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Spring Lake, Michigan, USA

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Map: Spring Lake, Michigan, USA

Spring Lake is a 1,300-acre bayou in west central Michigan that flows into the Grand River, which in turn empties into Lake Michigan. Access to Spring Lake is two and a half miles upstream from Lake Michigan. Residential development borders the shoreline, but in places riverine wetlands still ring the lake's shore. Flooded weed beds provide excellent fish habitat, and anglers can pit themselves against the huge pike that live in both Spring Lake and Grand River. Healthy populations of bluegill and crappie make their home in the lake, and largemouth bass and smallmouth bass are also present.

Sprawling across Ottawa County and part of Muskegon County, Spring Lake is bordered by the villages of Spring Lake and Ferrysburg. The lake is also near Grand Haven, which boasts the motto "Where Lake Michigan, the Grand River and Spring Lake Converge." Grand Haven grew up around the mouth of the Grand River on Lake Michigan. With literally miles of water all around, there is plenty of room for boating, both with motor boats and hand-powered craft. Canoes and kayaks can slip past the weeds to explore the wetlands and see the waterfowl and wildlife that make their homes there. At the same time, visitors have easy access to restaurants, various accommodations and any amenity they might need.

The Grand Haven State Park sits on Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Grand River just a few miles from Spring Lake. The 48-acre park is almost all sandy beach with Lake Michigan on the west side and the Grand River to the north. Visitors can hike or cross country ski in the winter, and the park offers spectacular views of Lake Michigan and the Grand Haven pier and lighthouse.

To the north of Spring Lake, the P. J. Hoffmaster State Park protects and preserves some of Michigan's coastal sand dunes. The park includes three miles of beach and 10 miles of hiking trails, some through forest-covered dunes. The Gillett Sand Dune Visitor Center perches on top of a large dune and has inspiring views over Lake Michigan. It is surrounded by the wooded back-dune forest. Visitors who really want to explore the dunes can climb the 193-step Dune Climb Stairway. The wooden structure stretches up the side of a large parabolic dune with amazing views along the way.

With access to the waters of both Spring Lake and the Grand River, there are almost limitless recreation opportunities to enjoy. Add the rich maritime history of the Great Lakes and the graceful arching sand dunes around Lake Michigan, and Spring Lake becomes the perfect west central Michigan destination. Vacation rentals in the Spring Lake and Grand Haven area will be your home-away-from-home. You may even decide to check out local real estate for sale. If you come for a week, you may decide to stay for a lifetime.

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