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Lake Name Volume in acre-feet Lake Description
Great Salt Lake
(Utah, USA)
28,000,000 Great Salt Lake Pictures Also known as: America's Dead Sea
Sometimes called "America's Dead Sea," the Great Salt Lake occupies approximately 1,700 square miles of Utah's real estate. It is the second largest lake (by surface area) that is wholly contained within the USA; only Lake Michigan is larger. Great Salt Lake boasts the USA's longest lake shoreline - ...
Lake Powell
(Arizona, USA / Utah, USA)
27,000,000 Lake Powell Pictures Lake Powell is located in one of Southern Utah's most picturesque red-rock desert areas and in Arizona's Navajo Indian Reservation. It is one of the USA's most scenic reservoirs. At "full pond" (normal water level) it is the second-largest man-made reservoir in the USA by volume - but drought can reduce ...
Flaming Gorge Reservoir
(Utah, USA / Wyoming, USA)
3,788,900 Flaming Gorge Reservoir Pictures With more than 42,000 acres of boating and fishing waters, surrounded by choice camping and picnic areas, Flaming Gorge Reservoir - straddling the Wyoming and Utah state line - is an ideal leisure-time destination. Flaming Gorge Reservoir, in Ashley National Forest, provides many excellent recreational ...
Strawberry Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
1,106,500 Strawberry Reservoir Pictures Strawberry Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: The Berry
Strawberry Reservoir, known locally as The Berry, is Utah's most popular fishing spot. Located in Wasatch County, a convenient 65 miles east of the Wasatch Front and the cities of Salt Lake, Provo and Orem, Strawberry Reservoir draws visitors from around the state and country. Fishing on Strawberry ...
Utah Lake
(Utah, USA)
900,000 Utah Lake Pictures Utah Lake Message Forums Utah Lake is located in north-central Utah's Mountainland region with the major cities of Provo and Orem on the eastern shore. It is the largest freshwater natural lake in Utah. Utah Lake has the picturesque Wasatch Mountains to the east and the Lake Mountains to the west. With its extensive shoreline, ...
Bear Lake
(Idaho, USA / Utah, USA)
650,000 Bear Lake Pictures A natural freshwater lake straddling the borders of Utah and Idaho, Bear Lake is a 70,000-acre turquoise jewel that lives up to its moniker of "Caribbean of the Rockies." This lake, estimated to have formed 150,000 years ago, boasts spectacular views and a healthy year-round tourism industry, thanks ...
Jordanelle Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
360,500 Jordanelle Reservoir Pictures Jordanelle Reservoir is one of the newest reservoirs in Utah. The Jordanelle Dam was constructed on the Provo River by the Bureau of Reclamation in 1992, and the reservoir filled to capacity in 1995. Its construction caused a few headaches - highway US 40 had to be moved, and two towns were flooded. ...
Sevier Bridge Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
236,145 Sevier Bridge Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Yuba Lake
Sevier Bridge Reservoir is also known as Yuba Lake. The name is pretty much interchangeable for the locals, so if you are looking for directions, someone should be able to help you get there. The lake is one of several reservoirs created along the Sevier River, and it is used primarily for irrigation ...
Fish Lake
(Utah, USA)
212,500 Fish Lake Pictures Fishlake National Forest is a glittering emerald jewel in the heart of Utah's normally dry and desolate countryside. And in the National Forest is the lake that gives the forest its name - Fish Lake. Covering 2,500 acres, Fish Lake is the largest naturally formed mountain lake in the entire state. ...
Deer Creek Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
193,614 Deer Creek Reservoir Pictures Deer Creek Reservoir Message Forums Deer Creek Reservoir is located near Heber, Utah, the home of the historic "Heber Creeper," a train with a steam engine that takes tourists on trips from Heber a couple of times a day (check the schedule to be sure of times). As it makes the trip, the train runs along the Deer Creek Reservoir to the ...
Echo Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
73,940 Echo Reservoir Pictures Echo Reservoir sits almost smack in the middle of the countryside between Salt Lake City and the Utah/Wyoming border. It's hard to miss, as Interstate 80 runs right along its shore for about 3 miles. It was created in the early 1930s to help retain the water that thawed from the nearby Uintas Mountains ...
