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Tacoma Lakes, Maine, USA

Also known as: Buker Pond, Jimmy Pond, Little Purgatory Pond, Sand Pond, Woodbury Pond

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Map: Tacoma Lakes, Maine, USA

The Tacoma Lakes provide five bodies of water in Maine's southern country. These five ponds, ranging from 44 acres of surface area to 435 acres, offer year round enjoyment. Pick a spot along the lake's shoreline to pack a lunch and enjoy the sparkling scenery.

The Tacoma Lakes are set within Kennebec County, taking up a length of nine miles in the southern area of Maine's Kennebec & Moose River Valleys tourism area. This chain of lakes drains from its northern section, flowing east into the Cobbossee Stream, Horseshoe Pond and Pleasant Pond, and eventually ends up in the Kennebec River. The five lakes are connected in a line, starting from Jimmy Pond in the south, flowing upward in a northeast line into Buker Pond, Sand Pond, Woodbury Pond and ending the chain in Little Purgatory Pond. There is a public boat ramp located on Woodbury Pond, allowing for visitors to hop in and explore the lake at any time. There is also a dam located on Woodbury Pond which regulates the rest of the ponds' water levels.

Anglers have their choice of fishing spots along this long chain of lakes, with public boating access points all along the shoreline. Striped bass, sockeye salmon, brown trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and white perch swim in various spots in this chain. Lakeside vacation rentals are available to spend some time exploring the lakes. Maximum depths in the Tacoma Lakes range from 11 feet to 82 feet. If the urge strikes you to fish in deeper waters, check out the number deep sea fishing outfits along the eastern coast only an hour's drive away.

The Tacoma Lakes are only a few miles away from the town of Litchfield, which, despite its small size, keeps its residents happily content with the number of events held throughout the year. Parades occur through the summer months, with children and parents waving banners through the streets. The annual local fair brings in the agriculture crowd, with animal-pulling events and horseback riding shows. For a little history lesson, slip into the area's historical museum, where the town's past meets up with its present-day lifestyle.

For the outdoor lover, pack your hiking gear and set out along many of the area's trails during any time of the year. Autumn brings brilliant shades of color to the leaves, making photographing your hiking journeys something to remember. Winter's breath along these lakes, however, is just as beautiful as fresh snow powder piles up. Snowshoe your way around the lake, or grab a hot cup of cocoa to relax on your deck. Real estate opportunities around the lakes' shorelines are available.

Why choose one lake when you have access to all five of the Tacoma Lakes? Become a part of this small town scene, whether you're looking for a family vacation or a new spot to settle down. The Tacoma Lakes offer everything from kayaking, waterskiing and swimming to wildlife watching, hiking and fishing. All you have to do is choose!

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Tacoma Lakes


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