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Panoramaland Lakes A-Z

Panoramaland Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
DMAD Reservoir Also known as: Delta Reservoir
For an oasis in the middle of the Sevier Desert near Delta, head to DMAD Reservoir (also known as Delta Reservoir), an impoundment of the lower reaches ...
Electric Lake Electric Lake Pictures Also known as: Electric Reservoir
Electric Lake lies like a high-altitude jewel amid one of Utah's most spectacular recreational playgrounds. Bordering both the Panoramaland and Castle ...
Fairview Lakes Fairview Lakes Pictures Also known as: Fairview Lake #1, Fairview Lake #2
Surrounded by the unspoiled wilderness of the Manti-La Sal National Forest, Fairview Lakes provides a pleasant opportunity for lakefront living in Utah's ...
Fish Lake Fish Lake Pictures Fishlake National Forest is a glittering emerald jewel in the heart of Utah's normally dry and desolate countryside. And in the National Forest is the ...
Gunnison Bend Reservoir Gunnison Bend Reservoir Pictures Gunnison Bend Reservoir gets its name from the nearby town of Gunnison (it lies to the East of the lake), and from the big bend in the middle. It should ...
Gunnison Reservoir Gunnison Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Sugar Kids Pond
Like most of the lakes in Utah, Gunnison Reservoir is man-made. Also known as Sugar Kids Pond, the reservoir is an impoundment of the San Pitch River. ...
Johnson Valley Reservoir Johnson Valley Reservoir is a 700-acre lake just three miles northeast of Fish Lake in the heart of Utah's Fishlake National Forest. The reservoir was ...
Kents Lakes Kents Lakes Pictures Also known as: Kents Lake, Upper Kents Lake, Lower Kents Lake
Three popular little lakes in Utah's Panoramaland Region are the three Kents Lakes: Upper Kents Lake, Lower Kents Lake, and Kents Lake. These small reservoirs ...
Sevier Bridge Reservoir Sevier Bridge Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Yuba Lake
Sevier Bridge Reservoir is also known as Yuba Lake. The name is pretty much interchangeable for the locals, so if you are looking for directions, someone ...
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