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Here are the 16 lakes we have listed within Canada > Ontario - compared by Newest (Youngest) Reservoirs.

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Lake Name Completion year Lake Description
Lake St. Joseph
(Ontario, Canada)
1936 Lake St. Joseph Message Forums Lake St. Joseph in northwestern Ontario is the kind of lake a fisherman's dreams are made of. Famous all over North America as a prime fishery for northern pike and walleye, the large lake has a limited number of permits for visiting anglers. Fishermen who have fished the lake are amazed to find they've ...
Lac Seul
(Ontario, Canada)
1935 Lac Seul Pictures Lac Seul Message Forums Also known as: Lake Seul
The second-largest lake entirely within Ontario, Lac Seul has somehow escaped the notice of the casual vacationer looking for a northwoods getaway. That hardly means, however, that no one visits Lac Seul. Well over a dozen tourist camps, fishing lodges and outfitters do a booming business providing ...
Lac des Chats
(Ontario, Canada / Quebec, Canada)
1932 Lac des Chats Pictures Lac des Chats Message Forums Also known as: Chats Lake
Lac des Chats is more than a 'wide spot' on the Ottawa River. Champlain and other explorers remarked on the abundance of catfish along the waterway, so the lake became known as Lac des Chats, or Lake of the Cats. The lake was located above Chats Falls, and for many years the falls drew visitors to view ...
Round Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1925 Round Lake Pictures Round Lake Message Forums Round Lake is a spectacular 7,596-acre lake located in Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada. Renfrew County is part of the Ottawa Valley which was carved by glaciers some 600 million years ago. Today, Renfrew County sits in the midst of stunning wilderness and gorgeous landscapes. Two provincial parks on ...
Calabogie Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1917 Calabogie Lake Pictures Calabogie Lake Message Forums About 10,000 years ago a glacier retreated across what would become Ontario, leaving over a quarter of a million lakes in its wake. The ice-scour lakes are too numerous to count, and with so many, it might seem hard for any single lake to stand out. Calabogie Lake in Renfrew County, however, more than ...
Lake Abitibi
(Ontario, Canada / Quebec, Canada)
1915 Lake Abitibi Pictures Lake Abitibi Message Forums Nearly 250,000 acres of water delight visitors to Lake Abitibi on the Ontario/Quebec border. This huge lake is actually two lake basins connected by a short channel. Located about 600 miles from Montreal and over 200 miles south of James Bay, Lake Abitibi remains relatively remote and not visited by ...
Lake Timiskaming
(Ontario, Canada / Quebec, Canada)
1913 Lake Timiskaming Pictures Lake Timiskaming Message Forums Also known as: Lake Temiskaming, Lac Temiscamingue
Large, scenic and inviting, Lake Timiskaming forms part of the border between Ontario and Quebec. A full 68 miles long, Lake Timiskaming is about 5 miles wide at its widest point. However, that width is deceptive; the lake formed in a rift valley and is more than 700 feet deep in spots. The lake lies ...
Rainy Lake
(Ontario, Canada / Minnesota, USA)
1909 Rainy Lake Pictures Rainy Lake's sprawling 221,000 acres straddle the border of the United States and Canada. Known as a water sports lover's paradise, Rainy Lake is located in the Northeastern Region of Minnesota near International Falls and Ranier. Canada's portion of Rainy Lake consists of 75% of this massive body ...
Charleston Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1880 Charleston Lake Pictures Charleston Lake Message Forums A natural haven awaits vacationers in Eastern Ontario along the shores of Charleston Lake. Balanced along the eastern edge of the Frontenac Arch geological formation, Charleston Lake has been the place to go for swimming, boating and fishing for over a hundred years. Charleston Lake has seen visitors ...
Bobs and Crow Lakes
(Ontario, Canada)
1870 Bobs and Crow  Lakes Pictures Bobs and Crow  Lakes Message Forums A perfect destination to savor the character of the Rideau Lake District is Bobs and Crow Lakes. Located 50 miles north of Kingston, Ontario, the two lakes function as water storage for the popular Rideau Canal system. But Bobs and Crow lakes have their own identity separate from the well-known waterway. ...
Big Rideau Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1832 Big Rideau Lake Pictures Big Rideau Lake Message Forums Also known as: Rideau Lakes
One of the largest lakes along the route of the Rideau Waterway in Ontario, Canada is Big Rideau Lake. This lake is controlled by a canal system called the Rideau Canal Waterway. With 45 locks at 23 stations along the canal, Rideau Waterway connects to more than nine lakes including Big Rideau Lake, ...
Clear Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1832 Clear Lake Pictures Clear Lake Message Forums Also known as: Rideau Lakes
One of the well-known smaller lakes on Ontario's Rideau Waterway is Clear Lake. Often overshadowed by bigger lakes such as Big Rideau Lake, Clear Lake plays a critical part in traversing the Rideau Canal. One of six connected lakes surrounding the landmass known as Scotts Island, the route of the famed ...
Indian Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1832 Indian Lake Pictures Indian Lake Message Forums Also known as: Rideau Lakes
Every North American chain of lakes seems to have an Indian Lake; Ontario's Rideau Waterway is no exception. The name no doubt came from the original inhabitants of the natural lake before the Rideau Canal imposed its many changes on the former aboriginal canoe route. By 1820, Samuel Chaffey had built ...
Newboro Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1832 Newboro Lake Pictures Newboro Lake Message Forums Also known as: Mud Lake, Rideau Lakes
Newboro Lake, in Ontario's Rideau Lakes Region is synonymous with water fun. The 4500-acre lake is home to cottages and fishing camps, islands large and small, and over 20 miles of wooded shoreline. Although a natural lake, the water level was raised over five feet when the Narrows Lock and Dam was ...
Sand Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1832 Sand Lake Pictures Sand Lake Message Forums Also known as: Davis Lake, Rideau Lakes
Sand Lake is one of the best-known lakes along the Rideau Waterway in Eastern Ontario. Sand Lake is the location of idyllic Birch Island and home to many cottages. The lake was increased in size by the building of the Jones Falls Dam during construction of the Rideau Canal. A central crossing for boaters ...
Upper Rideau Lake
(Ontario, Canada)
1832 Upper Rideau Lake Pictures Upper Rideau Lake Message Forums Also known as: Rideau Lakes
Upper Rideau Lake holds a prominent place in Ontario's 'other Cottage Country'. Although many think of the area around Lake Muskoka as Eastern Canada's vacation playground, serious boaters all know about Upper Rideau Lake. A marvel of early 1800s ingenuity, the Rideau Canal is the oldest continuously ...


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