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Hawke's Bay North Island : Hawke's Bay (1)

Northland North Island : Northland (1)

Rotorua North Island : Rotorua (6)

Taupo North Island : Taupo (2)

Waikato North Island : Waikato (2)

Wairarapa North Island : Wairarapa (1)

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North Island Lakes: Lake Tarawera, Volcano, & Black Swan

Lake Tarawera

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Lake Name Lake Summary
Kai Iwi Lakes Also known as: Kai-Iwi Lakes
About 10,000 years ago, while the Tasman Sea was rising and the islands that would become New Zealand were being reshaped, depressions in the late Pleistocene ...
Lake Arapuni In Maori one of the meanings of "ara puni" is "blocked path" making Arapuni Lake an appropriate name for the man made reservoir on the North Island of ...
Lake Ferry Lake Ferry Pictures Also known as: Lake Onoke
Lake Ferry, also known as Lake Onoke, sits at the southern tip of New Zealand's North Island. The waves of the Tasman Sea crash against a narrow gravel ...
Lake Karapiro Lake Karapiro Pictures A 1,920-acre reservoir, Lake Karapiro is home to the New Zealand National Rowing teams. Located on the North Island of New Zealand in the Waikato Region, ...
Lake Maraetai Also known as: Maraetai Reservoir
Lake Maraetai in the Taupo Region of New Zealand's North Island is a little-known vacationer's dream. The 1013 acre reservoir just 33 miles north of Lake ...
Lake Okareka One of four small crater lakes lying between Lake Tarawera and Lake Rotorua in the Rotorua District of the Bay of Plenty, Lake Okareka has always been ...
Lake Rotoehu Lake Rotoehu Pictures For the truly traditional New Zealand holiday, one must spend a week or two at Lake Rotoehu! Located in the Rotorua District of the Bay of Plenty Region, ...
Lake Rotoma Lake Rotoma Pictures Lake Rotoma is a remarkable lake. The lake is the easternmost in a chain of three lakes northeast of Lake Rotorua. Here in the Rotorua Region of the Bay ...
Lake Rotomahana Lake Rotomahana Pictures The Eighth Wonder of the World was the description conferred upon Lake Rotomahana's geothermal "Pink and White Terraces." The terraces were New Zealand's ...
Lake Rotorua Lake Rotorua Pictures What greeting will you hear when you come to Lake Rotorua on New Zealand's North Island? Kia ora!! Kia ora means 'Be healthy' or 'well' in the Maori language, ...
Lake Tarawera Lake Tarawera Pictures Lake Tarawera in the Rotorua District of the Bay of Plenty Region is a highly prized vacation lake. This deep and clear volcanic lake lies in the Okataina ...
Lake Taupo Lake Taupo Pictures If you are making your first visit to New Zealand, Lake Taupo in the Taupo Region of the North Island is an excellent first choice. New Zealand's largest ...
Lake Tutira Lake Tutira, located on New Zealand's North Island, is peaceful and scenic destination for nature lovers, especially bird watchers. The lake was declared ...
Opunake Lake Opunake Lake is situated off the coast of New Zealand near the town of Taranaki. Once a natural basin next to the Wajaur River, Opunake Lake was formed ...
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