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Here are the 41 lakes we have listed within United Kingdom - compared by Largest Lakes - Acres.

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Lake Name Area in acres Lake Description
Lough Neagh
(Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
96,865 Lough Neagh Pictures Lough Neagh Message Forums Also known as: Lake Neagh, The Lough
Nestled in the heart of Northern Ireland, Lough (Lake) Neagh is the largest freshwater lake in the British Isles. Covering over 96,800 acres with beautiful water for exciting outdoor recreation and sightseeing, the lake is popular with tourists from around the world. In addition to tourism, eel fishing ...
Lough Foyle
(Ireland / Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
44,232 Lough Foyle Pictures Lough Foyle Message Forums Also known as: Loch Feabhail
Standing on the stoop of his holiday cottage looking out over the water of Lough Foyle, he was struck by how closely the 44,000 acre estuary matched his expectations. With its rocky shore set against the backdrop of County Donegal's cliffs and mountains, Lough Foyle (Irish name-Loch Feabhail) is exactly ...
Strangford Lough
(Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
37,066 Strangford Lough Pictures Strangford Lough Message Forums Also known as: Strangford Lake, Loch Cuan, Strangford
Strangford Lough (Lake) is a 37,066-acre inland, tidal, salt water lake off the east coast of County Down in Northern Ireland. Separated from the Irish Sea by the Ards Peninsula, the lake is almost totally landlocked. An eight-mile long, fast-running channel known as the Narrows leads into the more ...
Lower Lough Erne
(Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
26,934 Lower Lough Erne Pictures Lower Lough Erne Message Forums Also known as: Lower Lake Erne, Lake Earne
Lower Lough (Lake) Erne is one of several lakes on the beautiful River Erne in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The River Erne begins in County Cavan and flows 64 miles north through Loch Gowna, Lough Oughter and Upper and Lower Lough Erne before meeting with the Atlantic Ocean at Ballyshannon. The ...
Loch Fyne
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
18,240 Loch Fyne Pictures Loch Fyne Message Forums Also known as: Lake Fyne
Loch Fyne is a sea loch (lake) on the west coast of Argyll and Bute, Scotland. It extends 40 miles (65 kilometers) inland from the Sound of Bute, making it the longest sea loch in Scotland. The loch is a popular body of water for sport diving, boating, and fishing and is also well known for its oysters. ...
Lake District
(England, United Kingdom)
18,175 Lake District Pictures Lake District Message Forums Also known as: The Lake, Lakeland
Holiday in England's Lake District, and you will find sparkling lakes set amidst stunning mountain scenery, wild heather carpeting gently rolling hills, and green fields surrounding pastoral farmland and historic villages. Located along the country's northwest coast, in the county of Cumbria, the Lake ...
Loch Lomond
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
17,544 Loch Lomond Pictures Loch Lomond Message Forums Also known as: Lake Lomond
Due to its stunningly beautiful location, Loch Lomond is one of the more popular lochs or lakes in Western Scotland. Although not the longest lake at 24 miles (39 kilometers) in length, it is the largest expanse of fresh water in Scotland. With a surface area of 17,544 acres (71 square kilometers), ...
Loch Ness
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
13,937 Loch Ness Pictures Loch Ness Message Forums In the Scottish Highlands, the air is clear. The mountains roll on and on, like large lumbering animals. Breathtaking glens, left by the cutting passage of glacial ice, lie open under a sky picturesque with sun rays piercing through parting clouds; you can almost touch it. Natural freshwater lochs fill ...
Loch Awe
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
9,514 Loch Awe Pictures Loch Awe Message Forums Also known as: Lake Awe
Scenic Loch Awe is located in central Scotland's Argyll and Bute Council region. Renowned for its trout fishing, the lake is a fantastic holiday getaway for anglers and also offers numerous islands, castle ruins, and open water for paddling, boating and exploring. Kilchurn Castle, one of the most photographed ...
Upper Lough Erne
(Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
8,525 Upper Lough Erne Message Forums Also known as: Upper Lake Erne
Upper Lough Erne is a sparkling 8,525-acre lake on the scenic River Erne in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The River Erne begins in County Cavan and flows north through Loch Gowna, Lough Oughter, Upper Lough Erne and Lower Lough Erne, a distance of 64 miles, before meeting with the Atlantic Ocean ...
Loch Maree
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
7,067 Loch Maree Pictures Loch Maree Message Forums Remote, desolate, historic, beautiful: all of these describe Loch Maree. Located in the Highlands and Morey Region of Northwestern Scotland, Loch Maree is the fourth largest Loch in Scotland and the largest north of Loch Lomond. Fed by the Kinlochewe River and multiple smaller rivers, it forms the headwaters ...
Loch Morar
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
6,598 Loch Morar Pictures Loch Morar Message Forums The deepest loch in the western Highlands of Scotland is beautiful Loch Morar. Gouged from the rock by glaciers, this water body reaches the extreme depth of 1,017 feet - deeper than most of the seabed off Scotland's west coast. This rugged area has been called "the highlands of the Highlands." The ...