Joe's Valley Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
71,900 Joe's Valley Reservoir is a 1,200-acre lake tucked away in the Manti-La Sal National Forest (Emery County). At an elevation of 7,000 feet, the lake is the favorite of sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts offering excellent hunting and fishing along with camping, picnicking, hiking and boating. Joe's Valley ...
East Canyon Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
52,000 Visitors to the Salt Lake City area will want to spend some time at East Canyon Reservoir. This 680-acre reservoir is located about 30 miles northeast of Salt Lake City on the border of the Northwest and Mountainland tourism regions. The lake is a popular spot for fishing, boating and all types of water ...
Electric Lake
(Utah, USA)
35,500 Electric Lake Pictures Electric Lake Message Forums Also known as: Electric Reservoir
Electric Lake lies like a high-altitude jewel amid one of Utah's most spectacular recreational playgrounds. Bordering both the Panoramaland and Castle Country tourism regions, the reservoir was created in 1974 when a dam was constructed to collect the waters of Upper Huntington Creek, Boulger Creek, ...
Minersville Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
26,500 Also known as: Rocky Ford Reservoir
Beaver County, in southwestern Utah, has a landscape characterized by breathtaking canyons, meandering rivers that flow through granite mountains, thick, green forests, deserts, historic mines, farm valleys, and peaceful meadows. Here in this diverse county is where you will find Minersville Reservoir ...
Panguitch Lake
(Utah, USA)
23,730 Panguitch Lake Pictures Located in the Dixie National Forest of southwestern Utah, visitors of this beautiful state won't want to miss Panguitch Lake, along the Brian Head-Panguitch Lake Scenic Byway. Panguitch Lake (rhymes with sandwich) is a natural body of water, augmented by a dam, resulting in a reservoir. Flanked by ...
Gunnison Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
18,218 Gunnison Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Sugar Kids Pond
Like most of the lakes in Utah, Gunnison Reservoir is man-made. Also known as Sugar Kids Pond, the reservoir is an impoundment of the San Pitch River. If you've never been there, you should know it's a pretty dry environment, and the few rivers that run through the countryside were prone to excessive ...
DMAD Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
10,990 Also known as: Delta Reservoir
For an oasis in the middle of the Sevier Desert near Delta, head to DMAD Reservoir (also known as Delta Reservoir), an impoundment of the lower reaches of the Sevier River. This 1,199-acre reservoir was created in 1959 in Millard County with the construction of a dam and a north dike to supply water, ...
Johnson Valley Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
9,997 Johnson Valley Reservoir is a 700-acre lake just three miles northeast of Fish Lake in the heart of Utah's Fishlake National Forest. The reservoir was created in 1899, ten years after Fish Lake was purchased from the Paiute Indians. Because of rapid settlement in Utah in the late 1800s, construction ...
Gunnison Bend Reservoir
(Utah, USA)
5,000 Gunnison Bend Reservoir Pictures Gunnison Bend Reservoir gets its name from the nearby town of Gunnison (it lies to the East of the lake), and from the big bend in the middle. It should not be confused with Gunnison Reservoir, which lies on the opposite side of the aforementioned town. Gunnison Bend is the result of a horseshoe bend ...
Fairview Lakes
(Utah, USA)
2,200 Fairview Lakes Pictures Fairview Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Fairview Lake #1, Fairview Lake #2
Surrounded by the unspoiled wilderness of the Manti-La Sal National Forest, Fairview Lakes provides a pleasant opportunity for lakefront living in Utah's Panoramaland region. The lakes themselves are private, owned by the Cottonwood-Gooseberry Irrigation Company with lots contracted by long-term lease. ...
Kents Lakes
(Utah, USA)
975 Kents Lakes Pictures Kents Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Kents Lake, Upper Kents Lake, Lower Kents Lake
Three popular little lakes in Utah's Panoramaland Region are the three Kents Lakes: Upper Kents Lake, Lower Kents Lake, and Kents Lake. These small reservoirs lie in close proximity along a tributary to the South Fork Beaver River in the Fish Lake National Forest. Perched in a high meadow in the Tushar ...


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