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Here are the 3 lakes we have listed within USA > Mid-Atlantic > New Jersey > Shore - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Manasquan Reservoir
(New Jersey, USA)
103 Manasquan Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Manasquan County Reservoir
Manasquan Reservoir is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Artifacts found near the reservoir indicate that its land was once occupied by the Lenape Indians, and Manasquan is from the Lenape for "stream of the Island of Squaws." The Manasquan Reservoir was completed in 1990 with the construction ...
Pine Barrens Lakes
(New Jersey, USA)
41 Pine Barrens Lakes Pictures Pine Barrens Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Pinelands, Lake Atsion, Lake Absegami, Mirror Lake, Big Pine Lake, Little Pine Lake, Country Lake, Presidential Lake
Some of the most-visited lakes in New Jersey are the impoundments within the Pinelands National Reserve. Sprawled across the New Jersey Shore, Delaware River and Greater Atlantic City regions, these lakes, nearly all small and nearly all shallow, were created by early settlers in the area who dammed ...
Deal Lake
(New Jersey, USA)
3 Deal Lake Pictures Deal Lake Message Forums The largest freshwater coastal lake in New Jersey, Deal Lake is composed of a unique series of shallow ponds and channels clustered together -- as opposed to a typical, single-bodied structure. Located in the middle of Monmouth County, its long, thin fingers touch seven municipalities: the Allenhurst, ...


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