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Here are the 47 lakes we have listed within USA > Southwest > Oklahoma - compared by Newest (Youngest) Reservoirs.

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Lake Name Completion year Lake Description
McGee Creek Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1988 McGee Creek Lake Message Forums Also known as: McGee Creek Reservoir
McGee Creek Lake provides a rare surprise for visitors to southeastern Oklahoma. Hidden in the rugged, heavily-forested Ouachita Mountains, McGee Creek Lake provides a wealth of recreational opportunities to many who visit here each year. McGee Creek Reservoir is actually part of a complex system of ...
Arcadia Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1987 Arcadia Lake Pictures Arcadia Lake is one of the Southwest's newest lakes. In the Frontier Country Region of central Oklahoma, forest meets grassland to create a unique area called the Cross Timbers. This unusual environment is the home of Arcadia Lake, the perfect place to swim, fish, camp, hike and simply enjoy the ...
Skiatook Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1984 Skiatook Lake Pictures Also known as: Skiatook Reservoir
Scenic Skiatook Lake covers 10,500 acres in northern Oklahoma's Green Country, just 30 minutes from Tulsa. The lake's 160 miles of shoreline are surrounded by picturesque bluffs, hills of Blackjack and Post Oak, and tall grass prairies. Located in Osage County, Skiatook Lake is often referred to as ...
Copan Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1983 Copan Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Copan, Copan Reservoir
Named after a small town situated near its banks in Oklahoma, Copan Lake was completed in 1983. Flood control, water supply, water quality control, recreation and fish and wildlife enhancement were the five main goals of its construction. The US Army Corps of Engineers, which spearheaded the project, ...
Tom Steed Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1980 Tom Steed Lake Message Forums Also known as: Tom Steed Reservoir
Tom Steed Lake lies on West Otter Creek, nestled in the heart of the Great Plains Country, north of the Oklahoma-Texas border. Boasting 31 miles of shoreline and 6,400 surface acres, the Mountain Park Dam and lake were created to provide municipal and industrial water to the cities of Snyder, Altus, ...
Waurika Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1980 Waurika Lake Message Forums Also known as: Waurika Reservoir, Lake Waurika
Located on Beaver Creek, a tributary of the Red River, Waurika Lake was created to provide flood damage reduction, irrigation, water supply, water quality, and recreation for the Beaver Creek Valley. Managed by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Waurika Lake originated in 1963, when the dam was authorized ...
Birch Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1977 Birch Lake Message Forums Also known as: Birch Reservoir, Lake Birch
Birch Lake is nestled into northeast Oklahoma's Green Country. Fall and spring turn the prairie grasses and hardwood tree leaves around the lake into rusted yellows, burnt oranges and boiling reds. Blooming wildflowers add splashes of color to the landscape. An impoundment of Birch Creek, the lake was ...
Hugo Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1974 Hugo Lake Pictures Hugo Lake Message Forums Over 8,000 acres of open water await you at Hugo Lake, Oklahoma. Located in the beautiful Kiamichi Country of southeastern Oklahoma, this outdoor paradise lies in and around the Kiamichi Mountains and Kiamichi River, from which Hugo Lake was formed. The word "Kiamichi" was introduced by French explorers, ...
Oologah Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1974 Oologah Lake Pictures Oologah Lake Message Forums Also known as: Oolagah Reservoir
Located in the northeast corner of Oklahoma, in the Green Country region, Oolagah Lake hides a wealth of surprises for the visitor. Located just a half-hour northeast of Tulsa, Oolagah Lake has become a favorite of sail boaters due to the brisk winds and large expanse of open water. The lake was developed ...
Sardis Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1974 Sardis Lake Pictures Sardis Lake Message Forums Also known as: Sardis Reservoir
No visitor could be better served than by a visit to beautiful Sardis Lake. Located in Oklahoma's Kaimichi Region, the reservoir is surrounded by mountain ranges-the Winding Stair Mountains to the east and north, the Kiamichi Mountains to the south and the Jackfork Mountains to the west. The scenery ...
Kaw Lake
(Kansas, USA / Oklahoma, USA)
1972 Kaw Lake Pictures Kaw Lake Message Forums Also known as: Kaw Reservoir
Kaw Lake is a large lake covering an area of 17,000 acres. Its three fingerlike "arms" lie in two midwestern states, Oklahoma and Kansas. Kaw Lake is fairly new; it was started in the 1960's and completed in 1972 for purposes of flood control, hydropower, navigation, water supply, water quality, recreation, ...
Sooner Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1972 Sooner Lake Pictures Sooner Lake Message Forums Also known as: Sooner Reservoir
Sooner Lake is a sprawling 5,400-acre reservoir in Pawnee and Noble Counties, Oklahoma. Constructed in 1972 as a source of cooling water for the coal fired Oklahoma Gas and Electric Power Plant, Sooner Lake has become one of the area's most enjoyed recreational and fishing lakes. Facilities include ...
Robert S. Kerr Reservoir
(Oklahoma, USA)
1971 Robert S. Kerr Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Kerr Lake
The Robert S Kerr Reservoir, located in east-central Oklahoma, is one of the most popular recreation destinations spanning the state's Green Country and Kaimichi Country tourism regions. The reservoir consists of 43,800 acres of water-based fun for visitors. All types of water sports are enjoyed here, ...
