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Southern Lakes A-Z

Southern Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Albert Lea Lake Hikers wake up to the sun filtering through the trees and the chirping of indigo buntings and eastern bluebirds at Albert Lea Lake in southern Minnesota. ...
Fountain Lake Fountain Lake is a sparkling 521-acre southern Minnesota lake, featuring three prominently-placed water fountains. Its shores surround the city of Albert ...
Lac qui Parle Thousands of feathered creatures gather here, nesting, breeding and chattering about things only birds would know about. For the myriad sounds the birds ...
Lake Onalaska Lake Onalaska Pictures Lake Onalaska is a popular year-round recreation destination on the upper Mississippi River, located between La Crosse, Wisconsin and La Crescent, Minnesota. ...
Lake Pepin Lake Pepin Pictures Lake Pepin is the largest lake on the Mississippi River, formed about 9,500 years ago by the backup of water behind sediments where the Chippewa River ...
Lake Shetek Lake Shetek Pictures Located near the southwestern corner of the state, Lake Shetek is one of the best known of Minnesota Southern Region Lakes. Shetek means pelican in the ...
Lake Washington Lake Washington Pictures Lake Washington is a uniquely-shaped body of water situated just northeast of the Mankato Regional Airport, in Minnesota's Southern tourism region. While ...
Madison Lake Madison Lake is a natural, freshwater lake situated in Minnesota's Blue Earth County. It is a rather large lake, with a surface area of 1,113 acres and ...
Okamanpeedan Lake Also known as: Tuttle Lake
Located in Martin County, Minnesota and Emmet County, Iowa, Okamanpeedan Lake is also known as Tuttle Lake. Okamanpeedan is Native American for "nesting ...


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