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Turkey Lakes A-Z

Turkey Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Abant Lake Abant Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Abant, Abant Golu
One of Turkey's most scenic lakes, Abant Lake is likely one of the most visited. Part of the 2800-acre Abant Nature Park, this 316-acre lake was formed ...
Bafa Lake Bafa Lake Pictures Also known as: Lake Bafa, Bafa Golu
Bafa Lake has been eyewitness to history since before mankind began recording it. This lake in western Turkey was once a bay of the Gulf of Miletus on ...
Lake Golcuk Lake Golcuk Pictures Also known as: Golcuk Golu
A favorite day trip for residents and visitors to Bolu, Lake Golcuk is one of the most scenic sights in the north-western region of Turkey. Created in ...
Lake Tuz Lake Tuz Pictures Also known as: Tuz Golu, Salt lake
Known as Turkey's great salt lake, Lake Tuz is a sight every visitor to the Anatolia region (Asian Turkey) must see. Second-largest lake in the country, ...
Lake Van Lake Van Pictures Also known as: Van Goiu
Turkey's Lake Van is a spectacular example of a very old lake surrounded by a very old culture. Located in the far eastern area of Turkey called Anatolia ...
Seven Lakes National Park Seven Lakes National Park Pictures Also known as: Yedigoller Milli Parki, Buyukgol, Deringol, Seringol, Nazligol, Sazligol, Incegol, Kucukgol
Seven Lakes in northern Turkey are the focal point of Yedigoller National Park. These small, beautiful lakes were formed from one small mountain stream ...
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