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Northwest Lakes A-Z

Northwest Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Green Mountain Reservoir Green Mountain Reservoir Pictures Thousands of tourists and recreational guests come to the Colorado Rockies each year, never knowing that Green Mountain Reservoir is only a short distance ...
Hidden Lake Also known as: Hidden Lakes
Tucked away in the Routt National Forest in the northwest Colorado Rockies, Hidden Lake offers some fantastic camping for those desiring a smaller campground ...
Lake Agnes Lake Agnes Pictures Set in the mountains of north central Colorado, Lake Agnes is an exclusive private lake surrounded by the aspen, alder and pines of the Routt and Arapaho ...
Lake Dillon Lake Dillon Pictures Also known as: Dillon Reservoir
Nestled in the middle of some of Summit County's best skiing, Lake Dillon is the perfect year round getaway. With its rich history, fantastic sport fishing, ...
Meadow Creek Reservoir Meadow Creek Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Meadow Creek Lake
Meadow Creek Reservoir is a little Colorado lake with a well-deserved reputation as a desirable destination. Only 50 acres in size, the small reservoir ...
Monarch Lake Monarch Lake Pictures Also known as: Monarch Reservoir
One of the prettiest hikes on Colorado's west slope is the trail around Monarch Lake. The small reservoir is one of the few in the area not directly ...
Nottingham Lake Also known as: Benchmark Lake, Benchmark Lake Reservoir
Nottingham Lake sits at the heart of Avon, Colorado. A source of water, recreation and pride, Nottingham Lake is surrounded by the beauty of west central ...
Pearl Lake Also known as: Lester Creek Reservoir
Capturing a scene from America's West, Pearl Lake reflects pine-covered hills, rocky peaks and expansive blue skies typical of northwestern Colorado. ...
Steamboat Lake Steamboat Lake Pictures If fishing one "gold medal" lake is good, then two must be better - and that is just what you will find at Steamboat Lake in northwestern Colorado. This ...
Turquoise Lake Turquoise Lake Pictures Also known as: Turquoise Reservoir
One of Colorado's favorite high-altitude recreational destinations is Turquoise Lake. Located five miles west of vacation playground Leadville, 1,780-acre ...
Willow Creek Reservoir Willow Creek Reservoir Pictures A vital link in the chain of water projects that irrigate Colorado's Eastern Slope, Willow Creek Reservoir is less-known and less crowded than many nearby ...
Wolford Mountain Reservoir Wolford Mountain Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Wolford Mountain Lake
As one of Colorado's newest lakes, Wolford Mountain Reservoir is getting a lot of well-deserved attention. The reservoir was created in 1996 when Ritschard ...


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