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Rangeley Lake, Maine, USA

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Map: Rangeley Lake, Maine, USA

Rangeley Lake is part of the Rangeley Lakes Region of Western Maine. The lake covers about 6,000 acres at an elevation of 1,518 feet. Its maximum depth is about 149 feet with an average depth of about 95 feet. Rangeley Lake is a major headwater lake of the Androscoggin watershed.

Rangeley Lake and the surrounding area is a four season destination. In the spring, anglers head to the lake in mid-May when the ice melts. Be prepared to share the lake with loons and ducks, and observe the beauty of nature as they teach their young to fish. The area has long been known for its superb trout fishing and excellent opportunities for landlocked salmon. Also available are brook trout, smelt, perch, chub, shiner, dace and more. Anglers enjoy both fly-fishing and trolling at Rangeley Lake.

Warm-weather activities abound in summer. Bird watching offers visitors and residents unique opportunities to see area birds along its trails and within the region's animal sanctuaries. The Audubon Society Trail, in the Hunter Cover Wildlife Sanctuary, lures sightseers to its walking paths. To see waterfowl and shore birds, rent a kayak or canoe and silently glide along the shores of the lake, quietly observing the wide variety of birds that live in the northeastern United States, such as loon, heron, cranes and kingfishers. Winds can whip up quickly on Rangeley Lake, so paddlers should stay close to shore. Sailing is popular on windy days.

The summer months at Rangeley Lake are packed with special activities, from barbecues and fireworks to art shows and strawberry festivals. In late spring and early summer, deer and moose watching is a favorite activity, as guests and residents are given the opportunity to observe these peaceful creatures in their natural habitats. Another chance to commune with nature is a quiet picnic along the shores of the lake or area ponds to catch a glimpse of otters, ducks and beavers. Rangeley Lake State Park offers camping and day-use facilities including a boat launching ramp, swimming, picnicking, hiking trails, and modern restrooms with hot showers.

Fall brings spectacularly colorful fall foliage and hunting season, followed by winter's introduction to the joy of snow sports. 150 miles of snowmobiling trails are a winter playground for the adrenaline junkie. For an intense and healthy exercise experience, snowshoeing, alpine skiing and Nordic skiing are popular area activities. Fun for the whole family can be found in the mountains of snow, ready for snowball fights and snowman construction.

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