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Here are the 12 lakes we have listed within Canada > Quebec - compared by Longest Shorelines.

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Lake Name Shoreline length in miles Lake Description
Gouin Reservoir
(Quebec, Canada)
3,510 Gouin Reservoir Pictures Gouin Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Reservoir Gouin
When the directions say 'turn off the paved road', you know you're on your way to Gouin Reservoir. Visitors can drive to the lake, but most opt to fly. Although leisurely driving along gravel roads through forests teeming with wildlife is attractive, most visitors are anxious to arrive at the massive ...
Caniapiscau Reservoir
(Quebec, Canada)
3,010 Caniapiscau Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Lake Caniapiscau
"The money is not as useful as the land was before we lost it." -Chisasibi Cree Native About 9,000 years ago, the glaciers receded on the Laurentian Plateau of the Canadian Shield, leaving pockets of lakes in their wake. The rivers were fast and ran with snowmelt, and lakes covered the landscape. ...
Reservoir Cabonga
(Quebec, Canada)
2,800 Reservoir Cabonga Pictures Reservoir Cabonga Message Forums Also known as: Cabonga Reservoir, Cabonga Lake
A trip to Cabonga Reservoir in Quebec is the true definition of 'getting away from it all'. The massive reservoir covers 261 square miles, but only 187 square miles are water. Islands, peninsulas, and slivers of land between different pools within the reservoir occupy the remaining area. The entire ...
Lake Kipawa
(Quebec, Canada)
1,200 Lake Kipawa Pictures Lake Kipawa Message Forums Also known as: Lake Kippewa
Sprawled across one of western Quebec's most beautiful environments, Lake Kipawa offers nearly 75,000 acres of pristine water stretching into countless coves, arms and bays. This beautiful lake winds among islands, steep limestone cliffs, narrow channels and rocky shorelines covered in trees and inhabited ...
Manicouagan Reservoir
(Quebec, Canada)
821 Manicouagan Reservoir Pictures Manicouagan Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Lake Manicouagan, Lac Manicouagan, Lac Mouchalagane
Manicouagan Reservoir is one of the world's most interesting geological features. This huge annular (circular) lake was shaped by a number of factors, earliest of which was an asteroid strike an estimated 211 million years ago which created an impact crater over 60 miles across. In more recent history, ...
Lake Champlain
(Quebec, Canada / New York, USA / Vermont, USA)
587 Lake Champlain Pictures Lake Champlain, straddling New York and Vermont in the USA, and Quebec in Canada, is a natural freshwater lake seated 96 feet above sea level. Briefly designated a Great Lake by President Bill Clinton in 1998, Lake Champlain reaches a maximum depth of 400 feet, covers an impressive 435 square miles, ...
Lac Saint-Jean
(Quebec, Canada)
83 Lac Saint-Jean Pictures Lac Saint-Jean Message Forums Also known as: Lake Saint-John, Piekouagami
Follow Quebec's Saguenay River to Lake Saint John and you will follow a path carved by time and the impressive power of nature. The two waterways are the premiere features of the Saguenay - Lac-Saint Jean Tourism Region. Located in south-central Quebec, the region includes approximately 25 million acres ...
Lake Memphremagog
(Quebec, Canada / Vermont, USA)
75 Lake Memphremagog Pictures Also known as: Lac Memphremagog
A perfect reflection of brightly colored mountains among a blue backdrop is cast upon Lake Memphremagog's smooth, motionless surface. A kayaker, sitting peacefully among his surroundings, opens his eyes to watch a rippling motion move across the top of the water. Tales of an underwater serpent called ...
Lake Megantic
(Quebec, Canada)
28 Lake Megantic Pictures Lake Megantic Message Forums Also known as: Lac Megantic
Lake Megantic is little-known outside of eastern Quebec, but its recreational reputation is growing. The 6500-plus acre lake garnered little common awareness after its discovery in 1646 by Father Gabriel Druillettes, except for Benedict Arnold's use of the lake and north-flowing Chaudiere River to ...
Lake Massawippi
(Quebec, Canada)
24 Lake Massawippi Message Forums Also known as: Massawippi Lake, Lac Massawippi
Lake Massawippi is a 4,448-acre recreational wonderland in southern Quebec near the Vermont border. It has a maximum depth of 281 feet and an average depth of 136 feet, making it one of the deepest lakes in the region. Besides being an outdoor paradise for local enthusiasts, Lake Massawippi supplies ...
Bark Lake
(Quebec, Canada)
23 Bark Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lac des Ecorces, Lac de Barkme
Bark Lake sits among the tree-covered hills of Canada's Laurentian Mountain region a short 50-mile drive northwest of Montreal and 100 miles northeast of Ottawa. Located in southwestern Quebec, Bark Lake falls within the province's Laurentides Tourism Region and the country's Central Canada Tourism ...
Lac Desmarais
(Quebec, Canada)
6 Lac Desmarais Message Forums Also known as: Lake Desmarais
St. Francis of Assisi, in the Roman Catholic pantheon of saints, was the patron saint of animals and the environment. It is not surprising then that Lac Desmarais, or Lake Desmarais, was once the private retreat of a group of Franciscan monks. They fished and meditated in this area of pristine wilderness ...


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