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Lake Name Shoreline length in miles Lake Description
Hells Canyon Reservoirs
(Idaho, USA / Oregon, USA)
193 Hells Canyon Reservoirs Pictures Hells Canyon Reservoirs Message Forums Also known as: Brownlee Reservoir, Oxbow Reservoir, Hells Canyon Reservoir
The three Hells Canyon Reservoirs are one of southwest Idaho's most scenic locations. Idaho can't claim this national treasure alone, however as it shares this Snake River canyon with eastern Oregon; in fact, it marks the border between the two states. There is plenty of recreation to go around, however. ...
Lake Cascade
(Idaho, USA)
86 Lake Cascade Pictures Also known as: Cascade Reservoir
Lake Cascade (Cascade Reservoir) is the fourth largest lake in Idaho, creating an extensive and diverse recreation site for visitors. Its nearly 30,000 surface acres of water attract over 300,000 outdoor enthusiasts annually for boating, fishing, camping, horseback riding, hiking, wildlife viewing and ...
Arrowrock Reservoir
(Idaho, USA)
60 Arrowrock Reservoir Pictures Arrowrock Reservoir Message Forums One in a string of three major reservoirs built to irrigate the parched Boise Valley, Arrowrock Reservoir has contributed to water recreation in southwestern Idaho for nearly a hundred years. Arrowrock Dam was the tallest concrete arch structure in the world at 348 feet when completed in 1915, a title ...
Anderson Ranch Reservoir
(Idaho, USA)
50 Anderson Ranch Reservoir Pictures Anderson Ranch Reservoir Message Forums One of the true gems of the Idaho reservoir system is Anderson Ranch Reservoir. Completed along the South Fork of the Boise River in 1950, this project provides irrigation water for local Southwest Idaho farms, with hydroelectric power generation a secondary purpose. Long needed as a way to store water ...
Lucky Peak Lake
(Idaho, USA)
45 Lucky Peak Lake Pictures Lucky Peak Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lucky Peak Reservoir
Home of Idaho's most visited state park, Lucky Peak Lake (sometimes called Lucky Peak Reservoir) covers over 3,000 acres just outside of the capital city of Boise in southwestern Idaho. The last reservoir built in a series of three reservoirs along the Boise River, Lucky Peak Lake provides flood control ...
Payette Lake
(Idaho, USA)
21 Payette Lake Pictures Payette Lake Message Forums Also known as: Big Payette Lake
One hundred miles north of Boise, nearly surrounded by Payette National Forest, lies breathtaking Payette Lake. Nestled beneath the peaks of the West Mountains in the Southwestern Region of Idaho, the area around Payette Lake has the well-deserved reputation of being Idaho's Four-Season Playground. ...


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