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Here are the 145 lakes we have listed within USA > Southwest - compared by Newest (Youngest) Reservoirs.

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Lake Name Completion year Lake Description
Lake Alan Henry
(Texas, USA)
2004 Lake Alan Henry Message Forums Also known as: Alan Henry Reservoir
Lake Alan Henry, also known as Alan Henry Reservoir, is located in the Texas Panhandle Plains Region, about 45 miles south of Lubbock and four miles east of Justiceburg. Managed and operated by the City of Lubbock, Lake Alan Henry is a popular water oasis during long hot summers. The reservoir was created ...
Lake Pleasant
(Arizona, USA)
1992 Lake Pleasant Pictures Also known as: New Lake Pleasant
One of the finest water recreation areas in Arizona, Lake Pleasant is true to its name - a pleasant oasis in a desert setting. Lake Pleasant's 9,200 surface acres offer wonderful opportunities for outdoor activities including boating of all types, camping, hiking, and fishing. Although Lake Pleasant ...
Fenton Lake
(New Mexico, USA)
1991 Fenton Lake Pictures Fenton Lake Message Forums Tucked away in the Jemez Mountains of Northwest New Mexico, little Fenton Lake carries a large part of the recreational opportunities in the area. Less than 40 acres in size, Fenton Lake is known by lucky New Mexico campers and anglers who come here to camp, fish, mountain bike, hike and enjoy the wildlife. ...
O. H. Ivie Lake
(Texas, USA)
1989 O. H. Ivie Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Ivie, Stacy Reservoir
On a hot summer day in the northern Hill Country region of Texas, Lake Ivie is an ideal place to be. Officially named O.H.Ivie Reservoir, the waters are commonly called Lake Ivie among the locals. The original name was Stacy Reservoir after the small village of Stacy, but was renamed O.H.Ivie to honor ...
Brantley Lake
(New Mexico, USA)
1988 Brantley Lake Pictures Brantley Lake Message Forums Also known as: Brantley Reservior
No place in Southeast New Mexico represents water recreation like Brantley Lake. The relatively new reservoir has a state park along its shores, complete with campground, day use area and two boat ramps. The desert surroundings of Brantley Lake State Park feature sand dunes in constantly-changing patterns ...
McGee Creek Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1988 McGee Creek Lake Message Forums Also known as: McGee Creek Reservoir
McGee Creek Lake provides a rare surprise for visitors to southeastern Oklahoma. Hidden in the rugged, heavily-forested Ouachita Mountains, McGee Creek Lake provides a wealth of recreational opportunities to many who visit here each year. McGee Creek Reservoir is actually part of a complex system of ...
Arcadia Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1987 Arcadia Lake Pictures Arcadia Lake is one of the Southwest's newest lakes. In the Frontier Country Region of central Oklahoma, forest meets grassland to create a unique area called the Cross Timbers. This unusual environment is the home of Arcadia Lake, the perfect place to swim, fish, camp, hike and simply enjoy the ...
Garden Lakes
(Arizona, USA)
1987 Garden Lakes Message Forums Also known as: North Garden Lake, South Garden Lake
Can Garden Lakes provide lakefront living in Arizona? Near Phoenix? Yes, it's entirely possible to find lakefront homes in one of the urban lakes of the Phoenix and Central Region. Garden Lakes in Avondale is one of those lakefront communities. Consisting of the North and South Garden Lakes,the residential ...
Ray Roberts Lake
(Texas, USA)
1987 Ray Roberts Lake Pictures Ray Roberts Lake Message Forums Also known as: Ray Roberts Reservoir, Lake Ray Roberts, Lake Aubrey
Sprawling across the prairie in the Texas Prairies & Lakes Region, Ray Roberts Lake is one of the newest lakes in Texas. Named after a Texas legislator, this huge reservoir was filled in 1990 to provide a water source for the cities of Denton and Dallas. Located 30 miles north of the Lewisville Dam, ...
Richland Chambers Lake
(Texas, USA)
1987 Richland Chambers Lake Message Forums Also known as: Richland Chambers Reservoir
Richland Chambers Lake (also called Richland Chambers Reservoir) was created between 1982 to 1987, making it the youngest lake in Texas. The Texas legislature adopted a planning and zoning commission to help in development plans around the lake. Richland Chambers Lake, located in the Prairies and Lakes ...
Val Vista Lakes
(Arizona, USA)
1986 Val Vista Lakes Message Forums Val Vista Lakes is a premier lakeside and off-lake community found in the arid climate of south-central Arizona. Located in the Phoenix East Valley, four man-made lakes, four sports parks, a swimming lagoon and spacious clubhouse provide all the ingredients for a resort lifestyle. Over 20 subdivisions ...
Desert Harbor Lake
(Arizona, USA)
1985 Desert Harbor Lake Message Forums Located in the private community of Desert Harbor, Desert Harbor Lake is just minutes from picturesque Sun City and Phoenix. Part of the Phoenix & Central Arizona Region, the lake is in Peoria, a city that was established in the 1880's after the completion of the Arizona Canal. William J. Murphy, who ...
