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Lake Name Lake Summary
Bratsk Reservoir It has been said that one of the most striking things about Siberia is the scale. Just the name conjures images of vast snowy expanses, impossibly thick ...
Caspian Sea Caspian Sea Pictures Also known as: Mazandaran Sea, Khazar Sea, Khvalyn Sea
With the largest volume of any saltwater "lake" on earth, the Caspian Sea holds well over 62 billion acre-feet of saltwater. Many classify the Caspian ...
Kuybyshev Reservoir Also known as: Kuybyshevskoye Reservoir, Kuibyshev Reservoir
The Kuybyshev Reservoir or Kuybyshevskoye Reservoir is a 1,593,823-acre lake in the middle of the Volga and lower Kama rivers in west central (Middle ...
Lake Baikal Lake Baikal Pictures Also known as: Lake Baykal, Sacred Sea, Pearl of Siberia, Blue Eye of Siberia, Galapagos of Russia
Russia's national treasure, Lake Baikal, is the world's deepest lake and is our planet's largest freshwater lake measured by water volume. Its bottom ...
Lake Ladoga Also known as: Lake Laatokka, Ladozhskoye Ozero
Located 25 miles north of St. Petersburg, Russia's Lake Ladoga is the largest freshwater body in Europe with a surface area of 4,481,238 acres. The amazing ...
Rybinsk Reservoir Also known as: Rybinsk Sea
Located in western European Russia, Rybinsk Reservoir is as large and impressive as Russia itself. Rybinsk Reservoir sits on the Volga River as part of ...
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