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Here are the 2 lakes we have listed within Canada > Nunavut - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Dubawnt Lake
(Nunavut, Canada)
774 Dubawnt Lake Message Forums For one of the more challenging fishing experiences of your life, head to Dubawnt Lake in Nunavut, Canada's most northern province. At 350,000 acres, the lake is one of the largest in Canada and is listed as the 16th largest in North America. Known for huge trophy fish, lakes in Nunavut (translated, ...
Nettilling Lake
(Nunavut, Canada)
98 Nettilling Lake Message Forums Biting wind batters the exposed part of your face while snow collects on your parka like dust. The dogs keep pace as your sled slips across the ground. You are in the Arctic, Nunavut to be exact, the northernmost territory of Canada, and you are on your way to Nettilling Lake, led by a friendly Inuit ...


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