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Swan Lake, Maine, USA

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Map: Swan Lake, Maine, USA

Surrounded by fishing camps, cabins and vacation rentals, and just a few miles from Belfast Bay and the coast, Swan Lake is a fantastic mid-coast Maine destination. It is a rural lake with a small town feel, but it has big recreation opportunities. With its state park and fish-filled waters, it has been delighting families and anglers for years.

Swan Lake covers 1,370 acres with a maximum depth of 87 feet and an average depth of 34 feet. The lake is 3.25 miles long and about a mile wide. It is a natural lake that makes up the headwaters of the Goose River, the lake's primary outflow. Swan Lake Dam, which was modified to its current configuration in 1979, is one of five dams on the Goose River used to generate hydroelectric power. The lake is used as a storage reservoir to supply water to the plants downstream, and historically water levels on the lake have been somewhat controversial. A dispute between the Town of Swanville and the Maine Hydro Corporation over water levels on the lake went to mediation in 1979. Minimum and maximum water levels were established to protect property values and the environment around the lake.

The Swan Lake Association was also established in 1979. The association is a group of volunteers working to protect the lake. Swan Lake is classified a mesotrophic (moderately fertile) with good water quality. The lake's clear water is great for swimming. The Swan Lake State Park on the north shore of the lake has a sand beach for swimming and sunbathing along with several picnic areas.

The south end of the lake has public boat access, and the lake has more than enough water for boating, waterskiing and fishing. Swan Lake is stocked with landlocked salmon, and anglers can challenge themselves against the lake's smallmouth bass, white perch, brook trout and wild toque. Ice out on the lake usually occurs between March and April. While the ice is solid, however, ice fishing is very popular with ice huts joining the lake's cabins and cottages.

Swan Lake is in east Waldo County, and the towns of Frankfort, Searsport and Swanville are around the lake. In addition to an abundance of vacation rentals, there is also lakefront real estate available for sale. The area around the lake is rural, but visitors will find amenities nearby. Swan Lake is approximately 15 minutes from Belfast in mid-coast Maine. In fact, it is possible to canoe from the lake's outflow down the Goose River and to Belfast.

With is its clean clear water and year round fishing, Swan Lake is a fantastic mid-coast Maine destination. Although it is easy to find cottages and vacation rentals on the lake, Swan Lake is not overrun by tourists. Whether it is for a vacation or a more permanent stay, Swan Lake has something to please the entire family. Add its proximity to the ocean, and this Maine lake is sure to become a favorite.

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