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Here are the 14 lakes we have listed within USA > South > Florida > North - compared by Largest Lakes - Acres.

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Lake Name Area in acres Lake Description
Crescent Lake
(Florida, USA)
15,960 Crescent Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Crescent
Crescent Lake, straddling Putnam and Flagler Counties in northeastern Florida, lazes out over an imposing 15,960 acres. Known for its clean water and beautiful scenery, the lake hosts many visitors every year, each looking a slice of Crescent Lake tranquility. A public boat ramp on the western shore ...
Orange Lake
(Florida, USA)
12,550 Orange Lake Pictures Orange Lake Message Forums Both wading birds and airboats are at home amongst the mats of floating aquatic plants on beautiful Orange Lake in Alachua County, Florida. With its abundant vegetation, Orange Lake is a great destination for anglers, paddlers, and bird watchers. Orange Lake is a 12,550-acre natural lake in Florida's ...
Newnans Lake
(Florida, USA)
7,517 Newnans Lake Pictures Newnans Lake Message Forums Also known as: Newnan's Lake, Lake Newnan
An alligator slips silently into the water as cormorants look on from their perches in the bald cypress trees that ring Newnans Lake. With the Spanish moss-draped trees, surrounding swamps and otherworldly beauty, Newnans Lake feels like a world removed, but in reality the 7,000-acre lake is only two ...
Santa Fe Lake
(Florida, USA)
5,850 Santa Fe Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Santa Fe
Santa Fe Lake, also known as Lake Santa Fe, is a sparkling 5,850-acre expanse that lies in northeastern Alachua County, Florida. Actually divided into two lakes -- Santa Fe Lake and Little Santa Fe Lake -- this watery playground is connected and easily navigable by boat. The lake is spring-fed and feeds ...
Lake Lochloosa
(Florida, USA)
5,700 Lake Lochloosa Pictures Lake Lochloosa Message Forums Also known as: Lochloosa Lake
A single kayaker paddles out of Cross Creek into the mouth of Little Lochloosa Lake. Beautiful 5,700-acre Lochlossa Lake stretches in front of him with moss-draped cypress lining the sandy shore. Surrounded by live oak trees and old growth cypress with almost no residential development, Lake Lochloosa ...
Doctors Lake
(Florida, USA)
3,397 Doctors Lake Pictures Doctors Lake is a 3,500-acre tidal freshwater embayment located on the west side of the St. Johns River in Clay County, Florida, just 37 miles from the river's confluence with the Atlantic Ocean. Doctors Lake is connected to the St. Johns River by a narrow 1/4-mile wide tidal inlet known as Doctors ...
Guana Lake
(Florida, USA)
2,400 Guana Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Ponte Vedra
One of Florida's most interesting lakes is Guana Lake. Located between Jacksonville and St Augustine in Florida's North Region, the lake is actually located on one of the barrier islands of America's First Coast. A narrow spit of dunes separates Guana Lake from the Atlantic. Originally part of the free-flowing ...
Lake Geneva
(Florida, USA)
1,630 Lake Geneva Message Forums Tucked away in the northeastern Florida, Lake Geneva has over 1,600 acres of clean, clear water to explore. The lake is full of fish with plenty of room for both anglers and boaters. A beach along the northern shore makes the ideal place for families with children to picnic, play and swim. Lake Geneva ...
Hampton Lake
(Florida, USA)
822 Hampton Lake Message Forums The beautiful cypress lake, known as Hampton Lake, is situated between Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida. This 822-acre natural spring-fed lake is a relaxing place to enjoy peaceful getaways or exciting fishing retreats. Visitors and residents of Hampton Lake can take pleasure in the warm climate ...
Little Orange Lake
(Florida, USA)
576 Little Orange Lake Message Forums North central Florida is blessed with a number of pristine lakes. Within a ten-mile radius of the city of Hawthorne, there are approximately 380 bodies of water. One such sparkling body of water is Little Orange Lake, a 576-acre lake that straddles the Alachua/Putnam county line just southeast of Hawthorne. ...
Lake Crosby
(Florida, USA)
558 Lake Crosby Pictures Lake Crosby Message Forums Lake Crosby is located in the heart of Bradford County, in Florida's North tourism region. It features an average depth of 15 feet, and a consistent water level that rarely fluctuates more than three feet at any given time. The lake is situated at the top of a sort of triangle, with its sisters Lake ...
Lake Jeffords
(Florida, USA)
161 Lake Jeffords Message Forums Located within commuting distance from Gainesville and Hawthorne, Lake Jeffords is a private lake in Alachua County. The lake is ringed with residential development and neighborhoods. There is real estate available for sale, including water front lots and lake front vacation rentals. Because the ...
Hutchinson Lake
(Florida, USA)
103 Hutchinson Lake Message Forums Two small children burst through the trees and barrel down the beach towards the water, their mother trailing behind them. She reaches the perfect spot and gratefully sets down her beach bag and chair. The children are splashing in the water in front of her; sinking into her chair with her book in ...
Holden Pond
(Florida, USA)
51 Holden Pond Message Forums Holden Pond is a 51-acre lake southeast of the town of Hawthorne in Alachua County, Florida. Alachua County has numerous small, tucked away lakes and ponds, but most are private and do not allow public access; Holden Pond is an exception. A public boat ramp grants anglers access to the lake as well ...
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