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Rathbun Lake, Iowa, USA

Also known as: Lake Rathbun

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Map: Rathbun Lake, Iowa, USA

One of the largest lakes in the state of Iowa, Rathbun Lake is located in Appanoose County and is a perfect place to enjoy water sports, fishing, and outdoor activities of all kinds. This beautiful lake in south-central Iowa has not always existed, though; it is a man-made reservoir, constructed in the 1960's for drinking water supply, recreation, fish and wildlife habitat, flood damage reduction, downstream water quality improvement, and storage for supplementing navigational flows.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built a dam spanning the Chariton River to create a reservoir for flood control, recreation, and a variety of other purposes - and thus, Rathbun Lake was formed. The lake is expansive, covering an area of 11,000 acres, and is popular for recreation. Due to nutrient and sediment runoff, Rathbun Lake is on Iowa's list of impaired waters. However, organizations such as the Rathbun Land and Water Alliance have been formed to improve water quality and prevent runoff problems.

There are lots of ways to have fun on Rathbun Lake. Fishing, of course, is always popular, and anglers of all ages will enjoy relaxing in a boat as they reel in fish of various species. Some of the common fish in Rathbun Lake are crappie, walleye, channel catfish, and largemouth bass. Rathbun Lake has the largest warm-water fish hatchery in the state, and the hatchery produces a variety of fish such as channel catfish, walleye, saugeye, and largemouth bass. The hatchery is located below the dam, and interested visitors are free to take a self-guided tour of the operation.

There are so many great ways to enjoy Rathbun Lake. Exploring by boat is always fun, and Rathbun Lake has many conveniences for boaters, including a couple marinas and several boat ramps. Other popular activities on the lake are water skiing, windsurfing, and sailing. Rathbun Lake is an especially windy lake, and it is said to be one of the best lakes in the state for sailing.

There are many places to enjoy Rathbun Lake and the land surrounding it. The Army Corps of Engineers operates 8 recreation areas with a variety of amenities to make every visitor's stay enjoyable. Honey Creek State Park, managed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, is one of the parks near the lake. With nearly 150 camp sites, plus picnic areas, hiking trails, and boat ramps, it's a fantastic place to stay for awhile and enjoy some outdoor fun.

Hikers will find miles of multi-use trails and the Woodland Interpretive Trail. The interpretive trail provides displays about the history of Honey Creek and the early American Indians who inhabited the area. Birdwatchers can observe a variety of birds in the area, including the bald eagle. Hunting is also a popular activity, and there is variety of game available including deer, turkey, pheasants, ducks, geese, and more. When winter comes, there's still lots to do on and around the lake, whether it's ice fishing for crappie or snowmobiling on snow-covered trails.

With its vast expanse of wind-tossed water, Rathbun Lake well deserves its nickname, "Little Ocean." Residents of Iowa and first-time visitors alike will appreciate the calming beauty, enjoyable activities, and relaxing atmosphere of this lake.

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