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North Long Lake, Minnesota, USA

Also known as: Brainerd Lakes

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Map: North Long Lake, Minnesota, USA

Covering almost 6,000 acres, North Long Lake is one of the largest and most popular of the Brainerd Lakes. North Long Lake is located in the Central Region of Minnesota and is heavily developed with real estate and vacation rentals along its shores as well as some resorts and campgrounds. Recreational activities are abundant and include fishing, boating, swimming and camping.

North Long Lake was formed by melting glaciers thousands of years ago, and consists of three oval and oblong sections that stretch from east to west. Native Americans made their home around the lake during the 1800's. Led by Chiefs Hole-in-the-Day I and II, the Native Americans held council meetings in the large hard maples groves, or sugar bush as they called them. The maple groves can still be enjoyed today as they can be found located in sections around the lake. The early 1900's saw much building along the shoreline of North Long Lake, as visitors decided to take up residence in the lake area. Seasonal and permanent homes were built along with fishing and recreational resorts.

In 1959 the North Long Lake Association (NLLA) was established to support the residents and guests of North Long Lake. In 1961, a dam was installed in the Sugarbush Creek outlet to help maintain the water levels of the lake. The North Long Lake Association works hard to keep the waters of North Long Lake well stocked with fish and actively tests the lake monthly to keep water problems at bay.

Visitors do not have to own real estate on North Long Lake to enjoy the recreational opportunities. There are several public accesses that provide boat ramps and swimming areas for everyone. Anglers know North Long Lake as one of the best fishing spots of the Brainerd Lakes. Game fish species include a large population of walleye and largemouth bass along with a good number of pan fish, black crappies and northern pike.

Nearby in Brainerd visitors will find the start of Paul Bunyan Trail which is the longest bike trail in Minnesota. The 110 miles of paved trail offers perfect terrain for biking, hiking and roller-blading in the warm months, while the cold snowy months are great for snowmobiling. The trail winds around the western tip of North Long Lake as it meanders its way north.

North Long Lake offers overnight accommodations to suit anyone's taste. Families can stay at one of the many campgrounds that provide primitive settings along with RV and electric hook ups. While sleeping close to nature, visitors may spot white-tailed deer sipping water along the shores or spot eagles soaring overhead. For those who rather stay a bit more comfortable will find many vacation rentals and restores that offer a host of amenities. Visitors who enjoy North Long Lake so much may want to call the lake home. Real estate is abundant and potential buyers can purchase a vacation home or even a full time home. Whether visitors stay a week or decide to speed a lifetime, there is nothing like relaxing on a deck with lakeside views. The peaceful waters of North Long Lake will ease away any stress and leave visitors feeling refreshed.

It is not hard to find something to enjoy about the beautiful North Long Lake. With all the recreational activities so close it is no wonder many visitors decide to make North Long Lake home. For those who like to have a little getaway, will enjoy a leisure day on the beach or have some fun boating on the open waters. Lakeside enjoyment is limitless along the shores of North Long Lake.

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