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Nova Scotia Lakes A-Z

Nova Scotia Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Bras d'Or Lake Bras d'Or Lake Pictures Also known as: Bras d'Or Lakes
Bras d'Or Lake (or lakes as some people prefer) is a very large somewhat unique water body in central Cape Breton Island, part of Nova Scotia Province ...
Dollar Lake Dollar Lake Pictures Beautiful Dollar Lake is one of Nova Scotia's favorite vacation getaways. With over 500 acres of water set within a lush, wooded landscape, Dollar Lake ...
Folly Lake Deglaciation smoothed out the rough-edged mountains of central Nova Scotia and created the cool, clear pond known as Folly Lake. The glaciers left behind ...
Lake Midway There is rich history rooted at Lake Midway in Nova Scotia, where witches dabbled in the past and ships wrecked along the coast near this lake. While ...
Lochaber Lake Nova Scotia's Lochaber Lake is nestled near the center of the main island near the Northumberland Shore region. Lochaber Lake shows its Scottish heritage ...
Ponhook Lake Ponhook Lake Pictures Ponhook Lake is a 106-acre lake located in the Canadian Maritime Province of Nova Scotia. Set within the Ponhook Lake Nature Reserve, the lake is dotted ...
Shubenacadie Grand Lake Also known as: Grand Lake
Located just outside the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) in Nova Scotia, Grand Lake is one of the most popular area lakes for water sports. The lake ...
Stillwater Lake Located 15 minutes from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Stillwater Lake is a 122-acre spring-fed freshwater lake known for its peace and quite and excellent trout ...


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