Loch Tay
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
6,528 Loch Tay Pictures Loch Tay Message Forums Loch Tay is a long and narrow natural lake in the central Scottish Highlands that extends southwest to northeast in the country's Central and Perthshire regions. Loch Tay is a wonderful choice for travelers looking for a less developed vacation area. There are several small villages bordering the lake, ...
Loch Shin
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
5,570 Loch Shin Pictures Loch Shin Message Forums Loch Shin is a long and narrow glacial lake located in County Sutherland, part of the Scottish Highlands. This freshwater loch measures about 17.5 miles (28.2-kilometers) long with a maximum width of only one mile (2.2 kilometers). Loch Shin is oriented in a general northwest to southeast direction, ...
Loch Ericht
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
5,532 Loch Ericht Pictures Loch Ericht Message Forums Also known as: Lake Ericht
Hidden in the shadow of Ben Alder Munro or Mountain, Loch Ericht is a beautiful freshwater lake on the border between Perth and Kinross and the Highlands Council areas of Scotland. At 5,532 acres (22.39 square km), Loch Ericht is one of the less commercialized lakes in the region which makes it the ...
Loch Shiel
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
4,942 Loch Shiel Pictures Loch Shiel Message Forums Also known as: Loch Seile
Surrounded by one of the few remaining areas of true wilderness in Scotland, the picturesque scenery around Scotland's Loch Shiel has been featured in movies such as Harry Potter and Highlander. Loch Shiel is a natural freshwater lake formed from a retreating glacier at the end of the last ice age nearly ...
Loch Rannoch
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
4,737 Loch Rannoch Pictures Loch Rannoch Message Forums Nestled in the Perth and Kinross region of the Scottish Highlands, Loch Rannoch is a glacial freshwater lake often considered to be the most beautiful place in Scotland. Located near the center of Scotland, the lake is convenient to Scots and appealing to travelers from abroad. Loch Rannoch is a long, ...
Lake Windermere
(England, United Kingdom)
3,648 Lake Windermere Pictures Lake Windermere Message Forums Also known as: Windermere, The Lake District
Lake Windermere is the largest natural lake in England, covering more than 3,600 acres (1,476 hectares) in northwest England's famous Lake District. Called simply Windermere by many, it has enjoyed a wide popularity among travelers for more than 160 years. In 1847, the Kendal and Windermere Railway ...
Lough MacNean
(Ireland / Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
2,429 Lough MacNean Message Forums Also known as: Upper Lough MacNean, Lower Lough MacNean
Lough MacNean, a freshwater lake (lough) surrounded by picturesque scenery, is often referred to by Upper Lough MacNean and Lower Lough MacNean. This spring-fed body of water forms a natural boundary between the counties of Cavan and Leitrim in the Republic of Ireland and County Fermanagh in Northern ...
(England, United Kingdom)
2,199 Ullswater Pictures Ullswater Message Forums Also known as: Ullswater Lake, The Lake District
Cumbria, in northwest England's famous Lake District, is home to diverse natural features that attract visitors from near and far. Ullswater, a natural freshwater lake, is one of those unmatched attractions that lures travelers from around the world. The area that Ullswater meanders through is scenic ...
Loch Assynt
(Scotland, United Kingdom)
1,977 Loch Assynt Pictures Loch Assynt Message Forums Hidden away in a remote corner of Northwestern Scotland, Loch Assynt offers a scenic vista consisting of nearly 2,000 acres of sparkling cold waters, several nearby mountains, a castle in ruins, a small settlement and plenty of solitude. The nearly 300-feet deep loch connects to the North Atlantic via ...
Bassenthwaite Lake
(England, United Kingdom)
1,310 Bassenthwaite Lake Pictures Bassenthwaite Lake Message Forums Also known as: Bass Lake, Bassenwater, Broadwater, The Lake District
Bassenthwaite Lake is a scenic peaceful lake located in England's Lake District. In this land of many lakes, Bassenthwaite Lake is the only body of water to actually be called a lake. Neighboring water bodies are called waters, meres, tarns or reservoirs. A protected National Nature Reserve and designated ...
(England, United Kingdom)
1,285 Derwentwater Pictures Derwentwater Message Forums Also known as: Derwent Water, Derwentwater Lake, The Lake District
Cumbria, in northwest England, is home to Lake District National Park, established in 1951. All of the land in England that exceeds an elevation of 3,000 feet (914.4 meters) can be found in this national park, which is the country's largest. Derwentwater, also sometimes called Derwent Water or Derwentwater ...
Coniston Water
(England, United Kingdom)
1,210 Coniston Water Pictures Coniston Water Message Forums Also known as: Conison Lake, Coniston, Thurston Water, The Lake District
Coniston Water is in England's Lake District, its spectacular landscapes making it an impressive tourist attraction in its own right. However, Coniston Water has an infamous history that makes it an even more interesting holiday location: Several water-based speed records were set and broken here during ...
Lough Beg
(Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
1,178 Lough Beg Message Forums Also known as: Loch Beag
Lough Beg, a freshwater lake in the northeastern part of Northern Ireland, is located near the center of the province of Ulster and straddles two counties, Londonderry and Antrim. Londonderry has become a Catholic majority county since the 1980s, while Antrim's majority is Protestant. Belfast, the largest ...


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