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Here are the 14 lakes we have listed within USA > West > Washington > Seattle & Puget Sound - compared by Largest Lakes - Acres.

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Lake Name Area in acres Lake Description
Lake Washington
(Washington, USA)
21,500 Lake Washington Pictures Lake Washington has the distinction of being the second largest natural lake in the state of Washington. This glacial lake is long and narrow, a "ribbon lake" that is approximately 15 miles long. Lake Washington is fed primarily by the Cedar River in the southeast corner and the Sammamish River in the ...
Riffe Lake
(Washington, USA)
11,830 Riffe Lake Pictures Riffe Lake Message Forums Also known as: Riffe Reservoir, Mossyrock Lake, Davisson Lake
Riffe Lake by any other name would still be a fantastic recreational spot. The name confusion for this man-made reservoir in the Seattle and Puget Sound region is because since opening in 1968, it has had two name changes. Originally named Mossyrock Lake because it formed behind Mossyrock Dam, the name ...
Lake Sammamish
(Washington, USA)
4,897 Lake Sammamish Pictures Lake Sammamish Message Forums At just under 5,000 acres, Lake Sammamish is one of the major recreational lakes in the state. The lake provides activities for fishermen, boaters, jet skiers, water skiers, swimmers, picnickers, and those just wanting to enjoy the scenery. Lake Sammamish is less than a 30 minute drive from Seattle, ...
Lake Tapps
(Washington, USA)
2,780 Lake Tapps Pictures Lake Tapps Message Forums Also known as: Tapps Reservoir
Located in the populous Seattle and Puget Sound Region of Washington, Lake Tapps delivers water supply, recreation and sound fish ecology to residents in the surrounding area. Although a man-made reservoir, there was an original Lake Tapps, much smaller and one of four small lakes in the area. In 1911, ...
Mayfield Lake
(Washington, USA)
2,200 Mayfield Lake Pictures Mayfield Lake Message Forums Mayfield Lake is cradled in the foothills of the Cascades in Lewis County, Washington. This 2,200-acre reservoir is conveniently located close to Mount St. Helens (about 60 miles southeast of the lake), Olympia and the Puget Sound (60 miles northwest), and Vancouver and the Columbia River (90 miles ...
American Lake
(Washington, USA)
1,100 American Lake Pictures Less than three miles inland from Puget Sound, American Lake is one of the lesser known vacation destinations in Washington's Seattle-King County Region. Lovely American Lake is often bypassed for the grandeur of Puget Sound. Little do visitors know what they're missing at American Lake. Part of the ...
Lake Union
(Washington, USA)
580 Lake Union Pictures Lake Union Message Forums Also known as: Meman Hartshu, Small Lake, Tenass Chuck, Little Water
Surrounded by four vibrant urban neighborhoods, Lake Union sits in the heart of Seattle, Washington. From orcas playing in Puget Sound to sea kayakers paddling inland waterways, Seattle is closely tied to the sea and lakes with Lake Union uniting the two. Whether you choose to live on the lakefront, ...
Kitsap Lake
(Washington, USA)
250 Kitsap Lake Message Forums One of 101 lakes in Kitsap County, Washington, Kitsap Lake is conveniently located just three miles west of the city of Bremerton. This lake, which is considered a part of the Seattle and Puget Sound tourism region, boasts a maximum depth of 29 feet and a normal elevation of 156 feet. A relatively small ...
Wildcat Lake
(Washington, USA)
120 Wildcat Lake Message Forums Wildcat Lake can be found in the state of Washington's Seattle and Puget Sound tourism region. It has a surface area of 120 acres and an average depth of 18 feet. This unusually crystal clear body of water drains into Dyes Inlet by way of Wildcat Creek. With a shoreline length of 2.2 miles, the lake's ...
Josephine Lake
(Washington, USA)
73 Josephine Lake Pictures Josephine Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Josephine
Located on the east side of Anderson Island, Josephine Lake is a residential paradise. Anderson is a large island located in Puget Sound, a waterway with numerous channels and branches. Anderson Island and Josephine Lake have a rich history which has been documented by the Anderson Island Historical ...
Lake Morton
(Washington, USA)
66 Lake Morton Pictures Lake Morton Message Forums Lake Morton is a small wilderness haven with city amenities nearby, located about 30 miles southeast of Seattle in King County. With snow-capped Mt. Rainier set in the backdrop, Lake Morton looks like the perfect subject for an artist's canvass. Although a small lake, with 66 acres of water, visitors ...
Florence Lake
(Washington, USA)
63 Florence Lake Pictures Florence Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Florence
Florence Lake is special to Seattle and Puget Sound residents. Local tribes were familiar with Anderson Island long before its 'official' discovery in 1841. Anderson Island has served as farm land, retirement getaway, and now residential neighborhood to hundreds of citizens and visitors. Reached only ...
Horseshoe Lake
(Washington, USA)
40 Horseshoe Lake Message Forums One of three lakes in Washington state of the same name, Kitsap County's Horseshoe Lake is the tiniest - and arguably the most beautiful - of them all. The lake is located southeast of the Bremerton National Airport, across Puget Sound from the Seattle metropolitan area. Horseshoe Lake, as its name ...
Barclay Lake
(Washington, USA)
11 Barclay Lake Pictures Barclay Lake Message Forums Barclay Lake plays a larger part in the recreational opportunities of the Seattle and Puget Sound region of Washington than its size would indicate. Just over 10 acres in size, Barclay Lake is the destination of one of the most popular family hiking trails in the new Wild Sky Wilderness. Wild Sky was ...


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