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Spoon Lake, Montana, USA

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Map: Spoon Lake, Montana, USA

Set along the western edge of Montana's Glacier National Park, amid towering mountain peaks and lush, echoing valleys, Spoon Lake rests in an outdoor lover's paradise. Rugged hiking trails surround the pristine lake and plenty of wildlife can be seen on a daily basis. The city of Columbia Falls, also known as the "Gateway to Glacier National Park," is only a few miles south of the lake.

Spoon Lake sits at an elevation of 3,241 feet and covers over 60 acres with about 1.5 miles of shoreline. Beneath the clear, cold waters reside plentiful species of fish for anglers. A summer's day can yield brook trout, cutthroat trout, longnose sucker, rainbow trout and yellow perch. Westslope trout, which have been stocked in the lake regularly by Montana Fish and Wildlife since 1999, can reach upwards of nine inches.

Fishing not to your fancy? Sit back in a lawn chair outside one of the lakeside rentals at Spoon Lake and take in the crisp mountain air, the cold, clear waters, and the bright, summer sun. Dangle your feet from the dock and dip your toes into the water, keeping your eyes open to spot any wildlife wandering among the thick forests just beyond the water's edge. Due to Spoon Lake's location so close to both Glacier National Park and Flathead National Forest, spotting wildlife is as simple as keeping quiet while out on the dock or peering out the window early in the morning. Listen quietly for the bugling call of an elk as it seeks out a mate; watch intently as a 1,000-pound moose wanders close by the lake's edge for a sip of water. To protect the smaller animals at the lake, such as a family of loons nesting along Spoon Lake's shores, the lake does not allow motor boats in its waters.

For those wanting to strike out from Spoon Lake and stride head-long into the forest to spend additional time beneath a canopy of trees, look no further than Glacier National Park. Over one million acres of land are devoted to maintaining some of the most intensely remote landscapes, from mountains topping 10,000 feet to ancient, icy glaciers. Visitors have their pick of weeklong backpacking trips, day hikes, horseback riding or biking. Downhill skiing makes up other portions of the nearby Flathead National Forest.

Sometimes a bit of social life away from Spoon Lake's isolated wilderness is needed, and the city of Columbia Falls just south of the lake is less than 10 miles away. During the summer months, come for the craft shows, rodeos or parades, pick berries along Hungry Horse Reservoir or lie upon a blanket and listen to an outdoor concert or two. Skiing down the slopes through the winter is just one exciting activity the area offers -- others include cozying up with loved ones at one of the downtown restaurants.

As an outdoor lover, wildlife watcher or avid angler, the myriad opportunities available year round at Spoon Lake make it a perfect spot for vacationing with the family or simply finding a place to get away from it all. Look into the plentiful real estate choices and settle into the area for year round outdoor enjoyment. Spoon Lake can make it happen.

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