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Purity Lake, New Hampshire, USA

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Map: Purity Lake, New Hampshire, USA

In the late 1800's Edward E. Hoyt moved his family to Purity Lake in the Lakes region of New Hampshire. Hoyt started a sawmill and water bottling company on the shores of the lake. The Hoyt Natural Mineral Spring Water Company bottled and sold water to customers in New York. It was appropriately named Purity Spring, also the name of the inn Hoyt established on the lake's shore. The Hoyt family has been running a resort on Purity Lake for five generations. Today, the clean, clear lake offers old-fashioned recreation with something to please the entire family.

Purity Lake covers 75 acres in the Town of Eaton near Madison. It has a maximum depth of 55 feet and an average depth of 12 feet. It is a private lake with an abundance of recreation opportunities. Because of the lake's small size, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, and sailboats are an ideal way to explore the lake. When the wind dies down, one motor boat is allowed on the lake at a time shuttling water skiers back and forth. Sand beaches line the shore of the lake and provide access for swimming and sunbathing.

Lake Purity is classified as mesotrophic or moderately fertile. There are abundant populations of pickerel, smallmouth bass and perch, and anglers will find healthy populations of sunfish and pan fish. Both fishing from a small boat and fly fishing from the shore are popular, and Purity Lake is a good place to teach children to fish.

Trails for hiking and biking ring Purity Lake. In the winter, those same trails are ideal for snow shoeing and cross country skiing. In fact, skiing through snow-covered forests looking down on the frozen lake is one of the treats of winter at Purity Lake. Winter sports, however, don't stop there. Alpine skiing is available near the lake, and horse-drawn sleighs take visitors on frozen journeys through the woods. There is even a skating rink making Purity Lake a destination for all seasons.

Edward Hoyt's son, Milt, established a camp for boys on the shores of Purity Lake. Camp Tohkomeupog was started in 1932. Two years later, Ellen Hoyt, Milt's sister established Camp Wampineauk for girls. The camp operated for 43 years, introducing girls to the beauty and joy of summers at Purity Lake. Upon Ellen Hoyt's death, the family donated 168 acres including the girl's camp to the Audubon Society. Today the Audubon Hoyt Wildlife Sanctuary offers visitors to Lake Purity the chance to see a variety of birds like the pileated woodpecker with its impressive red crest and the dinosaur-like great blue heron. White-tailed deer, moose, beaver, porcupine and black bear all make their homes in the sanctuary. Perhaps one of the best ways to see the wildlife is to quietly canoe or kayak from Purity Lake into the heart of the sanctuary.

For over a hundred years, visitors have been coming to enjoy the natural beauty of Purity Spring Valley. There are cottages around the shores of the lake with vacation rentals and real estate for sale in Eaton and nearby Madison. With is crystal clear clean water and abundant wildlife, Purity Lake is a fantastic Lakes region destination. Add the trails for hiking and biking along with almost every winter sport imaginable, and Purity Lake is a getaway sure to please the entire family.

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