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Northern Virginia Lakes by A-Z

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Northern Virginia Lakes A-Z

Northern Virginia Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Germantown Lake Germantown Lake Pictures Also known as: CM Crockett Park, Germantown Reservoir
He watches his little boy struggle to carry both the fishing rod and tackle box. He could carry it for him, but the boy insisted he could do it himself. ...
Lake Anna Lake Anna Pictures Lake Anna, covering 13,000 acres of central Virginia, is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the state. It spans Virginia's Northern and Central tourism ...
Lake Holly Also known as: Pitts Pond
Although Lake Holly is a small lake consisting of only 20 acres, it provides excellent water skiing in scenic Sparta, Virginia which is located in Caroline ...
Lake Manassas Lake Manassas is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Prince William County in Northern Virginia. Created in 1969 by the impoundment of Broad Run ...
Occoquan Reservoir Occoquan Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Occoquan River Reservoir or Lake Occoquan
In the dialect of the Native American Dogue tribe, "occoquan" means "at the end of the water." The Dogue tribe occupied Northern Virginia up until the ...
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