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Switzerland Lakes by Region

Bern Switzerland : Bern (5)

Fribourg Switzerland : Fribourg (1)

Geneva Switzerland : Geneva (1)

Glarus Switzerland : Glarus (1)

Lucerne Switzerland : Lucerne (1)

Neuchatel Switzerland : Neuchatel (2)

Nidwalden Switzerland : Nidwalden (1)

Obwalden Switzerland : Obwalden (2)

Schwyz Switzerland : Schwyz (1)

St. Gallen Switzerland : St. Gallen (2)

Thurgau Switzerland : Thurgau (1)

Ticino Switzerland : Ticino (2)

Uri Switzerland : Uri (1)

Valais Switzerland : Valais (2)

Vaud Switzerland : Vaud (3)

Zurich Switzerland : Zurich (1)

Switzerland Lakes and Reservoirs

Switzerland Lakes: Dock at Lake Biel-Bienne

Lake Biel-Bienne

Switzerland Lakes A-Z

Lakes in Switzerland

Lake Name Lake Summary
Lac de Joux Lac de Joux Pictures Switzerland's Lac de Joux is located high up in the Jura Mountains in the Canton of Vaud. Located at an altitude of nearly 3300 feet, Lac du Joux is ideally ...
Lake Biel-Bienne Lake Biel-Bienne Pictures Also known as: Lake Biel, Bielersee, Lac de Bienne
Lake Biel-Bienne leads the parade of three lakes at the foot of the Jura Mountains region of Switzerland. Located in the Bern and Neuchatel cantons (states) ...
Lake Brienz Lake Brienz Pictures Lake Brienz (Brienzersee in Swiss) displays beautiful turquoise and emerald hues, colors often associated with shallow Caribbean waters. However, Lake ...
Lake Constance Lake Constance Pictures Also known as: Lake of Constance, Lake Bodensee
Lake Constance is a 132,448-acre lake situated in the northern foothills of the Alps between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The third-largest lake ...
Lake Geneva Lake Geneva Pictures Also known as: Lac Leman
Shaped like a crescent moon, Lake Geneva is cradled in the Alps Mountain Range with two-thirds of its 104 shoreline miles in Switzerland and the other ...
Lake Greifensee Lake Greifensee Pictures Also known as: Lake Greifen, Greifensee
Only 7 miles southeast of Zurich, Lake Greifensee has become a favored destination for holidays away from the big city. Located in the Canton of Zurich, ...
Lake Lucerne Lake Lucerne Pictures With a shoreline that rises steeply into the mountains to a height of more than 4,900 feet, Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland. Its ...
Lake Lugano Lake Lugano Pictures Also known as: Lago di Lugano, Ceresio
Lake Lugano, which curls through southeastern Switzerland just south of the Swiss Alps and borders northern Italy, features the best of both of these ...
Lake Lungern Lake Lungern Pictures Also known as: Lake Lungerersee, Lake Lungernsee
Beautiful Lake Lungern is 2,460 feet above sea level in the highest part of the canton (state) of Obwalden, Switzerland. At the southern end of the lake ...
Lake Maggiore Lake Maggiore Pictures Lake Maggiore, also known as Verbano, is Italy's second largest lake. Although not quite as popular as the well-known Lake Como, the beautifully romantic ...
Lake Neuchatel Lake Neuchatel Pictures Also known as: Lac de Neuchatel
Lake Neuchatel is the largest lake entirely within the borders of Switzerland, spanning almost 54,000 acres and reaching into four Swiss cantons (states): ...
Lake Thun Lake Thun Pictures Also known as: Thunersee
Lying just north of the Alps in Switzerland's Bern Region, Lake Thun is a favorite destination among holiday-makers. Reflecting the majestic Alpine peaks ...
Lake Walen Lake Walen Pictures Also known as: Lake Walenstadt, Lake Walensee
Lake Walen spans almost 6,000 acres between the cantons (states) of Glarus and St. Gallen in the mountainous terrain of northeastern Switzerland. Lake ...
Trift Lake and Rhone Glacier Lake Trift Lake and Rhone Glacier Lake Pictures Also known as: Triftsee
Trift Lake and Rhone Glacier Lake are two of newest attractions in the Bern and Valais regions of the Swiss Alps. These two recently-formed glacier lakes ...
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