Joe Pool Lake
(Texas, USA)
1985 Joe Pool Lake Pictures Joe Pool Lake Message Forums Also known as: Joe Pool Reservoir
When summer heat leaves residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area longing for cool breezes, many of them head for Joe Pool Lake. This reservoir was created in 1985 for water supply and recreation for the millions of residents of the nearby metro-plex. When the lake was finally full in 1989, a full 7,740 ...
Lake Fork
(Texas, USA)
1985 Lake Fork Pictures Lake Fork Message Forums Also known as: Lake Fork Reservoir
Lake Fork (also called Lake Fork Reservoir) covers an impressive 27,264 acres in northeast Texas, on the border of the Piney Woods and Prairies and Lakes tourism regions. The Sabine River Authority completed the Lake Fork project in 1985 by damming Lake Fork Creek, a major tributary of the Sabine River, ...
Skiatook Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1984 Skiatook Lake Pictures Also known as: Skiatook Reservoir
Scenic Skiatook Lake covers 10,500 acres in northern Oklahoma's Green Country, just 30 minutes from Tulsa. The lake's 160 miles of shoreline are surrounded by picturesque bluffs, hills of Blackjack and Post Oak, and tall grass prairies. Located in Osage County, Skiatook Lake is often referred to as ...
Aquilla Lake
(Texas, USA)
1983 Aquilla Lake Pictures Aquilla Lake Message Forums Also known as: Aquilla Dam, Aquilla Creek Reservoir
Located in the Prairies and Lakes region of Texas, lake enthusiasts will find a 3,280 acre, V-shaped reservoir called Aquilla Lake. The lake was formed by an earth fill dam constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The dam has a crest length of 11,890 feet and a top width of 38 feet and was completed ...
Copan Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1983 Copan Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Copan, Copan Reservoir
Named after a small town situated near its banks in Oklahoma, Copan Lake was completed in 1983. Flood control, water supply, water quality control, recreation and fish and wildlife enhancement were the five main goals of its construction. The US Army Corps of Engineers, which spearheaded the project, ...
Choke Canyon Lake
(Texas, USA)
1982 Choke Canyon Lake Message Forums Also known as: Choke Canyon Reservoir
Located 65 miles south of San Antonio, Choke Canyon Lake was impounded in 1982 to supply drinking water to Corpus Christi on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Part of the South Texas Plains region, it gets water from the Frio River shortly before the river's confluence with the Nueces River. Managed and owned ...
Santa Rosa Lake
(New Mexico, USA)
1981 Santa Rosa Lake Pictures Santa Rosa Lake is snuggled in the Pecos River Canyon near the town of Santa Rosa along NM 91 in Guadalupe County. It is cradled on one side with acres of rolling grassland and encase by low, rocky hills dotted with a variety of brush on the other. Visitors will enjoy a host of recreational activities ...
Tom Steed Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1980 Tom Steed Lake Message Forums Also known as: Tom Steed Reservoir
Tom Steed Lake lies on West Otter Creek, nestled in the heart of the Great Plains Country, north of the Oklahoma-Texas border. Boasting 31 miles of shoreline and 6,400 surface acres, the Mountain Park Dam and lake were created to provide municipal and industrial water to the cities of Snyder, Altus, ...
Waurika Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1980 Waurika Lake Message Forums Also known as: Waurika Reservoir, Lake Waurika
Located on Beaver Creek, a tributary of the Red River, Waurika Lake was created to provide flood damage reduction, irrigation, water supply, water quality, and recreation for the Beaver Creek Valley. Managed by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Waurika Lake originated in 1963, when the dam was authorized ...
Georgetown Lake
(Texas, USA)
1979 Georgetown Lake Pictures Georgetown Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Georgetown, Georgetown Reservoir
A perfect example of an engineered water supply, Georgetown Lake covers nearly 1,300 acres along the North Fork of the San Gabriel River. Part of the Brazos River system, Georgetown Lake was created in 1979 along the boundary between the Texas Hill Country and the Prairies and Lakes Regions just west ...
Lake Limestone
(Texas, USA)
1978 Lake Limestone Pictures Lake Limestone Message Forums One of the best-kept secret destinations in the Prairies and Lakes Region of Texas is Lake Limestone. The reservoir was created in 1978 when the Brazos River Authority built the Sterling C. Robinson Dam across the Navasota River. Originally built to provide drinking water, cooling water for downstream ...
Birch Lake
(Oklahoma, USA)
1977 Birch Lake Message Forums Also known as: Birch Reservoir, Lake Birch
Birch Lake is nestled into northeast Oklahoma's Green Country. Fall and spring turn the prairie grasses and hardwood tree leaves around the lake into rusted yellows, burnt oranges and boiling reds. Blooming wildflowers add splashes of color to the landscape. An impoundment of Birch Creek, the lake was ...
Lake Bob Sandlin
(Texas, USA)
1977 Lake Bob Sandlin Message Forums Also known as: Bob Sandlin Reservoir
How does a state like Texas, with few natural lakes, become a well-respected bass fishing destination? A look at Lake Bob Sandlin explains the paradox. Named after the president of the Titus County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1, the Bob Sandlin Reservoir is one of many in Texas that supply fresh ...
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