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Taylorsville Lake, Kentucky, USA

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Map: Taylorsville Lake, Kentucky, USA

Located in central Kentucky just 25 miles southeast of Louisville is 3,050 acre Taylorsville Lake. Created by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1983 by impoundment of the Salt River, the reservoir provides flood control, quality water storage, fish and wildlife management, and outdoor recreation. The Salt River got its name from the many salt-making operations that once lined the river.

The Corps of Engineers reduces lake levels in winter to prevent flooding in the spring. The Taylorsville Lake drawdown is just two feet, from 547 feet above sea level in summer to 545 feet in winter. This deep water lake is 18.5 miles long with 75 miles of shoreline.

Taylorsville Lake State Park is a 1,200-acre woodland area designed with your desires in mind. Adventure seekers love to camp here, taking advantage of the 40+ full-service RV campsites. The park's horse-friendly policy provides 10 sites set aside for horse camping. The park is open year round.

Anglers can't seem to wait to get out on the lake, drop in their line, and catch their first fish, as Taylorsville Lake is the proud home to a generous population of bass, bluegill, and crappie. Taylorsville is the most heavily stocked lake in Kentucky. Also available for public use is an Army Corps of Engineers pier, which provides excellent fishing opportunities as well as disabled access.

Taylorsville Lake offers several ramps and a full-service marina from which to launch your boat. The marina offers both open and covered boat slips. Emerald green trees hug the shoreline, providing quiet boaters with glimpses of the lake's diverse animal and bird life. The blue sky stretches out above your head, inviting you to whip across the surface, wind in your hair and golden sun warming your skin.

If you get a little too warm, the lake waters are cool, clean, and inviting. Swimming is permitted except in designated areas, such as the public docks. Water-skiing, snorkeling, and scuba diving are also permitted at Taylorsville Lake, giving you almost unlimited opportunities to test your water prowess.

Taylorsville Lake offers activities for every agenda, whether you seek relaxation or adventure. Try something new, such as a horseback ride along the lakeside or a picnic dinner while watching the orange sunset reflect off the water.

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