Chouteau Lock and Dam
(Oklahoma, USA)
1970 Chouteau Lock and Dam Message Forums Also known as: Chouteau Lock and Dam 17
The McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System (MKARNS) has 18 locks and dams along its 445-mile waterway. Chouteau Lock and Dam is one of them, impounding 2,270 surface acres on the Verdigris River. The lock and dam are situated in beautiful Green Country, where Oklahoma prairie lands transition ...
Newt Graham Lock and Dam
(Oklahoma, USA)
1970 Newt Graham Lock and Dam Message Forums Also known as: Newt Graham Lock and Dam 18, Newt Graham Lake, Newt Graham Reservoir, Newt Graham Pool
Barely 25 miles east of Tulsa, in Oklahoma's Green Country Region, the Newt Graham Lock and Dam holds delight for the resident and visitor alike. The lock and dam are named for a major Tulsa supporter of the Arkansas River Navigation project. In order to facilitate water transportation to the Port ...
W. D. Mayo Lock and Dam
(Oklahoma, USA)
1970 W. D. Mayo Lock and Dam Message Forums Also known as: W. D. Mayo Lock and Dam 14
Located in eastern Oklahoma's Kiamichi Country, W.D. Mayo Lock and Dam sits just a few miles north of Spiro, Oklahoma. The dam is managed by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers -- at almost 1,600 acres, the lock is a major water source on the Arkansas River. Years ago, the W.D. Mayo Lock occupied rough ...
Webbers Falls Reservoir
(Oklahoma, USA)
1970 Webbers Falls Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Webbers Falls Lake
Webbers Falls Reservoir is located in east-central Oklahoma north of Webbers Falls, a town named for seven foot-high falls on the Arkansas River. Managed by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Webbers Falls Reservoir has 175 miles of shoreline and over 11,000 surface acres. The reservoir lies about three ...
Broken Bow Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1969 Broken Bow Lake Pictures Broken Bow Lake Message Forums Also known as: Broken Bow Reservoir
Broken Bow Lake is nestled in the Ouachita Mountains of McCurtain County in southeastern Oklahoma. Covering more than 14,200 acres with 180 miles of shoreline, 22-mile long Broken Bow Lake is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the southern United States. The area is referred to as Oklahoma's ...
Pine Creek Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1969 Pine Creek Lake Message Forums Also known as: Pine Creek Reservoir
Pine Creek Lake, flowing north to south in the Kaimichi Region of Oklahoma, covers 3,750 acres of recreation and wildlife paradise. Authorized by the 1958 Flood Control Act, the US Army Corps of Engineers dammed the Little River to control flooding, provide for municipal water supply and enhance recreation ...
Konawa Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1968 Konawa Lake Message Forums Also known as: Konawa Reservoir, Lake Konawa
Located in south central Oklahoma's Arbuckle Country, Konawa Lake is a world class bass fishing lake that is open for fun and enjoyment all year. Constructed and owned by OG&E in the town of Konawa, the reservoir was built to produce electricity and to provide cooling water to the power plant but the ...
Arbuckle Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1966 Arbuckle Lake Pictures Arbuckle Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake of the Arbuckles, Lake Arbuckles, Lake Arbuckle, Arbuckle Reservoir
Oklahoma's Chickasaw National Recreation Area draws over three and a half million visitors a year and their main attraction is Lake of the Arbuckles. Located in southcentral Oklahoma, Arbuckle Lake is part of the scenic Arbuckle Country Tourism Region. Those driving Interstate 35 will find this wonderful ...
Lake Thunderbird
(Oklahoma, USA)
1965 Lake Thunderbird Pictures Lake Thunderbird Message Forums Also known as: Thunderbird Reservoir, Thunderbird Lake
No place could be better suited to recreation than Oklahoma's Lake Thunderbird. Located in the Frontier Country Region, Lake Thunderbird provides recreational opportunities to residents and visitors to the town of Norman. The Lake Thunderbird State Park is the only state park in Oklahoma situated within ...
Eufaula Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1964 Eufaula Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Eufaula
Spanning 105,000 acres, Eufaula Lake covers much of McIntosh and Pittsburg Counties in eastern Oklahoma. This "Gentle Giant" is the largest lake in surface acres in the state and spans both the Green Country and Kiamichi Country tourism regions of Oklahoma. Eufaula Lake shares the name of the nearby ...
Keystone Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1964 Keystone Lake Pictures Keystone Lake is an impressive 26,000-acre recreational gem located in north-central Oklahoma, just 15 miles west of Tulsa. Natural beauty surrounds the diverse 330-mile shoreline with sandstone bluffs, sandy beaches, steep hills of oak, hickory and cedar, and rolling sandstone hills covered with scrub ...
Lake Stanley Draper
(Oklahoma, USA)
1963 Lake Stanley Draper Message Forums Also known as: Lake Draper
Lake Stanley Draper is a big city lake in the big city! Formed in 1963 to provide a water source for Oklahoma City, Lake Draper has also proved to be a great addition to recreation in the Frontier Country Region. The 2900-acre reservoir is 'filled' by pipeline from Lake Atoka and McGee Creek Reservoir ...
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