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Here are the 34 lakes we have listed within USA > Mid-Atlantic > Pennsylvania - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Beaverdam Reservoir
(Pennsylvania, USA)
2,367 Beaverdam Reservoir Pictures Beaverdam Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Beaverdam Run Reservoir
Tucked away in rural Cambria County, in Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains and Valleys region, Beaverdam Reservoir provides a welcome natural respite from busy urban life. Sometimes called Beaverdam Run Reservoir, this water supply impoundment offers quiet fishing and scenic days on the water. The ...
Pinecrest Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
2,032 Pinecrest Lake Message Forums Nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Pinecrest Lake is a first class private community complete with a championship golf course, a 77-acre lake with a beach and a marina, a tennis complex, a recreation center, 2,200 acres to hike, bike and cross country ski, plus stunning mountain ...
Eagle Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,900 Eagle Lake Message Forums Also known as: Henry Lake
Sparkling Eagle Lake (formerly Henry Lake) is the center of the Eagle Lake Community Association - a campsite and mobile home community located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. A private, gated community, Eagle Lake members and guests can enjoy use of the 70-acre lake, ...
Lake Henry
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,883 Lake Henry Pictures Lake Henry Message Forums Also known as: Maplewood Lake, Blueberry Lake
Located in Pennsylvania's Northeast Mountains, Lake Henry is one of the better-kept secrets of the Poconos. At 310 acres, the lake is known by at least two other titles, thoroughly confusing those asking for directions. Located near the Village of Maplewood, many call it Maplewood Lake. Some of the ...
Big Bass Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,883 Big Bass Lake Message Forums Big Bass Lake is one of three lakes in the community of Big Bass Lake. Nestled in the Pocono Mountains, Big Bass Lake is a private gated community in Lackawanna and Wayne Counties of northeastern Pennsylvania. It is a planned community designed by founder Lars Larsen. With recreational opportunities ...
Lake Harmony
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,841 Lake Harmony Pictures Lake Harmony Message Forums People have been fleeing the city for the solitude of Lake Harmony for over a hundred years. With its clear mountain water, natural beauty and wide range of amenities, Lake Harmony still draws people today. The lake is located in Carbon County in the Pocono Mountains region of northeastern Pennsylvania. ...
Big Boulder Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,762 Big Boulder Lake Message Forums In winter visitors to Big Boulder Lake can look across the frozen water to the ski slopes beyond. In spring and summer mountain laurel dots the shore, and the clean mountain water is teeming with fish. No matter what the season, Big Boulder Lake has an abundance of recreation opportunities. Combined ...
Pocono Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,749 Pocono Lake Pictures Pocono Lake Message Forums The majestic Pocono Mountains set the backdrop for the lake that shares its name, Pocono Lake. The manmade Pocono Lake is located in the Northeastern Mountain Region of Pennsylvania in Monroe County. Built for logging in 1867, Pocono Lake is now part of the Pocono Lake Preserve which is a private ...
Crystal Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,739 Crystal Lake Message Forums Crystal Lake is a beautiful 45-acre lake tucked away in the Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. This private, spring-fed lake offers year round recreational opportunities due to its proximity to Elk Mountain and convenient location between the cities of Scranton, Pennsylvania and Binghamton, ...
East Branch Clarion River Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,670 East Branch Clarion River Lake Pictures Also known as: East Branch Lake, East Branch Reservoir
East Branch Clarion River Lake, also known as East Branch Lake, is aptly named: it was created by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in 1952 by damming up the East Branch of the Clarion River. Authorized by the Flood Control Act of 1944, the lake helps control flooding in the Clarion River Valley, ...
Arrowhead Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,668 Arrowhead Lake Pictures Arrowhead Lake Message Forums Tucked away in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, Arrowhead Lake is a private gated community in the Northeastern Mountains region of Pennsylvania. Loads of recreational amenities and a visitor-friendly attitude set caused Better Homes and Gardens magazine to once name Arrowhead Lake as one of its choice ...
Treasure Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,667 Treasure Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Rene
The Pennsylvania Wilds Region is not a place you would expect to find a lake called Treasure Lake. Neither would you expect Bimini Lake or Trinidad Beach. They're all here, however, just north of DuBois in Clearfield County. Treasure Lakes is actually a private residential community, including Treasure ...
Youghiogheny River Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,439 Youghiogheny River Lake Pictures Youghiogheny River Lake Message Forums Also known as: Yough Lake
In the heart of the Laurel Highlands and spanning the Mason-Dixon Line between Pennsylvania and Maryland lays Youghiogheny River Lake. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you to experience the clean waters, mountains and steep-sided valleys which encompass the project and provide an unsurpassed ...
