Rhodhiss
(North Carolina, USA)
995 Lake Rhodhiss Pictures Lake Rhodhiss Message Forums Also known as: Rhodhiss Lake
Lake Rhodhiss spans 3,060 acres in Burke and Caldwell Counties of west central North Carolina, lying between Lake James and Lake Hickory. A view of surrounding mountain peaks and wildlife, coupled with Rhodhiss' sprawling quiet, makes the lake a beauty. It is a narrow river-like reservoir within the ...
Lake Hickory
(North Carolina, USA)
935 Lake Hickory Pictures Lake Hickory Message Forums Lake Hickory, situated in west central North Carolina near the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, is one of several man-made reservoirs in North Carolina's largest river system, the Catawba River Basin. The Catawba River originates in the eastern slopes of the mountains and flows 225 miles through North ...
Lake Lure
(North Carolina, USA)
911 Lake Lure Pictures Snuggled into the emerald mountains of western North Carolina, Lake Lure's 720 acres sparkle in the sunlight. Clean water, beautiful scenery, and rural charm are some of the many reasons why this pristine lake was chosen by the makers of 'Dirty Dancing' to film scenes here. The lake has attracted vacationers ...
Finger Lakes of the South
(North Carolina, USA / Tennessee, USA)
874 Finger Lakes of the South Pictures Finger Lakes of the South Message Forums Also known as: Chilhowie Lake, Calderwood Lake, Cheoah Lake. Chilhowie Reservoir, Calderwood Reservoir, Cheoah Reservoir
Three reservoirs on the Little Tennessee River in northwestern North Carolina and Southeastern Tennessee offer some of the most spectacular wilderness scenery in the eastern United States. The Finger Lakes of the South - Cheoah Lake, Calderwood Lake and Chilhowie Lake - provide hydroelectric power to ...
Lookout Shoals Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
838 Lookout Shoals Lake Pictures Lookout Shoals Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Lookout, Lookout Shoals Reservoir
Lookout Shoals Lake is a lakefront living gem in North Carolina's Piedmont region. The 1,300-acre reservoir is known affectionately as Lake Lookout to the many residents who live in the area's gated communities. Created along the Catawba River between Lake Hickory and Lake Norman, the reservoir's main ...
Oak Hollow Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
804 Oak Hollow Lake Message Forums Also known as: Highpoint Reservoir
Tucked in between Winston-Salem and Greensboro, North Carolina, sparkling 810-acre Oak Hollow Lake is the primary water supply for the City of High Point, and also supplies anglers with some excellent fishing. A public marina on the lake and two golf courses along the shoreline also help make this lake ...
Lake Norman
(North Carolina, USA)
760 Lake Norman Pictures Lake Norman's 32,510 acres garner it the superlative of being North Carolina's largest manmade lake. An impressive 34 miles in length with 520 miles of shoreline, Lake Norman is fondly nicknamed the Inland Sea. Conveniently located near Charlotte and Interstate 77, Lake Norman is a popular vacation ...
Belews Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
725 Belews Lake Pictures Belews Lake Message Forums Belews Lake is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful north central North Carolina. The lake straddles Stokes, Forsyth and Rockingham counties and is surrounded by the towns of Walnut Cove, Belews Creek, Stokesdale and Pine Hall. Forests, waterfalls and mountain streams ...
Randleman Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
682 Randleman Lake Pictures Randleman Lake Message Forums Also known as: Randleman Regional Reservoir
Randleman Lake is the Piedmont Region of North Carolina's newest lake and recreational hotspot. Although originally proposed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1937 as a flood control measure on the Deep River, the actual construction wasn't completed until 2006. During that time, the Corps determined ...
High Rock Lake
(North Carolina, USA)
655 High Rock Lake Pictures The northernmost of the Uwharrie Lakes, High Rock Lake enjoys its spot as North Carolina's second largest reservoir entirely within the state: its watery fingers reach out over 15,180 acres. The lake, whose name comes from the neighboring High Rock Mountain, begins at the confluence of the Yadkin and ...
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