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Seminoe Reservoir, Wyoming, USA

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Map: Seminoe Reservoir, Wyoming, USA

Seminoe Reservoir is an outdoor person's wonderland with great fishing and an over 20,000 acre surface for boating and water sports. Near the north end of the reservoir is the 4,752 acre Morgan Creek forested drainage area within the Seminoe Mountains. This area is administered as a winter range for elk and bighorn sheep affording superb wildlife viewing and open for in-season hunting. Seminoe Reservoir is just south of Pathfinder Reservoir's additional outdoor recreation facilities, making the combination area a very desirable destination. Camping, picnicking, hiking and fishing are all available.

Seminoe Dam and Reservoir are part of the Kendrick Project (approved by the President in 1935), a multi-purpose development of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. The Project conserves the waters of the North Platte and Medicine Bow Rivers for irrigation and hydropower generation. Around 24,000 acres of irrigable project lands are served by the Project and Seminoe Reservoir delivers over 1 million acre feet of storage and 45 megawatts of power as water is released for irrigation. The Seminoe Dam was completed in 1939.

Seminoe State Park provides the major access to Seminoe Reservoir for recreation and outdoor enjoyment. The Park contains a large picnic area with tables, toilets and shelters and two concessions for food and supplies. Boat launch ramps and lanes are available for boaters and boating is a frequent activity. Seminoe State Park has campgrounds with potable water and toilets. There are at least five geocaches for the avid geocachers among us. Try your luck at finding them.

Fishing at Seminoe Reservoir is quite good with walleye, brown trout, rainbow trout and cutthroat trout available. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department's annual stocking of rainbow and cutthroat trout greatly improve an anglers chances of landing a 'big one'. Walleye are the best fishing bet with the presently experienced lower water levels and ice fishing continues to yield some good catches.

If you are planning to be around Casper, Seminoe Reservoir is definitely worth visiting and just a short trip to Pathfinder Reservoir, increasing your enjoyment of the Wyoming outdoors.

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