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Here are the 8 lakes we have listed within Poland - compared by Largest Lakes - Acres.

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Lake Name Area in acres Lake Description
Lake Sniardwy
(Warmia-Masuria, Poland)
27,182 Lake Sniardwy Message Forums Lake Sniardwy is located in the Masurian Lake District of northeastern Poland and is the largest lake in the country. With 27,182 acres of crystal blue water, Lake Sniardwy offers ample room for aquatic activities such as fishing, boating, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking. The lake was formed nearly ...
Masurian Lakes District
(Warmia-Masuria, Poland)
27,182 Masurian Lakes District Pictures Masurian Lakes District Message Forums The Masurian Lake District of Poland is the most sought-after vacation destination in central Europe for lake lovers. Containing over 2000 lakes, most of which are connected by canals and waterways, the district is a favorite of boaters and nature enthusiasts the world over. Located in northeastern ...
Lake Zegrze
(Masovia, Poland)
8,154 Lake Zegrze Pictures Lake Zegrze Message Forums Also known as: Lake Zegrzynski, Zegrzynski Reservoir, Zalew Zegrzynskie
Lake Zegrze, or more precisely Zalew Zegrzynski, is one of the largest artificial reservoirs in the Masovian Province of central Poland. The reservoir was formed by a dam constructed in 1963 along the Bug-Narew River. Lake Zegrze collects water from the Bug River, Narew River, and Rzadza River; water ...
Ilawa Lakeland
(Warmia-Masuria, Poland)
7,954 Ilawa Lakeland Message Forums Also known as: Ilawa Lake District
Situated in northern Poland, the Ilawa Lakeland has over 40 lakes and nearly 65 miles of trails. The Ilawa Lake District is well known for having sparkling lakes, enchanting forests, and quaint cities. Just west of the Masurian Lake District, Ilawa is less populated than Masuria and is the perfect getaway ...
Lake Niegocin
(Warmia-Masuria, Poland)
6,425 Lake Niegocin Message Forums Also known as: Niegocin Lake
Located in an area dubbed "a land of a thousand lakes," Lake Niegocin is one of more than 2,000 lakes in the Masurian Lake District of northeastern Poland. Lake Niegocin is a freshwater lake formed from melted ice blocks when glaciers retreated. The Masurian Lakeland is a spectacular tourist area filled ...
Drawskie Lake District
(West Pomerania, Poland)
4,625 Drawskie Lake District Message Forums Also known as: Drawsko Lake District, Drawskie Lakeland
In northern Poland, over 250 lakes are showcased in the Drawskie Lake District's environmentally diverse landscape. Mountains tower in their alpine beauty while the clean, clear waters of the Drawa River snake through the region known as West Pomerania. Lakes in this area, carved by ancient glaciers, ...
Lake Krosino
(West Pomerania, Poland)
437 Lake Krosino Message Forums Also known as: Jezioro Krosino, Lake Krosno
Lake Krosino is a gem of a lake on the Drava River in Poland's West Pomeranian Voivodeship (administrative district). A part of the Drawsko Lakeland area, the entire region is very popular for holidays. Located in Northwest Poland, the area was part of Germany until 1945, known then as Eastern Pomerania. ...
Wygonin Lake
(Pomerania, Poland)
158 Wygonin Lake Message Forums Also known as: Jezioro Wygonin
Wygonin Lake is set in the quiet, unpopulated portion of northern Poland's Pomerania region, where visitors come for a soothing retreat. It is easy to become well-acquainted with the 158-acre lake, whose clear waters entice visitors to explore its depths, either through swimming and snorkeling or fishing ...
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