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Timberlands Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Cane Creek Lake Cane Creek Lake Pictures Timber-filled Cane Creek Lake, tucked into southern Arkansas's aptly-named Timberlands Region, is a 1,675-acre lake beautiful to behold. Wildlife abounds ...
Felsenthal Lock and Dam Also known as: Lack Jack Lee
The Felsenthal Lock and Dam, also known as Lake Jack Lee, is located in South Central Arkansas at the confluence of the Ouachita and Saline Rivers. A ...
Lake Columbia Lake Columbia Pictures The Timberlands Region of Arkansas is home to Lake Columbia, a 2,950 acre reservoir situated northwest of Magnolia the country seat of Columbia County. ...
Lake Erling Lake Erling was built in 1958 by the International Paper Company when they needed more water for its Springhill, Louisiana plant that is located nearby. ...
Lake Georgia Pacific The unspoiled beauty of Lake Georgia Pacific, located 10 miles from Crossett, Arkansas is a naturalist retreat. Visitors of Lake Georgia Pacific can ...
Lake Monticello Lake Monticello is a rather new lake that was built in 1997. It was originally planned to be a secondary water reservoir for Monticello, Arkansas. ...
Millwood Lake Millwood Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Millwood
Millwood Lake is massive. It boasts 29,500 shallow surface acres, waters in which multitudes of fish thrive, giving the lake its glorious reputation as ...
White Oak Lake White Oak Lake Pictures Also known as: White Oak Reservoir
Towering trees frame White Oak Lake, a reservoir located in the Timberlands Tourism Region of Arkansas. Rolling hills provide a scenic backdrop for ...
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