Canadohta Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,391 Canadohta Lake Pictures Canadohta Lake is one of the largest natural lakes in Pennsylvania. Its tree-lined shores and spring-fed waters are located in the Keystone State's Great Lakes tourism region. This sportsman's paradise is famous for its year-round fishing and the tournaments it hosts, in particular the ice fishing tournament ...
Twin Lakes
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,342 Twin Lakes Message Forums Nestled on the edge of the Poconos, the Twin Lakes are pristine glacial lakes tucked away in the land that inspired the birth of the US Forest Service. Completely private, the lakes offer homeowners and guests a secluded mountain retreat. The Twin Lakes were created between 17,000 and 22,000 years ...
Allegheny Reservoir
(New York, USA / Pennsylvania, USA)
1,328 Allegheny Reservoir Pictures Allegheny Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Kinzua Dam Lake, Kinzua Lake, Lake Kinzua
Flowing across tree-covered hills in northwestern Pennsylvania and southwestern New York, the Allegheny Reservoir's 12,080 acres provide an open invitation to enjoy and explore the great outdoors. Located in Warren and McKean Counties, Allegheny Reservoir is part of the Pennsylvania Wilds Tourism Region. ...
Lake Agmar
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,300 Lake Agmar Message Forums Everyone in the northeast knows the Poconos of Pennsylvania where thousands of vacationers flock to get away from the buzz of city living; there you will find Lake Agmar in the quaint, rural and aptly named town, White Haven. Certainly a haven of natural beauty, the town is a well known destination ...
Harveys Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,255 Harveys Lake Pictures Harveys Lake Message Forums Also known as: Harvey's Lake
With a surface area of 658 acres, Harveys Lake is Pennsylvania's largest natural lake by total volume of water. Located in the Northeastern Mountain Region of Pennsylvania, Harveys Lake was named for its discoverer, Benjamin Harvey. An early settler of the Wyoming Valley and member of the Sons of Liberty, ...
Lake Wilhelm
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,192 Lake Wilhelm Pictures Lake Wilhelm was created in 1971 with the damming of Sandy Creek for flood control purposes. Lake Wilhelm is a shallow lake with a maximum depth of about 24 feet at the dam. It has a surface area of 2,800 acres. Lake Wilhelm is located in Maurice K. Goddard State Park in Mercer County Pennsylvania, ...
Lake Arthur
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,190 Lake Arthur Pictures Lake Arthur Message Forums In the warm summer breeze, sailboats dart like flocks of colorful birds across Lake Arthur's clear Pennsylvania waters. Located in Butler County, this picturesque lake is surrounded by Moraine State Park and offers 3,225 acres of water to fish, boat, and explore. With its gently rolling hills, abundant ...
Lake Wallenpaupack
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,186 Lake Wallenpaupack Pictures Lake Wallenpaupack is a prime recreation destination in northeast Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains region, nestled among the counties of Hawley, Pike, and Wayne. Created in 1927 by the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company (PPL) for hydroelectric power, the lake stretches out over 5,700 acres and boasts ...
Lake Nuangola
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,165 Lake Nuangola Pictures Lake Nuangola Message Forums Also known as: Nuangola Lake
Lake Nuangola, also known as Nuangola Lake, is located in Luzerne County in the Northeastern Mountain Region of Pennsylvania. At just over 1165 feet in elevation, this heart-shaped lake is named for the borough (Nuangola) in which it resides. The name Nuangola derives from an Algonquin language spoken ...
Conneaut Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,080 Conneaut Lake Pictures Conneaut Lake, located in northwestern Pennsylvania, is the largest natural lake in Pennsylvania. Formed by receding glaciers, Conneaut Lake is what remained when left-behind ice blocks melted during the Pleistocene Era. The resulting Conneaut Lake is about 947 acres, with a maximum depth of 60 feet, ...
Cowanesque Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA)
1,080 Peacefully nestled between forested ridges in north central Pennsylvania lies Cowanesque Lake. Located near the New York state line, the name Cowanesque comes from a Native American word for "overrun with briars". Today the area around the lake is groomed and maintained for outdoor adventure and water ...
Pymatuning Lake
(Pennsylvania, USA / Ohio, USA)
1,010 Pymatuning Lake Pictures Also known as: Pymatuning Reservoir
Pymatuning Lake, located in northwestern Pennsylvania and spilling over into northeastern Ohio, is a lake of superlatives: Clocking in at 17,088 acres in area, 17 miles in length, and 1.6 miles in width, it is the largest lake in Pennsylvania aside from Lake Erie. Pymatuning Lake is also one of North ...


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