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Southwest Lakes A-Z

Southwest Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Carlyle Lake Also known as: Carlyle Reservoir
Carlyle Lake, located in south-central Illinois, holds dual titles as largest artificial lake and largest body of water wholly contained within the state. ...
Governor Bond Lake Also known as: Greenville New City Lake
Governor Bond Lake is proclaimed to be one of Greenville, Illinois best kept secrets. A water supply reservoir built in the late 1960's has become a ...
Holiday Shores Lake Also known as: Holiday Lake
Holiday Shores Lake is a sprawling 430-acre, man-made lake in Madison County, Illinois. Formed by the damming of Joulters Creek in 1965, this unique lake ...
Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake is an "oxbow" lake in west-central Illinois, created more than 3,000 years ago when a section of the mighty Mississippi River was cut off ...
Lake Centralia Illinois' Lake Centralia is an alluring 400-acre body of water that was constructed in 1910. It is located in the heart of Marion County, a region named ...
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